Check out our feature on the hottest lighting trends that will brighten up your decor for 2018

Light fixtures are finally getting the attention they deserve!

It was not until recently that the scope of interior design has admitted to embrace the indispensable impact of the right light fixtures to complete the true essence of a room.

With the concept of lights evolving in both design and efficiency, 2018 witnesses their influence and glamour in both interior and exterior decor.

On that note, we took the liberty of diving deep to find out some of the hottest lighting trends that every homeowner would want to add and complement to their decor and lifestyle.

Here’s our special edition featuring some of the most exciting lighting trends to polish your decor for 2018.

1. Rustic & Vintage


The vintage style has been in vogue for quite some time and still continues to enjoy its popularity.  The charm of rustic lamps, chandeliers, pendant style farmhouse lighting and anything with a touch of industrial decor seems to be one of the best selling lighting features for the year 2018.

2. Solar Deck Lighting

Source: Brightech

Recent trends show a remarkable increase in trend for outdoor decor and lighting. That is exactly where solar ambience lights have made their pitch. Not only are they  environmentally friendly but also are a huge bonus in cutting down on the surging electric bills. Taking inspiration from solar garden stakes, an outdoor lighting requirement today enjoys anything and everything from simple Edison string lights to highly decorative solar-powered lanterns.

3. The Starburst Glamour

Source: Pottery Barn

Chandeliers vouch for a huge transformation as it tries to match the race of modern lighting trends. Doing away with the old, Victorian and bulky features, the Sputniks or Starburst chandeliers are making their way to most design passionate homes this year. With its unique shape, affordable price range and a style to envy, these lights manage to stick with our list for 2018.

4. Twist in Style

Source: Brightech

Thanks to energy efficiency and longevity, LEDs are now an indispensable lighting feature to almost every household and will continue to reign in the near future. Speaking of LED lights and the ample number of designs that blow us away, here is the Twist by Brightech.

This LED floor lamp is officially futuristic, with spiraling clean lines, dimmable bright light, and modern touch all-set to suit any room that springs from a contemporary decor.

5. Urban Task Lamps

Source: Brightech

The right lamp plays an essential role in bringing out the best in your room. While most lamps are picked focussing on decor, it is the Task lights that are often overlooked. Task lamps may sound boring, but before you make up your mind, turn another Leaf, with this stunning, minimalist and modern task light by Brightech. 2018 has a whole new perspective of task lights with this unique creation.

6. Paper Lanterns

Source: Urban Outfitters

Paper lanterns had been a favorite for a considerable length of time and the craze is back. These lamps are simple, pretty, environmentally friendly and highly affordable. Paper Lanterns have made a come-back in trend and this time, they have hit the stores in colors and shapes as never seen before.

7. Wall Sconces


From utility to aesthetics, the journey of wall sconces is no longer a secret. Once sold in basic traditional shapes, wall sconces have made their way back to chart the 2018’s trending lights list with a ton of design features, that it’s tough to pass them on. Wall sconces today, are more than just being outdoor lights of the old forts. Modern designs in metal, glass, and stone have proved their charm, making them a home decor necessity.

8. Primitive Patterns

Source: Pottery Barn

Not everything is about being modern and futuristic, says the primitive disposition of these lamps. With ancient earthenware and primeval stone looks, these lamps have revived from history only to stand out of the ordinary as treasured masterpieces.

9. Ambient Shelf Lights

Source: Brightech

Tall floor lamps are everyone’s favorite. But what about convenience?

This multipurpose floor lamp comes in an unbelievable package of display shelves for your curated pieces, books, DVDs as well as a USB port feature to charge your electronic devices or simply plug in some music to enjoy its ambiance to the utmost. The 2-in-1 wooden floor lamp has gained quite some popularity owing to the versatility of convenience and soothing brightness, both at the same time.

10. Clustered Lights


Sometimes, ‘more the merrier’ can hold true for light fixtures as well.

Lighting clusters are a fascinating addition to 2018’s lighting trends. With eye-catching designs, cluster lights are a bunch of pendant lights put together at varying lengths. This means an exciting opportunity to play around with shapes, sizes, and colors. Visually, these lights are an extraordinary treat for any decor, irrespective of their residential or corporate identity.

11. Circle of Light

Source: Brightech

Speaking of the latest trends, it would be unfair not to mention this futuristic, next-gen table lamp. While most table lamps focus on style and textures, the Circle USB gets a special mention on our list for a sci-fi design approach like no other.

The Circle has its design based on modern and clean lines that hardly takes up your working space, is integrated with super long-lasting LED light, a dimmable feature plus a USB port that works even when the lamp is turned off.

Now, isn’t that what you’d like to call a stunner!

12. Torchiere Floor Lamps

Source: Brightech

A purposeful floor lamp that saves enough floor space is every home-decor lover’s dream. Granting this wish is the idea of the torchiere floor lamps. The Sky series launched by Brightech serves as the perfect mood and task lighting for any room without glare. With a touch sensitive dimmer and three stage lighting feature, this sturdy and sleek LED floor lamp is guaranteed to brighten up your home for a good 20 years.

This floor lamp is sure to keep 2018 all brightened up!

We hope you enjoyed our list, as much as we did discovering it!