Lighting, as you’ll see in this post, is one of the most crucial tools you can use to spruce up your space.  Strangely, lighting is an aspect that is conveniently overlooked. As too little light can make your design efforts appear dull, too much lighting in the wrong places can cause an uncomfortable glare.

So what is the ideal lighting for a room? We’re going to show you how a well-lit room is essential to influence our perception of space, mood, and health. When done correctly, it can improve our work productivity.

Speaking of ideal ways to lighten up a room, there are a few categories that one should bear in mind while choosing the right light fixtures:

First, is an Ambient light.

These lights are meant for the general illumination of a room to make an area conveniently visible and accessible.

Second, is the concept of Task Lighting.

Task lights are designed to focus on a particular object or area, for example, a reading lamp, a bedside lamp or even a pendant lamp installed above a kitchen island or a dining table.

The third and most exciting is Accent Lighting.

An accent lamp is an excellent way to boost the value of a corner, create the perfect mood or simply put, add decor value to your interior design efforts.

Let’s take a look at these stunning rooms and find out how the right fixtures have made their incredible impressions.

1. Mix and Match

 3 Light Arc LED Floor Lamp by Brightech
Source: Brightech

As we all can agree, there is nothing as rewarding as getting the best out of all possibilities!

While traditional lighting always manages to stick with us, here is a simple combination of an elegant floor lamp with some display light fixtures to ensure every corner is renewed with ample brightness. Plus, the addition of natural lighting with candles creates a more intimate feeling.

2. Get Futuristic

Sparq futuristic arc lamp brightech
Source: Brightech

The advent of LED lighting has opened up a whole new world of indoor and outdoor lights.

Similar to the transition seen with royal chandeliers of the past, modern LED floor lamps have taken us by surprise with its futuristic approach. The ultra-thin and uniquely purposeful Sparq LED floor lamp is a perfect example of accent lighting that brings out the exclusivity of this room.

It provides an ideal glimpse into the future of lights in modern-day living spaces.

3. Task Lighting

Task lighting is as important as any basic lighting of any room. These are the areas where you’ll need some focused lights, like a reading desk, underlying the kitchen cabinets, overhead a kitchen island or your dining table. The choices are literally endless!

 Modern Circle Desk Lamp by Brightech
Source: Brightech

Take a look at this compact and modern Circle Table and Desk Lamp by Brightech. Place it on your work desk or just a corner to add an ambient style statement.

4. Recessed Lights

Do you feel deprived of enough light, or feel as though the current light in your space looks forever dull? Then recessed lighting, with a combination of a lamp or two, might turn out to be your best bid.

These lights fixed onto your ceilings create a warm and welcoming ambiance.  Recessed lights are also often installed on the inside of your shelves. This helps to highlight your carefully curated decor pieces. Depending on the size of your room, use it solo or pair it with a beautiful lamp to complement your decor.


Source: Wow Decor

5. Tall Floor Lamps

Tall floor lamps have brought with them more solutions that we could imagine. While these lamps are in high demand for taking up such minimum floor space, their popularity has grown by leaps considering their versatility.

Tall lamps, or the Torchiere, are efficiently capable of both task and mood lighting. The torchiere lamps might look too bright and bold to own, but be rest assured that these lamps have well dealt with the annoying issue of glare. Equipped with a dimmer, these lamps are a steal when it comes to choosing the ‘perfect’ lighting solutions.


Sky Flux LED Torchiere Floor Lamp by Brightech
Source: Brightech

6. Counters and more

Counters and cabinets are crucial spots for proper lighting.  Most often, they are conveniently forgotten. As an aspect of task lighting, under-cabinet lightings are a must.

Whether LED strip lights or recessed lighting, these fixtures are complete value for money.  They satisfy your need for both utility and design.


recessed cabinet lighting

7. Corner Highlights

Corners are the most obvious places which go unnoticed.  And that is a reason enough to brighten them up. The Sphero lamp series, designed by Brightech, is the perfect creative solution to corners that deserve some attention.


Sphero Bronze Lamp by Brightech
Source: Brightech

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