Andrea from Andrea Lutz Homes is a jill of all trades, literally. She started out managing a floral shop and blogging part-time. And now, 18 years later she is an interior designer, blogger and a real estate agent. She has some incredible projects where she combines her talent for floral arrangements, home remodels, and house flipping. What an incredible gal. Check out the interview below.

1. How many years have you been blogging?

I started blogging when I started a flower shop and event design business back in 2001, so I guess it’s been 18 years!


2. What is your favorite Interior Design project that you’ve ever done?

I think my favorite is actually a current project. I am the lead designer for a very contemporary new construction home here in Bloomington, Indiana. Its super fun to design a whole house, and it’s the first house I’ve ever designed in total besides my own. It will be a very upscale home in one of the most desirable historic neighborhoods in Bloomington. The elements and color scheme are so rich and comfortable and at the same time minimalistic and modern.

Photo: Andrea Lutz

3. Which project are you most proud of?

My first house flip. My husband and I bought a repo for under $100,000 that had been vacant for over a year. The place was a disaster. I spend whole days scrubbing down surfaces and ripping out flooring. Major challenges included the pervasive mold we had to mitigate and the family of raccoons we had to trap and relocate. In the end, it was beautiful and we were both very proud of what we were able to accomplish.


4. What does a day in the life of an interior decor blogger look like?

Well, actually I am a designer and a blogger but I am also a real estate agent. It’s a great mix because I get to help people find a house and show them how, with just a little bit of work, it could become their dream home. I also get to work with sellers and use my design chops to help them spiff up and stage their home for sale.

Check out this incredible video Andrew did about tiny homes:

5. What kind of lighting do you have set up for your work?

I have a short squat table lamp that helps with project lighting and overhead can lights for more general lighting. I also have a floor lamp in the corner. I am a big believer that every room needs multiple levels of lighting.


6. What is your favorite lamp or string lights that you’ve used for a project?

I love to use modern elements and traditional pieces together. One of my favorite lamps was an old desk lamp I found in my basement. It turns out it was my husband’s grandmother’s. She used to be an accountant and used this antique brass desk lamp for work. I purchased a modern brass arc floor lamp for the corner of the same room, they made the perfect pair.

andrea lutz homes interior designer


7. What is the greatest tip that you could give to our readers?

Don’t be intimidated by design. If you consistently buy things that you love they will all work together. Where people get in trouble is by trying to copy designs from magazines and websites. The best thing to do it take your time with it and buy pieces over time. Believe me, it’s better to be surrounded by elements you love than a bunch of stuff you think your friends will like.

8. What is the hardest thing about interior design?

Taking the first step and buying that first element. Whether its drapes or the wall color, it can be overwhelming, but just take it one step at a time. You can always make changes down the road if something doesn’t work out.

9. If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?

I would have been quicker to let people know my personal design ideas rather than always trying to please them by doing what they ask. If you are a designer, you are being hired because you have a good eye and good taste. Don’t let clients push you around.

10. What do you think had the biggest impact on making your blog a success?

Doing it regularly. Just make it a part of your weekly routine. Every entry doesn’t have to be great, but you need to do it.

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