100 Best Crafting Blogs

Have you ever tried to learn to craft? It’s pretty difficult without a clear guide, right? That’s why people love crafting bloggers. There are thousands of great ideas and tutorials out there for great arts and crafts DIY projects. That’s why we have compiled over 100 great crafting blogs and websites. Check them out!

My Poppet | Crafting


About Blog Passionate blogger Cinitia utilizes colorful styles to create fabulous craft tutorials and costumes for children.  She has blessed us with a great deal of tutorials and ideas for crafting projects.

Activity 1 post per week.

Blog https://mypoppet.com.au/

Oh The Lovely Things! | Crafting


About Blog Clemence is a blogger that loves crafting to solve solutions to everyday problems. Her DIY tricks and tips will keep you  at the tip of your toes.

Activity 2 post per week.

Blog http://www.ohthelovelythings.com/

Poppy Talk| Crafting


About Blog Jan Halvarson and Earl Einarson both experts in their craft have over 9 million readers worldwide. Their DIY crafting articles for home décor and design will satisfy all your crafting intuitions!

Activity 3 post per week.

Blog http://www.poppytalk.com/

P.S. I Made This| Crafting


About Blog Erica Domesek’s craft math will allow you to start and finish beautiful DIY projects. Her projects are simple yet very well designed. The blog has great project photos to help you visualize what your crafts will look like!

Activity 3 post per week.

Blog http://www.psimadethis.com/

Jacks and Kate| Crafting


About Blog Mom of four Krisha loves to craft, that is why she started her own blog. Her blog focuses on crafts for kids and family projects. A great part of her blog is that she utilizes recycled materials to make her projects!

Activity 2 post per week.

Blog http://www.jacksandkate.com/

Mini Eco| Crafting


About Blog Kate loves to craft. Her specialties include paper crafting and utilizing technology to create amazing DIY projects. Her tutorials are creative and colorful. Although she has not been blogging since 2015 the site still has a great amount relevant of tutorials and useful projects.

Activity Over 100 posts.

Blog http://www.minieco.co.uk/

The Sweetest Occasion| Crafting


About Blog Cyd Converse loves to create. Her elegant website design and photographs will amuse your eyes and mind. The blog features great home DIY crafting tutorials and great home décor tips along with recipes, and holiday crafts.

Activity 1-2 posts a month.

Blog https://thesweetestoccasion.com/

Tatertots and Jello| Crafting


About Blog Blogger Jennifer loves creative projects and making things out of simple materials. She loves repurposing old materials into something new. This blog has plenty of craft inspired DIY tutorials great for the holiday season!

Activity 1-2 posts a month.

Blog https://tatertotsandjello.com/

I Spy DIY| Crafting


About Blog This blog is an escape from reality for any creative mind who loves DIY projects. Jenni’s ideas and visuals for home décor ideas are not only aesthetically pleasing but phenomenal.

Activity 2 posts a month.

Blog http://ispydiy.com/

Lovely Indeed | Crafting


About Blog Lovely Indeed focuses about celebrating uniqueness and creativity. Chelsea Foy is a diehard DIYer and loves crafting. Her blog covers DIY topics, food, and travel. The blog’s design is very vibrant and unique it utilizes happiness to showcase phenomenal ideas.

Activity 2 posts a month.

Blog https://lovelyindeed.com/

Interweave | Beading


About Blog Interweave is one of the nation’s foremost art and craft media companies founded in 1975 by Linda Ligon. Follow Interweave to find some great ideas to use with beads.

Activity 2 posts per week.

Blog https://www.interweave.com/category/article/beading/

Bead of Cambay | Beadingimage10

About Blog BeadsofCambay.com,manufactures source gemstone beads of the highest quality direct from the cutting centers. Explore their blog to discover wide variety of beads for jewelry making.

Activity 5 posts per month.

Blog http://blog.beadsofcambay.com/

JRPDesigns | Beading


About Blog Subscribe to the channel to find great designs and tutorials to make jewelry and learn something new about beading.

Activity 1 post per month.

Blog https://www.youtube.com/user/jrpdesignsbeading/videos

 Caravan Beads| Beading


About Blog Caravan Beads is a wholesale supplier and retail shop for Miyuki Japanese seed beads. The blog is a creative place full of great ideas for making handmade jewelry and other great DIY crafts!

Activity 1 post per month.

Blog https://caravanbeads.com/blog

I-Beads| Beading


About Blog I-Beads, Europe’s leading online bead retailer and wholesaler. Check out their wide selection of Swarovski crystals and quality findings.

Activity 1 post per month.

Blog https://www.i-beads.co.uk/blog

John Bead | Beading


About Blog John Bead is an industry leader in providing wholesale and distribution of all ranges of quality supplies for DIY jewelry; from beginners to professionals.

Activity 3-4 post per month.

Blog http://blog.johnbead.com/

Bead World| Beading


About Blog Bead World is the premiere destination for high quality beads and supplies in Arizona. The blog is a great way to receive some great insights on beading.

Activity 1 post per month.

Blog http://beadworldinc.com/category/bead-world/

Fusion Beads| Beading


About Blog Fusion Beads mission, it’s viewers with a well-organized and easy-to-use site filled with information and inspiration. “We want to share our love for beading and help you discover the joy of creating handmade jewelry.”

Activity 1 post per month.

Blog http://fusionbeadsblog.com/

Candie Cooper | Beadingimage12

About Blog Candie Cooper is a jewelry designer with a passion for combining unique materials and color combinations. Her content is inspired by extensive travel and living in China.

Activity 1 post per month.

Blog https://www.candiecooper.com/blog/

Humble Beads| Beading


About Blog Humblebeads provides nature inspired beads for creative designers. Their mission is to inspire jewelry designers to use art beads in each creation.

Activity 1 post per month.

Blog https://www.candiecooper.com/blog/

A Beautiful Mess | Craftingimage13

About Blog A Beautiful Mess features a great deal of DIY projects, and tutorials. Great for the productive crafters eager to learn new techniques.

Activity 3-4 post per month.

Blog https://abeautifulmess.com/

Weekday Carnival | Craftingimage15

About Blog Riikka Kantinkoski is a blogger and designer providing readers with great minimalistic crafting and DIY ideas.

Activity 4 post per month.

Blog http://weekdaycarnival.blogspot.com/

Almost Makes Perfect | Crafting


About Blog Almost Makes Perfect created by designer and editor Molly who has some great DIY and crafting skills. The perfect blog to get some ideas on great crafted gifts for any occasion.

Activity 4-5 post per month.

Blog http://almostmakesperfect.com/

Mer Mag | Crafting


About Blog Merrilee Liddiard created Mer Mag as a result of her love for her kids and crafting. She provides readers with an infinite supply of crafting for toys and playtime.

Activity 5 post per month.

Blog http://mermagblog.com/

Tauni + Co | Crafting



About Blog Tauni Everett is a very passionate home décor and DIY lover. Her blog has a very vibrant and enjoyable design, with great printable and season driven DIY projects.

Activity 2 post per month.

Blog https://taunieverett.com/

House Of Earnest | Craftingimage41

About Blog Erin Souder is a brilliant crafter, her blog encompasses a vast projection of DIY home décor projects. She blends retro ideas with a modern twist to produce beautiful crafts, and home projects.

Activity 1 post per month.

Blog http://www.earnesthomeco.com/

 You Are My Fave | Craftingimage26

About Blog Melanie Blodgett is a great crafter inspired by her family. She loves to focus on crafts themed for celebrations. Her DIY tips will help you create a craft for any occasion!

Activity N/A

Blog http://www.youaremyfave.com/

 You Are My Fave | Craftingimage25

About Blog Crafts Unleashed focuses on easy and fun crafts. The DIY team is full of talented creative individuals. Their tutorials are simple and affordable, great for holidays and other memorable events.

Activity 2 Posts per month.

Blog http://blog.consumercrafts.com/

Building 25 | Craftingimage21

About Blog Building 25 is a unique and creative twist on DIY crafting. Their blog has a amazing visuals showcasing it’s fantastic creators and designers.

Activity 1 post per month

Blog https://blog.freepeople.com/

Vintage Revivals | Crafting


About Blog Mandi Gubler has a passion to create beautiful things. Her blog focuses on home décor, and design DIY.

Activity 1 post per month

Blog https://vintagerevivals.com/

Oh Happy Day| Craftingimage37

About Blog Jordan Fenney dedicates this blog for her love of DIY. The vibrant design of the blog is visually and aesthetically pleasing. The projects here focus on parties, celebrations, and family.

Activity 1 post per month

Blog http://ohhappyday.com/

Pretty Prudent| Crafting


About Blog Jaime and Jacinda both are very passionate about home design, and crafting. Their blog is an ode to their love of travel and inquisitee beauty.

Activity 1 post per month

Blog https://www.prettyprudent.com/

Studio DIY| Craftingimage45

About Blog Kelly started her blog to help others create a more beautiful life. Her designs are vibrant and fresh, providing inspiration towards those who read her blog.

Activity 1 post per month

Blog https://studiodiy.com/

Chica & Jo| Craftingimage39

About Blog Chica and Jo is a great website dedicated to great craft ideas that won’t break your wallet. These ideas area great for every crafter and DIYer.

Activity 1 post per month

Blog https://www.chicaandjo.com/category/make/

Uncommon Designs| Craftingimage34

About Blog Uncommon Designs is a space for detailed craft, and in-depth tutorials. Blogger Trish inspires readers with her eye-opening ingenuity.

Activity 2 posts per month

Blog http://www.uncommondesignsonline.com/

The Purple Pumpkin| Craftingimage27

About Blog Michelle loves to share her creative craft ideas and projects. These include printable templates, recipes, parties and lifestyle tips.

Activity 2 posts per month

Blog http://www.uncommondesignsonline.com/

Hello Glow| Crafting


About Blog Stephanie has a passion for natural beauty style and wellness. Her blog is a great representation of her passions. She has continued to inspire many since 2011 with her great DIY tips.

Activity 2 posts per month

Blog https://helloglow.co/

Craft Pod| Crafting


About Blog Diane uses Craft Pod as a creative outlet, to showcase her great DIY crafts. These include quilting and ornament design.

Activity N/A

Blog http://www.craftypod.com/craftypod.com/index.html

Red Ted Craft| Craftingimage29

About Blog Red Ted Art is a place for inspiration and great tutorials. Maggy enjoys crafting and holiday themed projects.

Activity 1 post per month

Blog https://www.redtedart.com/

 Craftster| Craftingimage30

About Blog Crafster.org is a place for great feedback and advice regarding crafts and DIY projects. Each week members will post to forums and also share ideas, and tutorials.

Activity Over 150 post per week

Blog https://www.craftster.org/

 CraftGossip| Crafting


About Blog CrafstGossip a great place to find gift ideas, and other inspiration for DIY crafts. There are several articles posted every week featuring interesting and new crafts.

Activity Over 50 post per week

Blog https://craftgossip.com/

Craft Gawker| Craftingimage31

About Blog Craft Gawker will give you inspiration for your next project. Users post multiple times per week sharing great project ideas and art.

Activity Over 40 post per week

Blog https://craftgawker.com/

5-Minute Crafts| Crafting


About Blog This YouTube channel showcases great and fun crafts. The in-depth tutorials and videos will get you on your feet.

Activity Over 30 post per week

Blog https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC295-Dw_tDNtZXFeAPAW6Aw/videos

Australian Craft Blog & Magazine | Craftingimage35

About Blog The Australian craft blog by Frankie features great crafting tips, and new trends to catch up on.

Activity 2 posts per week

Blog https://www.frankie.com.au/blogs/craft

 Hobbycraft Blog | Craftingimage38

About Blog Hobbycraft exists to inspire and educate crafters with new ideas.

Activity 7 posts per week

Blog http://blog.hobbycraft.co.uk/

Skip to My Lou | Crafting


About Blog Skip to My Lou features kids’ crafts, easy sewing projects, and other great gift ideas that will help you on any occasion!

Activity 4 posts per week

Blog http://www.skiptomylou.org/category/make/crafts/

Lia Griffith – Craft With Us | Crafting


About Blog Lia Griffith brings you her take on crafting with great DIY projects, tutorials and great videos.

Activity 6 posts per week

Blog https://liagriffith.com/

FaveCrafts | Crafting


About Blog FaveCrafts features thousands of free craft projects. The home décor ideas and DIY tips are a great highlight of this blog.

Activity 1 posts per month

Blog https://www.favecrafts.com/blog/fc/

Tip Junkie | Craftingimage55

About Blog A place for great creative crafts, and project tutorials. Tip Junkie promotes creative female bloggers through showcasing their unique products, and tutorials.

Activity 2 posts per month

Blog https://tipjunkie.com/

DIY Inspired | Craftingimage42

About Blog DIY crafts and helpful tutorials are just some of the many great things DIY Inspired has for readers.

Activity 2 posts per week

Blog https://diyinspired.com/

Handmade Charlotte | Craftingimage51

About Blog Handmade Charlotte offers readers with plenty of DIY crafts, recipes, and inspiring tutorials.

Activity 4 posts per week

Blog http://www.handmadecharlotte.com/

DIY Candy | Craftingimage48

About Blog DIY Candy is a great spot to find creative project ideas and tutorials.

Activity 1 post per month

Blog https://diycandy.com/category/crafts/

A Little Craft In Your Day| Craftingimage56

About Blog This blog is run by Courtney and Tanner. Both are adamant DIY crafters who love to share their fun tutorials, videos and awesome creations!

Activity 12 posts per month

Blog http://www.alittlecraftinyourday.com/

Kids Craft Room| Craftingimage69

About Blog Kids Craft Room is dedicated for amazing kids crafts of all ages. There’s always something new to learn from this creative and vibrant blog.

Activity 4 posts per month

Blog https://kidscraftroom.com/

Cutesy Crafts| Craftingimage59

About Blog Wow! Jessica is an amazing crafter who loves to share her own creations, and tutorials to hopefully inspire many other dedicated crafters.

Activity 3 posts per month

Blog https://cutesycrafts.com/

Kokuyo Camlin Blog| Craftingimage46

About Blog Kokuyo Camlin is a great place to find arts & crafts ideas and techniques.

Activity 3 posts per month

Blog http://www.kokuyocamlin.com/blog/

Glued To My Crafts| Craftingimage47

About Blog Stacey is a mother, wife, and amazing blogger. She has compiled hundreds of tutorials and crafting tips on her blog. Find your next great project on Glued To My Crafts.

Activity 5 posts per week

Blog https://www.gluedtomycraftsblog.com/

Crafter’s Companion| Craftingimage50

About Blog Read up on the latest crafting trends and learn some great tips from Sara and the Crafter’s Companion team!

Activity Over 20 posts per week

Blog https://www.crafterscompanion.co.uk/page/category/blog/

Craftbits| Crafting


About Blog Find your next great project on Craftbits. The blog features great vibrant projects for any occasion.

Activity 1 post per month

Blog https://craftbits.com/

Heart Handmade| Craftingimage58

About Blog Heart Handmade UK is a blog specializing in DIY projects. The blog is tightly packed with creative crafting tutorials, and tips for every inspiring crafter.

Activity 3 posts per week

Blog http://www.hearthandmade.co.uk/

Sugar Bee Crafts| Craftingimage91

About Blog Mandy has a niche for arts & crafts. Her creative tutorials and project ideas will kickstart your creativity, and get you crafting.

Activity 3 posts per month

Blog https://sugarbeecrafts.com/

Craftberry Bush| Crafting


About Blog Crafberry Bush features inspiring tutorials and videos for DIY crafts.

Activity 3 posts per month

Blog https://www.craftberrybush.com/category/crafts-and-diy

C.R.A.F.T. | Craftingimage61

About Blog Jamie loves to create really awesome crafts. She posts awesome tutorials and tips on DIY home crafting.

Activity 4 posts per month

Blog https://www.creatingreallyawesomefunthings.com/

Burlap and Blue | Craftingimage71

About Blog This great crafting blog features vibrant tutorials, and tips for living a happy, healthy, and creative life.

Activity 4 posts per month

Blog https://www.burlapandblue.com/

The Crafty Blog Stalker| Craftingimage68

About Blog The Crafty Blog Stalker focuses on tutorials for DIY home décor, sewing, paper crafting and much more!

Activity 4 posts per month

Blog https://thecraftyblogstalker.com/

Fun Family Crafts| Craftingimage57

About Blog This blog is a massive library for free craft tutorials designed for parents and kids! You’ll find a great project to work on, fit for any holiday occasion or gift.

Activity 15 posts per week

Blog https://funfamilycrafts.com/

Doodlecraft| Craftingimage79

About Blog This blog features a great selection of DIY, home décor, and kids grafts. Perfect for any crafter who loves movies, and other naturally driven crafts.

Activity 5 posts per week

Blog https://www.doodlecraftblog.com/

Crafts Council Magazine| Craftingimage60

About Blog Crafts Council Magazine is a great crafting magazine that features contemporary crafts in the UK. They seek to showcase amazing contemporary craft projects and art!

Activity 2 posts per week

Blog https://www.craftscouncil.org.uk/

Crafts on Sea| Craftingimage65

About Blog Crafts on Sea features great craft projects for adults and kids. Katie Williams is inspired by her family, and surroundings, showcasing amazing projects and tutorials!

Activity 2 posts per week

Blog https://www.craftsonsea.co.uk/

Tim Holtz| Craftingimage63

About Blog Tim Holtz is a master in his craft, specializing in cutting edge paper crafting products, tools, tips and ideas.

Activity 1 post per week

Blog https://timholtz.com/blog/

Craft Maker Pro| Crafting


About Blog Craft Maker Pro is a great place for crafting ideas, and tutorials.

Activity 2 posts per week

Blog https://www.craftmakerpro.com/blog/

Crafty Chica| Craftingimage90

About Blog Crafty Chica is a DIY Latina lifestyle blog by Kathy Cano-Murillo. Kathy posts great creative and vibrant ideas to inspire her followers.

Activity 2 posts per week

Blog https://www.craftychica.com/blogs/

Create Craft Love| Crafting


About Blog Create Craft Love, features easy crafts and great recipes for busy moms eager to learn a trick or two!

Activity 2 posts per week

Blog https://www.createcraftlove.com/

Felt Blog| Craftingimage70

About Blog Being a New Zealand based online market place and blog Felt, features great hands-on projects and tips for any crafter.

Activity 4 posts per week

Blog https://felt.co.nz/blog/

The Moments at Home| Craftingimage87

About Blog The Moments at Home blog is a great place to learn more about DIY crafts, and home management tips.

Activity 1 posts per week

Blog https://www.themomentsathome.com/

30 Minute Crafts| Craftingimage67

About Blog This blog features awesome crafts that can be completed in 30 minutes! There is everything from art projects to home décor projects.

Activity 2 posts per month

Blog http://30minutecrafts.com/

Imagine Blog| Crafting


About Blog Imagine Blog provides readers with vibrant craft ideas that take various forms like, glass, fabric, paper, and even metals!

Activity 6 posts per week

Blog https://imaginecraftsblog.com/

Crafters Corner| Craftingimage72

About Blog Crafters Corner has many great crafting tutorials and ideas for any passionate crafter.

Activity 2 posts per month

Blog http://crafterscornerindia.blogspot.com/

Create & Craft Blog | Craftingimage97

About Blog Create & Craft is a channel that specializes in arts and crafts. They hope to educate and inspire readers in all their crafting needs.

Activity 3 posts per week

Blog https://blog.createandcraft.tv/

Crafts By Rita | Craftingimage76

About Blog This page has a beautiful variety of kids and adults’ crafts. Get the inside scoop on new trending paper crafts, and home décor crafts.

Activity 3 posts per month

Blog https://www.craftsbyria.com/

DIY Crafty Projects| Craftingimage101

About Blog DIY Crafty Projects is a place for creatives to get inspired. Find new DIY craft ideas to draw off of, or do for yourself!

Activity 1 post per month

Blog https://diycraftyprojects.com/

American Crafts Studio Blog| Craftingimage83

About Blog Get your daily dose of crafting! Featuring inspiring scrapbooking, cardmaking, and art ideas.

Activity 20 posts per month

Blog https://americancrafts.typepad.com/

Amy Tangerine | Craftingimage94

About Blog This page features very exciting creations, fit for every level of crafter experience. The projects are fun, vibrant, and creative!

Activity 4 posts per month

Blog http://www.amytangerine.com/blog/

The Craft Sessions | Craftingimage80

About Blog Craft Sessions is an inspiring blog for creative crafters looking for new ideas.

Activity 3 posts per month

Blog http://thecraftsessions.com/

Design Memory Craft (Faber-Castell) | Crafting


About Blog This page features various inspiring media for DIY lovers, crafters, and artists.

Activity 3 posts per week

Blog https://designmemorycraft.typepad.com/

All Things Beautiful | Craftingimage74

About Blog Blogger Ann is dedicated towards inspiring readers with her creative and amazing crafting ideas.

Activity 2 posts per month

Blog https://althingsbeautiful.wordpress.com/

Craft-O-Maniac | Craftingimage88

About Blog Wow! Craft-O-Maniac is a joy to read up on lots of wonderful festive craft ideas.

Activity 4 posts per month

Blog https://craft-o-maniac.com/

HNDMD | Craftingimage82

About Blog If you’re looking for some new crafting ideas or inspiration look at HNDMD. There is a large selection of wonderful crafting ideas fit for every craft lover.

Activity 4 posts per month

Blog https://blog.hndmd.in/

Blue Bear Wood | Craftingimage85

About Blog Blue Bear Wood is a brilliant blog written for kids and their parents to make creative and fun arts & crafts.

Activity 3 posts per month

Blog https://www.bluebearwood.co.uk/

All Crafts| Crafting image86

About Blog This page features lots of great free tutorials and crafting ideas. Get inspiration for sewing, knitting, and holiday crafts!

Activity 1 post per month

Blog https://www.allcrafts.net/

Craftulate| Crafting


About Blog Craftulate features a variety of arts and crafts for toddlers and children.

Activity 1 post per month

Blog https://craftulate.com/

Craft Focus| Craftingimage81

About Blog Craft Focus is a magazine based in the UK featuring unique and creative crafting projects.

Activity 2 posts per week

Blog https://www.craftfocus.com/

Blitsy Blog| Craftingimage89

About Blog Blitsy Blog is a leading online craft community that features great DIY projects and creative crafting ideas.

Activity 1 post per month

Blog https://blitsy.com/blog

Craft Test Dummies| Craftingimage95

About Blog Craft Test Dummies is a very open-minded and transparent blog that contains craft reviews, comparisons, and tutorials. Get educated and inspired!

Activity 2 posts per month

Blog http://www.crafttestdummies.com/

About Family Crafts| Craftingimage99

About Blog Find fun and exciting craft projects to do as a family together! This page aims to inspire and create ever-lasting memories through family crafting projects.

Activity 1 post per month

Blog http://aboutfamilycrafts.com/

The Crafty Angels | Craftingimage96

About Blog This page features a nice and simple approach towards crafting. Find great home décor ideas, and tutorials!

Activity 1 post per month

Blog http://thecraftyangels.com/

 Above Rubies | Crafting


About Blog Megan is a passionate blogger and creator. Her posts feature some amazing crafting ideas, and business tips.

Activity 12 post per month

Blog http://www.aboverubiesstudio.com/

Organized 31 | Crafting


About Blog Mother Susan is always posting great and inspiring craft ideas. Her projects are quick, fun, cheap, and easy!

Activity 4 posts per month

Blog https://organized31.com/

Domestic Diva | Craftingimage93

About Blog Domestic Diva has fun and creative crafting tutorials. Check this page out for exciting new crafting projects!

Activity 2 posts per month

Blog https://www.domestic-divaonline.com/

Dazzle While Frazzled | Craftingimage98

About Blog Dazzle While Frazzled contains fun home décor, seasonal projects, and craft tutorials. Their focus is on DIY family friendly home décor projects.

Activity 2 posts per month

Blog https://www.dazzlewhilefrazzled.com/