Start Fall 2018 in style with our tips on luxurious yet affordable lighting trends

For Fall 2018 we’re going to take you on a design adventure, room by room! Do you know how easy it is to update your home decor with trendy lights? Let’s take a look at all the style trends for Fall 2018 and how you can incorporate them to create a gorgeous Fall interior in an affordable way.

1. Living Room Lighting Trends

Our living room is generally the place we welcome visitors, and while the exterior of the home can make the first impression, your living room is the first true glimpse into how you live and your style.

Bursts of Color

Source: Pottery Barn

Colorful table lamps are all the rage this Fall 2018 season. Whether glass, ceramic or metallic, lamps infused with a bit of vibrant color are a great way to add some character and style to your living room space.

Wall Sconces

Source: Kirklands

My favorite this year are these simple, metal sconces. There are two types: those for use with candles or bulbs. They give a feeling of floating light along a wall, and can even be used in small spaces to cast a pretty glow. They’re simple and easy to install, and can be found for next to nothing!

Multi-Purpose Lamps

Shelf & LED Floor Lamp Combination
Source: Brightech

There’s nothing better than getting multi-functionality out of one piece of furniture. Floor and table lamps are great ways to accomplish this feat. Look for beautiful lamps like the Maxwell Floor Lamp by Brightech that have shelves, drawers and even USB ports, where you can easily charge your devices as they’re in a safe spot that’s out of your way.

Multi-purpose lamps also are a great way to win the war on clutter, as they provide storage space for necessities such as keys, important documents, or basic little items you may need but prefer to keep out of sight.

2. Kitchen Lighting Trends

The kitchen is often the second place where entertaining and living come together. Of course, the possibilities are nearly endless in the kitchen, and here are some great ideas to update yours to the Fall 2018 trends.

Cage Pendants

Source: Pinterest

These beautiful fixtures cast a wide glow, providing plenty of light as you whip up your culinary creations to serve! One of the great things about cage pendants is they give a nostalgic feeling with an industrial look while supplying tons of useful light. You can go green by using Brightech Ambience Pro bulbs, too!

Mid-Century Modern Pendants

Source: Pinterest

Mid-Century Modern is such a fantastic choice, as it gives you the ability to incorporate a variety of styles while maintaining a cohesive design look. They give excellent light and have a style that can be mixed and matched with many others.

Clean, Minimalist & Modern

Source: Pinterest

If you prefer multi-light pendants, go for one that is clean, modern and neutral colored. This is a truly classic style that never really goes out of fashion. They are very easy to keep clean and always give a polished and perfected look to any kitchen.

 3. Bedroom Lighting

Your bedroom is the place where the lighting can set every mood you want to create. Personally, I find lighting choices for bedrooms the most exciting, as here you can honestly play with your personal style and create an oasis of cozy, sensual warmth.

Pendant or Chandelier Lights

Source: Brightech

Go for full-on glamour with a statement chandelier or pendant light for your bedroom. These look beautiful placed adjacent to a bed, as the centerpiece from the ceiling, or, you can create the same effect with an innovative floor lamp that thinks it’s a chandelier!

Table Lamps

You’re definitely going to need a stylish solution for this basic necessity. We all want that soft, yet accessible light next to our beds as we turn in for the night, or rise in the morning. However, they don’t have to be bland or boring, and many can serve dual functions, like charging your devices.

Floor Lamps

Source: Brightech

You can never go wrong with a floor lamp in the bedroom. They give an illuminating alternative to strong overhead lights which often come as standard, basic installations. Embrace the hottest styles of the season and make your floor lamp the centerpiece of your bedroom style.

String Lights

Source: Pinterest

What would a magical bedroom be without string lights? These are the most effective way to create a beautiful glow perfect to set every mood. I love entering my bedroom after a luxurious bath to the tone of a warm, string lit room. They add a special glow that is guaranteed to make your bedroom feel the right amount of mystical, sensual and gorgeous!

Use these great ideas, pieces, and techniques to update your design decor for a stylish Fall 2018!