Everyone wants to follow things based on what they love, and that’s why we scoured Instagram for the coolest interior design ideas, so you don’t have to! These profiles offer design inspiration that you’ll want to save for your next remodeling or interior design project.

Instagram is the hub of ideas where pictures speak louder than words. It gives you the liberty to discover more of what you want to see. Whether the latest DIY project, the featured pattern of the month, or the highest trending home decor ideas, just name it and it’s there at the click of a button.

Although there are endless pearls on Instagram, this our selection of 3 popular Instagram accounts you’ll never want to miss out on.

1. @anitayokota

Source: Instagram

Anita Yokota is an interior design stylist driven by her passion for decor and home wellness. This popular design creation of hers exhibits a room that is the perfect combination of farmhouse classics, blended with a modern touch. The lines are clean and refreshing, with the undeniably charming essence of natural wood, and earthy tones. The use of neutrals like whites and beige are well blended with bold, bohemian pieces of artwork. All these components bring value and color to the room.

Plus, by setting the tone by using a humble farmhouse dinner table, the juxtaposition of a modern sputnik chandelier in gold, is nothing less than a dignified and graceful touch, which completes the look of this room.

2. @casa_caroline

Source: Instagram

If you’re searching for modern and simplistic decor with a “style statement” element, then take time to follow Casa_Caroline’s account. Look at this monochromatic themed kitchen in black and matte-white, which is neat, yet opulent. The subtle, all natural wood flooring is like an elegant partner that stands out, and yet completely blends in.

I love the drama created by the pitch-black high chairs, which were carefully selected to complete the look with the black accent wall. Black is a very bold color choice to be considered for a kitchen. Casa Caroline completely pulled off the look by using black next to the window, which makes the room actually look very bright. The industrial style lighting in the center fulfills the style of the ultra-chic look and feel of a modern kitchen design.

3. @decor_and_dogs

Source: Instagram

Some call it farmhouse decor, while some of us refer to this style as “back to basics”. However we may want to name it, the fact is farmhouse decor is witnessing an interesting surge in popularity in the world of interiors and home decor. As seen in decor_and_dogs feed, it is warm, inviting and reminiscent of good old times. As Thanksgiving is right around the corner, what could be more appropriate than to blend the warm aroma of pumpkin spice with a rustic and classical decor ambience?

Farmhouse decor truly fuels the trend to reuse and recycle vintage elements. I’m pretty certain we’ve all seen an episode or two of American Pickers, and we all know how popular, and even pricey, authentic and vintage farmhouse pieces can be.

Nonetheless, this room is far from being just rustic. Take a cue from how the modern kitchen appliances effortlessly sync with the natural decor elements. The wood flooring is as millennial as it could be and is complemented with lightweight Kilim rugs, in a distressed look. There are not one, but many elements ranging from a rugged lantern, farmhouse kitchen pendant lights, rustic counter stools, and a very cozy color palette of woods and sand.

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