Downsizing is the biggest trend of recent times. Lifestyle changes associated with compact living in tiny rooms and minimum carbon footprint have witnessed a remarkable surge.

In fact, small space living, or tiny homes, has become one of the most feasible options and a popular choice for an increasing number of city and suburban dwellers. Having said that, space constraints should not impact your desire to live a super organized and creative lifestyle.

While we struggle to store our necessities in our modest homes, there are plenty of hacks to save our day. From shelving units to multipurpose pieces of furniture, you just have to name it to find it. And with a few simple changes, you will be amazed to see how you could get your life in order.

Read below to find out our favorite 12 hacks that help you deal with space issues, no matter where you are.

 Entry Way Letter Organizer

steel letter holder organizer
Credit: Amazon

Let’s face it: Mail, coupons, and newsletters are the highest source of clutter in any household. As a principle of decluttering, we always try to get rid of them at the source. But what about your bills, statements, and letters that are piling on your desk or sitting idly on the kitchen counter?

As a thumb rule to organized living, especially for tiny homes, these space stealers definitely need a designated place to live. While stationary trays are an excellent option, they also occupy your desk space. On that note, take a look at this simple solution for stacking letters right at your entrance.

This entryway letter organizer comes with a wall mount and a total of 6 hooks to make room for your keys and other regular stuff, like your dog’s leash.


 Suspend your Bedside Lamps

farmhouse style wall sconce
Source: Farmhouse on Boone

We all want a bedside lamp to relax with a book at the end of the day but not at the cost of a space crisis. Every little corner in your tiny bedroom needs to be accommodated efficiently. While you want to use your compact nightstands for more practical uses, don’t let your lamps come in the way of having to manage space.

Try using wall sconces or suspended lamps. These are stylish and are also excellent in comforting you with your reading requirements.


Floating Shelves

floating wall shelves in wood
Source: Home Depot

Shelves serve an excellent purpose for storage and decor. They consume less floor space and makes your life easy with their sophisticated look. Although the concept of floating shelves isn’t very new, the phenomena of downsized living have contributed to their popularity. Therefore, incorporating wall shelves are a great way of saving space in style.


wood floating nightstand
Source: Etsy

In addition to wall shelving units, you can also adapt them to serve as your nightstands. They are excellent alternatives to traditional nightstands and will end up creating more room for your modest sized bedrooms.


Drop-Leaf Tables and Dining Bars

wood-drop-leaf tables
Credit: Ikea

Thanks to innovation that even small-sized apartments can have the privilege of a perfectly cute dining table.

The thought of a dining arrangement gives us the picture of traditional bulky designs and very often we compromise them to save space. Tiny residences genuinely do away with the luxury of home-dining as they have to make room for other essentials. But not anymore!

Drop-leaf table designs are a huge space-saver. These smart tables can be modified to meet your dining needs and for other times can be also be utilized as your work desk.


Source: A Beautiful Mess

And if this is not your style, hold on. Take a quick glimpse at this Manhattan style dining bar in a studio apartment of just 450 square feet where Anne Butler shares her amazing temporary space saving hacks. These will get you thinking how much interesting downsized living can turn out be.

 DIY Slide Out Pantry Solution


DIY Slide out pantry
Source: Home Talk

You have to admit that kitchen storage solutions are pretty scary. Most apartments tend to compromise on the space allotted to the kitchen and while we don’t spend much time in there, this place does need a lot of organizing skillsets. Those tiny spice bottles take up a tremendous lot of space in your cabinets in addition to being difficult to reach out to when needed.

This DIY hack for a slide out pantry solution is pretty amazing as it can smartly just hide away in an unseen corner of your little kitchen. Not only does it get easy to store those spices, but it is also pretty effortless regarding access.

Multipurpose Furniture


Source: Joss & Main

It’s no secret that multiutility furniture is high in demand because they fulfill the requirements of optimum space utilization.

If you want to purchase furniture for any room, then make sure that they serve more than just their apparent purpose. Ottomans, for instance, are great in any form that you might want to use them for. They do great as coffee tables, entryway benches, side tables, footrest in addition to their modern design and compact storage features.

They come in a multitude of designs and materials to match your style and decor at very affordable prices.


Credit: Decoist

Stuck with a family heritage trunk? Well, we have a solution for that as well. Polish up your trunk and put it to best use as a vintage coffee table. Plus, be grateful! These trunks are in high demand and can cost up to several hundred dollars at popular vintage shops around the country.

 Go for Arm Tables

Source: Etsy

When trying to free up floor space, we often end up creating and using some of the coolest concepts that are meant to make life easy. Coffee tables are becoming indispensable for your living rooms that are battling for space.

These are excellent space savers and have a modern appeal to them. The tray table can be positioned wherever needed and the side storage slot is merely ideal for your phones and tablets or to catch up with your favorite book on a relaxing evening.

Mesh Display Boards

Source: Bloglovin

Space-saving hacks also help you better organize and declutter your stuff. While there are many critical locations in your house that struggle with limited capacity, places such as your kitchen or your work desk always seem to be a potential threat.


Source: Etsy

However, this simple mesh board is excellent to take the load off your table and help you organize better. It can hold anything from your to-do lists, planners, and even your stationary. Besides, you can put up these cool mesh boards in your living area for your favorite photographs and skip the expensive picture frames that could take up a good portion of your wall.

 Vertical Gardens

Source: Ikea

If you’re someone like me, I’m sure you wouldn’t like the idea to part with your garden. The obsession for greenery around me is pretty profound and it makes me want to try everything possible in my small apartment. Vertical gardens are a great scope to fulfill your passion for greenery. Spot a bare wall and make use of Ikea’s Fintrop system to create your very own personalized herb garden.


Source: Pinterest

You can also repurpose a cupcake tier stand and display your succulents and herb pots as an element of style in your home.

Ladder Shelves and Bookcases

wooden ladder bookcase
Source: Wayfair

If you have lots of storage and much more to show, ladder shelves are a creative solution to your needs. These take up way less space than you can imagine. Also, if you want to avoid installing wall shelving units, these modern shelves are an excellent way to maximize floor space. They cause no damage to your walls, which is a concern for rented apartments. Plus, ladder bookcases can be easily disassembled whenever you plan to move, making it worth the money spent.

Aim to have one of these for your collectives and label colorful baskets to keep your miscellanies well organized.

Bar Carts

Source: Pinterest

If you don’t have a lot of space for a real home bar, you can always find a way for a mini bar in some corner of your room.

Bar carts or industrial style wheeled trolleys are in vogue as part of storage solutions. When on one side you can create your own mini bar for real, you can also use a bar cart for storing your necessities in one place. They are convenient to use and can be tucked away as and when needed.




Your bar carts can be used for anything, right from wine bottles to makeup accessories, work organizer, portable nightstand and cleverly store bathroom essentials without a drop of sweat.

Room Dividers

bookcase divider
Source: BHG

Don’t be too afraid to divide your small apartment into compartments. While the thought of it can be a bit intimidating, but you will love the privacy that would come along with it.


glass room divider
Source: Domino

Room dividers are your friend when you want to fulfill your agenda of tiny living. They add depth to your room and create the illusion of extra space. You can easily separate your bedroom from your living, using a bookcase as a divider or one that offers multiutility storage. Room dividers in glass or wood are also attractive options to invest in to open up your space.