A Guide to Rustic Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse Design has undoubtedly charted the popularity list in recent times. But what is it that makes rustic farmhouse design genre so irresistible?

Farmhouse style is a noble mix of form and functionality. It takes you back in time with its pastoral, cozy and warm characteristics combined with clean contemporary lines. And very often, its primitive disposition also seems as worn-out and clumsy. But surprisingly, this modern country-style decor has turned out to be extremely smart and chic.

There are several interesting elements that come together to churn out the warmth of this particular decor. Natural color palettes, earthy textures of linen, jute, and unfinished elements of wood are just a few highlights of its humble demeanor. With a thoughtful selection decor accents, note that Farmhouse style is easily adaptable to any modern day home.

If you are longing for the warmth and coziness associated with the country style living, then I insist you read further into this article. Remodeling your existing decor with ‘farmhouse’ elements don’t always have to be a rip-off. With a few essential tweaks, you’ll be excited to see your existing decor transition into a pleasant and warm abode.

Here’s your simple guide to achieving the best Farmhouse Decor ever.

A Natural Color Palette 

farmhouse dining room
Source: Homedit


The signature style of farmhouse decor is its affinity for neutral colors like grey, beige, white and taupe. These colors soothe the tone of your room while allowing other rustic elements to grab your attention. Take a look at this stunning dining room. In spite of the rustic elements, there is no compromise with functionality and the warm appeal of the room.

 Unfinished Wooden Decor

farmhouse wood flooring
Source: HGTV

Blending your neutrals with raw wooden elements is your next step towards building your farmhouse decor. While contemporary designs look for polished and smooth wooden floorings, a farmhouse style needs a striped or unfinished one to complement its nature. In addition to your flooring, be it wood or carpet, feel free to experiment with unfinished wooden accents like door frames, wall arts, and signages.

Very often a bold dining or coffee table in natural wood easily leverages its impact to the overall rustic theme of the room.

Mix and Match Woven Textures

woven farmhouse cushions
Source: Etsy


Fabrics woven in natural fibers like cotton, linen, jute, and heavy knits are of prime essence to accentuate a farmhouse style of decor. Natural textiles in a combination with wooden textures amplify the appearance of your room as cozy and inviting. Indulge in heavy natural materials in the form of upholstery, cushions, drapes, and rugs to assemble the perfect farmhouse style of decor.

Add Industrial Lights


Farmhouse pendant lights
Source: The Cottage Market


Take a look at this modern farmhouse style kitchen with rustic glass pendants suspended from the high wooden beams.

If you love farmhouse decor, you must consider your lighting fixtures. Old style, rustic, industrial lights are the showstoppers of a farmhouse decor. Warm and antique-inspired lights in natural materials like metal, wood, and glass are the iconic lighting elements to take advantage of. 

And let’s not forget the ‘comeback’ of large Edison bulbs in recent times! These bulbs create a great artistic focal point both as standalone and in modern designs. Combining these authentic and natural materials create elegant and warm pieces of indispensable art.


solar edison string lights
Source: Brightech


Speaking of vintage style Edison bulbs, this one, in particular, is from Brightech.  Designed with solar powered concepts, these large glass bulbs have been geared to withstand any harsh weather conditions.


Sphero glass globe lamps


Another piece of creation inspired by the traditional concept of farmhouse lighting is this Sphere Brass Glass lamp. It has been carefully designed with a minimalistic approach to fit it any modern-day residence. 

Antique Decor Elements

Farmhouse home decor metal rustic
Source: Pinterest


The last leg of this marathon is to complete the look of your decor with some exciting decor elements. For this, we suggest you choose from the wide range of popular antique finish metal and wood decors to catch up to the farmhouse vibe. The industrial decorative accents are commonly inspired by the good old pastoral days which makes them perfect to complete your final look.


Farmhouse earthern ware
Source: Target


Be sure to watch out for these cool farmhouse inspired stoneware, wooden wall decors, galvanized metal wall decor, industrial style iron light fixtures and other rustic metal decor elements. These farmhouse decor accents are creatively functional besides their unique designs.

So, don’t be scared to experiment this rustic decor style. With these basic guidelines, you can easily create a stunning farmhouse-decor inspired home – your best bet to a warm and cozy ambiance with the convenience of a modern contemporary lifestyle.