The right kind of lighting can make a tremendous impact on the look and feel of your space. And considering that every room has its own requirement, there is no “one size fits all” strategy that works here. What may be perfect for your living room, may turn out to be completely off-beat for your bedroom. So it’s super extremely important that you go for a lighting trend that highlights both your space and function.

Today, light fixtures have finally found their rightful place in the world of interior design. Other than illumination, light fixtures are playing a pivotal role in enhancing the decor of our homes.  Trends, materials, designs, and shapes are no longer limited to just textiles or brick and mortar. The globalization of a concept continues to spread its wings and influence the design and function of light fixtures in the most perfect way.

So, as we still cherish the start of a new year, let’s take a look at the top 5 lighting design ideas that will make 2019 brighter for you:

1. The Retro and Industrial Style is Back

industrial lighting in kitchen trend for 2019
Source: CDN home design

If you’re watching out for lighting trends this year, make sure you take a moment to appreciate the comeback of the retro style. With farmhouse design picking up the pace, industrial decor and light fixtures are 2019’s next big thing.

But, don’t be illusioned by the old, worn out, and the rustic. While keeping its roots intact, the modern take on the industrial era continues with metal but in richer variations. The approach to design is fresh, bold and unique and yet a reminiscence of the good old barn days.

With plenty of designs floating in the market, the industrial style light fixtures are today’s “talk of the town”.

beautiful industrial pendant lights with edison bulbs lighting trends for 2019
Source: King George Homes

Another unique feature of the industrial style lighting are the exposed Edison bulbs. While the Brooklyn-style cafes revived the trend for Edison string lights, the industrial design trend turned it into a highlight. Long suspended cords, glass, metal, and wireframe lampshades with filament style bulbs in modern LED lights are the key characteristics of this design.

From commercial decor to residential spaces, industrial lights in the form of pendants, lamps, and scones have the much-needed attention.

2. Mid-Century Modern and Art Deco Glimpses

mid-century modern tripod lamp forinterior design lighting trends 2019
Source: Brightech

Mid-century modern and art deco designs have been crucial in inspiring designers for years. From the 1920’s -1970’s, art deco and the mid-century periods were the most celebrated timeline in the history of design. Replacing intricate designs and bulky patterns, the mid-century era brought a new approach to art and compositions. It emphasized cleaner lines, refined and unique shapes and focused more on balance and form.

The art-deco period, on the other hand, proved to be the force behind the mid-century guidelines. By providing the freedom to experiment with materials, the use of mix media gained immense popularity. Ever since then, a shift and combination of materials like wood, marble, linen, brass, and glass have won many hearts.

One of the most popular concepts of the mid-century modern is the Sputnik Chandelier. With a combination of metal and glass with clean lines and an unconventional geometric structure, this one took modern lighting design to absolute new heights. The mid-century modern and art deco inspired lighting props also work great as accent lights or just as a stand alone.

For instance, take a look at this gorgeous tripod lamp above. This floor lamp is made out of natural wood and a linen drum shade. The design is unique and modern and can fit into any kind of decor just by itself.

3. Sculptural Shapes

sculptural modern design lamp idea for 2019 Brightech
Source: Brightech

As lighting concepts are beginning to take the lead in Interior Design, bolder shapes and sculptural designs are the future of 2019.

Light fixtures are no longer just for the sake of good lighting. Bold shapes and magnificent designs are influencing the look of pendant, floor and table lamps. From flowing ornate designs to bold orbs, mixed media structures, and interesting shapes, these sculptural lighting fixtures can easily be part of any existing decor. And other than being a conversational element of design, they also turn out to be great accent pieces.

However, in order to justify their beauty, it’s very important that your sculptural lights get a meaningful spot in your house. While scones and table lamps enhance minute design details, larger floor lamps and pendants should be treated as the focal point of your room.

4. LED Lighting

Modern LED lamp design idea for 2019
Source: Brightech

Be prepared to get in tune with the LED hype this year.

While most of us may be of the opinion that LED lighting burns your pockets, the reality is just the other way around. Modern LED lights are extremely energy efficient and let you minimize your carbon footprint. Moreover, LED lights are no longer just limited to string lights or commercial purposes alone.

With advanced technology, LED lighting is being integrated with all possible lighting fixtures. Pushing away from heated incandescent bulbs, LED lights is will be one of the biggest trends of 2019. From traditional Edison bulbs to cool white lights, LEDs will be trendy in different colors, intensities as well as sizes.

5. Natural Materials

natural wicker candelier lamp trending lighting design idea for 2019
Source: Atelier Vime

With an incredible rise in wicker baskets, rattan chairs, jute planters, and even simple things like placemats, 2019 is proclaiming its love for nature. And as Bohemian Decor kicks in, natural fibers in lighting design are the next big thing to watch out for.

natural linen drumshade lamp for interior design lighting ideas for 2019
Source: Brightech

Not a Bohemian fan? Don’t you worry! The neutral color palette of earthy materials makes it a breeze to blend in with any of your existing decors. They add warmth, serenity, and freshness to your interior design. Therefore, in addition to your indoor greenery, it’s definitely worth trying a few more natural elements to your space this year. Isn’t it?

And linen and bamboo lampshades, wooden base structures and beautiful wicker pendant lamps are definitely some of the best ways to invite these natural lighting props into your home.

For instance, take a look at the Hudson Lamp from Brightech above. With a modern art deco feel, a strong metal stem and a classically textured lampshade, this one can fit just perfectly well in traditional, modern or even an industrial decor.

We hope you loved our list. Let us know your favorite lighting idea that’s about to transform your home in 2019!