If you’re serious about going green, you should know the best LED light bulbs and solar lights to create an eco-friendly space.  Switching to LED lights and solar lights are pretty simple choices to make, which don’t require much effort. And, the benefits are numerous: Not only are you saving energy and the environment, but by using LED bulbs and solar lights, you will reduce your electricity bill, change light bulbs less often, and make your home safer.

LED lights and solar lights now come in a variety of options, so you’ll be able to curate the perfect glow for each setting with these cost-efficient and energy-saving lights. You don’t have to sacrifice style, brightness or functionality with today’s choices.

1. Start with LED Light Bulbs

Indoor lights are the first light source where we can create an eco-friendly space. As fall and winter months are upon us, it’s important to ensure that we’re getting the most out of all our light fixtures. Lighting the spaces you need in the most energy-efficient manner is one of the simplest steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint. There are many advantages to using LED light bulbs, and one of the top benefits is the savings to your electricity bill.

One advantage offered by LED bulbs is they do not overheat. LED lights will keep your home safer as you spend more time indoors while maintaining a well-lit environment. They reduce the risk of fire since they don’t emit large amounts of heat toward other appliances, or draperies.

Ambience Pro LED Light Bulbs
Source: Brightech

LED light bulbs allow you to illuminate areas you need to brighten, without creating residual heat. You can hone in on projects with accuracy and precision with the bright light they cast.

Who knew energy-friendly light bulbs could take center stage as the most exciting piece of your decor? LED light bulbs are not only eco-friendly, but they’re also stylish, and complement a variety of decors. Plus, we guarantee you’ll love the savings LED light bulbs will bring.


LED Light Bulbs
Source: Brightech

2. Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are an excellent way to add more efficient energy to your design. They’re capable of lighting large areas in a subtle, delicate manner.  The right floor lamp can change the entire tone of your room, tie together eclectic elements of your style, or act as the centerpiece of your room.

Choose a floor lamp that diffuses the most light possible, on the terms you want. This energy-efficient LED bulb powered floor lamp easily and effortlessly brightens up the darkness of this entire room.

The sleek design of the Grayson floor lamp allows for the most light to be distributed evenly throughout the space, creating a warm oasis of brilliance.

Grayson LED Floor Lamp by Brightech
Source: Brightech

Use a floor lamp in spaces to define them with the perfect glow. Whether you need ambient lighting or task lighting, a floor lamp is a perfect choice to provide light to your space.

3. LED Table Lamps

Managing your home by using cleaner energy means so much more than just recycling and switching old incandescent light bulbs to LED and solar-powered ones. By using energy that’s more focused and suitable for overall use, you’ll optimize the use of energy in your home, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Another benefit of LED light is it doesn’t have to be harsh. LED lighting partnered with well-designed lighting fixtures will radiate the right glow for every decor style. Whether your look is minimalist, mid-century modern, coastal or rustic farmhouse, there are many beautiful LED table lamps available, across a variety of price ranges.

Mode LED Table Lamp by Brightech
Source: Brightech

See how this LED powered table lamp perfectly brightens the area around it? Another great benefit is with LED light bulbs, you won’t have to worry about this light going out anytime soon.

On average, LED lights last 50 times longer than a typical incandescent, 20-25 times longer than a typical halogen, and 8-10 times longer than a typical CFL.

4. LED Task Lights

Of all the light fixtures in our homes or offices, task lights are the ones which need to be the most efficient. These lights help us serve a purpose, whether it be to focus with magnifying detail, to illuminate intricate and small items for projects, or merely for reading.

Regardless of their task, task lights must be comfortable and efficient to use. This is why LED light bulbs in task lighting is so important. Stay cool and energy efficient by using LED bulbs especially in your task lights, as they use a lot of energy.

Since task lights are often used for long periods, these need to be as energy-efficient as possible. Task lighting is needed to be more precise with crafts, work, and projects, so the use of LED light bulbs actually makes the most sense.

Here, LED light offers the best advantage: LED light has a high color rendering index, meaning, it shows you colors closest to their most authentic form. LED bulb lighting is cleaner, brighter and delivers a more accurate light.

Lightview Floor LED Magnifying Lamp
Source: Brightech

Bright, precise light meets form and functionality with this task light. Remember how LED lights stay cool? You can focus on your favorite projects for as long as you wish without harsh heat radiating from your lamps.

5. String Lights

Your outside environments are one of the easiest places to capture eco-friendly, LED bulbs and solar power to your surroundings. String lights come in both solar and LED lighting, which makes them doubly eco-friendly.

Source: Brightech

Even in winter months when we receive the least amount of sunlight, you can still capture enough light to power your porch, patio or backyard. All we need is a clear day, and your solar powered string lights will provide lighting well into the night.

Light a path to your patio, or just add a touch of light to brighten dark corners in your surroundings with easy-to-hang, outdoor and weatherproof string lights.

When heating bills are at their highest, you’ll be glad for the warm splashes of light that cost you less.  String lights can also keep your home and neighborhood safer by keeping areas well lit during months of less natural light.