These design tips will help visually expand upon what you have, using a few key elements. Here’s why you need them: When you live in a large space like a house, you have ample room for most sizes of furniture. You have the liberty to pick any random decor that caught your eye at the store, without worrying about which wall to hang it on. 

When designing a small space, the story gets challenging as your space gets restricted, especially for students living in dorms, or apartment dwellers in a high-rise of a busy metropolitan city.

Very often, the task of utilizing every small corner without compromising your aesthetics can get extremely demanding. Because with small spaces, no little detail goes unnoticed. This is why you need these design tips to expand the feeling of your space.

Having said that, wouldn’t it be wise to play your cards well to make your room visually more spacious, useful and inviting? After all, having to live in a small space doesn’t imply you can’t enjoy the decor of your dreams.

Here are five amazing design tips and tricks guaranteed to maximize your limited space.

1. Choose Lighter Hues, or Stick to a Color Palette

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In addition to light colored walls, you can also pick a color theme to coordinate knick-knacks, rugs, furniture and wall art to complement each other, and further open up your space.

2. Say “NO” to Bulky Furniture and Opt for Multi-Functional Pieces

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Picking the right style of furniture is probably the easiest place to go wrong when attempting to make the most out of limited space. One bulky couch in the middle of your living room and you’re doomed. Pro tip: Interior designers always stress the importance of using non-bulky sofas and accent chairs. Look for ones that are raised or have legs, to give the illusion of more free-flowing space.

Look for foldable furnishings, like dining tables and chairs. These can be stacked away when guests are gone, and are a genuine smart move to clear up your area. You can also invest in multifunctional pieces like ottomans with storage, to serve as additional seating or an occasional coffee table, at the same time.

3. Expand with Mirrors

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Using reflective surfaces to visually expand spaces has been a classic mantra for a long time. Mirrors can easily double up your room, and a well-placed one will get accomplish the look. Thanks to modern interiors, you can easily pair a simple or a decorative wall mirror against your console, in your living room instead of regular wall art. Another idea is to place one opposite to your window to create the illusion of multiplied space.

Also, mirrors fixed on your closet doors allows you to relish in full-length view, in addition to maximizing the view of your bedroom or closet area.

4. Dress your Windows with the Right Drapes

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Privacy can be a daunting subject while living in an apartment, and you might want to screen your windows with some drapes. If you are a fan of fabric drapes, take advantage of the natural light streaming in your room as much as you can. Replace your solid fabric drapes with sheers in a neutral color palette or in colors matching to your walls.

Roller blinds are also a great affordable option. They can be installed inside the window frame, to give better coverage to your windows. Besides, blinds impart a much neater appearance by doing away with excessive flowing fabric.

5. Add a Statement Piece

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It may seem obvious to use small pieces of furniture to create more room in your cozy apartment. However, often this trick can work against you and end up making your room look clumsy. Adding even one stand-out piece of furniture can create drama and open up so much more space than you can imagine.

Imagine choices like:

A raised accent chair,  at all floor vase, a bold rug, slender floor lamp, Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, or even a large stunning light fixture in the center of your ceiling. All these options will definitely achieve your goal of expanding your small.

Use Design to Capture the Space You Want

Maximizing the look of your small space can be difficult but these design tips can help you recreate an exciting room of unmatchable decor. Remember, limited spaces do require constant decluttering and sensible storage plans, for any design tip or trick to work like an ace.