Design Trends to Watch in 2019_3

2019 is almost here, and we’re ready for all the amazing trends that will come with the new year! Thinking about revamping your space, or picking out some bold new paint colors? Or maybe you need to buy that perfect piece of furniture. Well, we want nothing more than for your home to be the trendiest in town, so we’re here to give you a list of the top design trends to look out for this year.

Less Is More

“It’s all about the editing: the less stuff you have, the less stuff you have to mess up. Make sure that every single thing in every single room is only what you love or only what you need.”
Susanna Salk

Hoarder at heart? Do a major cleanout, don’t wait for Spring Cleaning season! It’s the most refreshing feeling to clean out your cupboards, throw away or donate the things you don’t need or use anymore, and make some space for all that Holiday shopping you did, of course.

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A Taste of Neat Sophistication

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Home organization is that vital element that keeps your interior design relevant and practical long after you’ve completed the finishing touches. It’s the last stop to put in to create a look that you’ll love for years to come.

Have you ever paid close attention to the pages of interior design magazines? Everyday-use items are placed in places that can help you construct a sophisticated and sleek look while keeping convenience top-of-mind, too.

One of the first steps toward getting your home organized is to find a place for those loose items. Challenge yourself to find specific spaces for all your things. Get storage boxes, cutely mark them. You can have so much fun with this! Remember, if you can’t find a spot for something, it’s probably time to de-clutter (refer to step one).

Balancing Style and Function

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It’s so crucial to strike just the right balance when trying to create a room that is both functional and also looks great. After all, it doesn’t matter how good a room looks if you can’t live in it comfortably, right? On the other hand, you won’t love your space if functionality totally overtakes artsy appeal.

When you’re looking to stylishly organize your home, try to find storage solutions that fit with the look and theme of your home. It’s a great idea to think ‘dual purpose’ when it comes to creative storage units. Can you picture some stunning built-in units in the bedroom, or maybe some colorful storage bins in your hallway? Do it!

Take your time as you envision your space and think about what might best work for you. How do you want to plan your space? What will the space be primarily used for? As you shop for storage solutions, think about how you’ll use the item before you make your purchase.

Leopard Print is BACK, Baby!

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We know, we know, it’s a tough one to believe. 2019 is officially the year of the leopard (in the interior design calendar, that is). It’s time to add some pizazz to your interior design and go wild with some leopard print this year. Whether it’s some throw pillows, a small rug or maybe even a vase on the table, you want to be in on this trend. Do it!

Think Built-In Storage Ideas

Source: Illinois Homepage

Apparently, the best way to get rid of clutter is just that – to get rid of it. You can’t beat a good clear-out, after all. But what should you do with whatever is left? Built-in storage is the way to go, offering a much sleeker and tidier solution than free-standing wardrobes or shelving units.

Built-in storage can blend into the walls or become a decorative feature in its own right. Either way, it’s highly satisfying to see your stuff disappear behind smooth doors or slot into perfectly designed spaces. Built-ins aren’t just for living rooms and bedrooms either – think big, go wild!

Unlike store-bought solutions, custom built-ins are designed to your exact needs and space requirements, maximizing your overall storage space.

Source: House & Home

Another added benefit is that good organization can also add value to your home. Whether you’re currently planning to enter the real estate market or you want to stay in your home for many years to come, it’s never to early to start taking the steps that will keep your home in excellent shape.

Buy Second-Hand

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This may not be something you’ve necessarily done before, but buying second-hand can be an awesome experience. Not only can you find some real gems, but it saves a lot of cash and because January is our hardest month (let’s be honest), it’s totally worth splurging in an economically-friendly way.


Maximalism? Is that even a word?! Well, I’m here to tell you that it is! 2018 was all about minimalism, and 2019 is taking us to the other side of the spectrum.

Now don’t get confused. Our Less is More tip had nothing to do with this one. They don’t contradict each other, either! Maximalism is all about putting beautiful, perhaps seemingly contrasting pieces together in one room. This doesn’t mean you need to hoard, nor d0es it mean that your room should look overcrowded. This is just a great way to create a colorful, bright room, without worrying about your colors not matching or having a specific theme.

Source: Zoo Too

Maximalism is an aesthetic like any other and it focuses on a specific combination of styles. The styles that you use are entirely up to you. Decorate your space with gold, pastels, pretty flowers and classic art pieces. Looking for more of a boho look? Find some eclectic prints and textiles that work with that visual style. Everything you choose to put in the space should work well together, rather than in isolation, to make your space both cohesive and vibrant.

Maximalism is all about soul, so make sure that you put your whole heart and soul into decorating your space this year.

Source: Lifehack

Here are some fantastic tips that top designers have shared on how to make the most of your interior space this 2019: 

“Use the kitchen for family time – don’t let it be a “drop spot” for paperwork, mail, and kids’ homework. Designate another area for that day-to-day stuff and enjoy a clutter-free space with your family “- Tiffany LeBlanc

“Make sure that every non-decorative item has a place to be stored. Additionally, the storage location should be close to the space that it will be used in an easy to access and put away.”
– Lori Margolis

“High-end, linen covered boxes are great. Not having to worry about hiding things away in closets, and instead of having the option to leave boxes out as part of your design is what ‘new storage’ is all about .”
– Sam Allen