For this beautiful interview, we got together with Christina from CG Home Interiors who has always had a passion for interior design. She has been making things beautiful since she was a kid and finally in 2003 she began her career in Real Estate. And several years later she finally launched her incredible interior design career. What’s really cool about her is that she not only designs homes for customers in the neighborhood but she also makes mood boards and e-designs for people all over the country.

1. How many years have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging for 3 years.

2. What is your favorite Interior Design project that you’ve ever done?

I don’t have one particular favorite. I love any project that allows me to start with a blank slate!

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3. Which project are you most proud of?

A local commercial project for a mortgage company –

corporate office building decor and design

corporate office building decor floating shelves

4. What does a day in the life of an interior decor blogger look like?

Planning content, keeping up with social media and balancing clients in between all the daily “adulting” responsibilities.

5. What kind of lighting do you have set up for your work?

We love natural light and a hanging light fixture.

mid century modern loft cghomeinteriors design

6. What is your favorite lamp or string lights that you’ve used for a project?

Floor lamps are always my favorite in any space.

7. What is the greatest tip that you could give to our readers?

Lighting is the finishing touch that can either make or break a space, so it’s the one area to splurge a little (even if you’re on a budget).

mid century modern loft cghomeinteriors design round golden mirror

8. What is the hardest thing about interior design?

Finding reliable contractors!

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9. If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?

I wouldn’t change a thing because everything I’ve done is what got me where I’m at today.

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