Lights play a tremendous role in impacting the overall decor of your space, much more than you can imagine. While the potential of the correct lighting is often overlooked, it’s super important to note that nothing can complement your interior design better than carefully selected lighting.

Let’s start with general lighting, which is the most common category of all and whose purpose is to light up your overall space. Task lighting, on the other hand, is more focused and is designed to make jobs like reading, cooking, and hobbies much easier.

Finally, the third and most popular category of lights is accent lighting. Unlike general and task, accent lighting aims to increase the mood and atmosphere of your room. These lights come in pretty fixtures and not only does it add to your ambiance, but also proves to be great decor props!

The only challenge to using accent lighting is knowing how to approach it with the right blends.

Every corner of your house has a different function, and specific lighting needs.

So read below to find out how you how to correctly light your rooms and explore the best of interior design and style:

1. Living & Dining Spaces

Living rooms are the place where we tend to unwind and spent most of our time. It’s also the welcoming spot where guests are made to feel at home. So when choosing lighting for your living room, make sure you blend comfort with utility.  

A clever mix of overhead lighting with table and floor lamps is a great idea to brighten up your space.

led floor lamp for living room
Source: Brightech

Floor Lamps

Take a look at the Mason – LED Arc Floor Lamp for instance. This gorgeous LED floor lamp with a grand drum shade and a modern base fits well with most kinds of interior decor.  


It has a flexible arc that can be maneuvered to focus over any position to light perfectly. This lamp is also perfect if you’re aiming for some bright yet diffused lighting. 

Its sleek design takes up minimum floor space making your living room look much more spacious than it really is.

Mason LED table Lamp with USB
Source: Brightech

Table Lamps

Table lamps are also an excellent way of styling your living space. Not only do they serve as additional pieces of decor, but also as a source of conventional lighting.

Brightech’s Mode Led Table and Desk Lamp is a clever choice if you’re looking to highlight your console or side tables.

Launched in two classic colors of black and brown, this lamp with a USB port is a sure steal!

Floor and Shelf Lamp
Source: Brightech

Accent Lighting

Living rooms are also about display and smart storage.

So, if you’re looking for a modern lamp that can highlight your favorite ornaments, check out the Maxwell Drawer – LED Floor Lamp & Shelf.

This freestanding smart lamp has an ambient glow and comes with a 3-tier display shelf and a set of drawers. Boasting both style and function, the design of this chic shelf lamp is a gift to modern interior spaces.

interior design lighting with USB shelf lamp
Source: Brightech

Looking for additional features and benefits? Then make sure you take a look at Maxwell’s sister version, the Maxwell USB Floor Lamp.

This amazing functional floor lamp has two USB ports for your mobile devices and an additional US plug for all your electronic devices.

2. Bedrooms and Nurseries

Ambient lighting with a soft glow is the absolute goal for your bedrooms.

Since this is your relaxation and leisure space, make sure your lighting matches your mood. Floor and table lamps with dimmers and smart outlets are your best bet when choosing lights for your bedrooms.

Lucas LED Floor Lamp for interior design bedrooms
Source: Brightech

Standing Floor Lamps

The Lucas – LED Pole Floor Lamp is so damn elegant with its Maple Eucalyptus Wood Finish stem.

Complementing the most modern and transitional styles of decor, this floor lamp is excellent for some ambient lighting.

It also has a smart outlet that makes it compatible with new- age AI devices like Alexa and Google Home. With the luxury of voice commands, a lamp like this one is sheer bliss and pure goals!

Madison Night lamp for bedroom Design
Source: Brightech

Ever Popular Table Lamps

Table Lamps are a bedroom’s best friend!

They’re convenient, accessible and perfect for some nighttime reading. But, we often struggle with space and end up knocking over our nightstands in the middle of the night.

Offering a solution to this total bother, Brightech decided to launch the Madison Nightstand with an attached LED Lamp.

Clever, right? 

This gorgeous “nightstand” lamp has two USB ports, a built-in Qi Standard wireless charging pad, and an outlet to charge your mobile devices and laptop.

Its shelving units are neat and perfect to display your books and other art items.

And it doesn’t just end there!

The Madison Nightstand is also compatible with smart home devices and has a swivel neck for additional convenience.

Um, dream!!

Lamps with a Dimmer Control

Dimmable lighting for bedrooms
Source: Brightech

Highlighting lamps with a dimmer feature, the Halo Split is definitely worth the mention.

This torchiere floor lamp allows you to select your preferred color temperature and brightness! 

With a three-stage dimmer control, this may be the answer to styling your nursery or your kid’s bedroom.

3. Study and Task Lighting

Reading and task lamps are ideally suited for areas that you’d choose for your home office or study.

Whether it’s a categorically designed room or an existing corner in your bedroom, choose a light that is antiglare and efficient in illuminating your task.

LED Light Lamp for study room
Source: Brightech

The Leaf LED Floor lamp from Brightech is sleek and gorgeous.

It has an adjustable pivoting head that allows you to shine the light exactly where you need it most.

With a built-in 3-touch easy tap dimmer, this metallic lamp outshines most others in terms of beauty and functionality.

magnifier led lighting solutions for study room
Source: Brightech

Let’s explore another dimension with task lighting: Magnifier Lamps.

We know you want to see the important stuff in clean, clear detail!

Brightech’s large selection of Magnifier Lamps will help you to zero in on your sewing, intricate woodworking, model-making, or anything else you want to see up close.

With options in clamp, table, or floor style—so you won’t miss a thing.

For projects that need more than an antiglare focus, these advanced lamps are a must-have!

4. Blissfull Outdoors

With summer literally ’round the corner, it would be unfair not to start really enjoying the outdoors again.

While string lights are a hot favorite for patios and decks, have you thought of adding some solar lighting to your festive summer evenings?

outdoor solar string lights
Source: Brightech

If you’re trying to cut down on your expenses, try the Ambient Pro Solar Waterproof LED string lights from Brightech.

Available in soft and warm whites, this collection of vintage Edison-style LED bulbs will transform your backyard in minutes. 

And with a built-in photocell, these energy efficient solar string lights can also sense light & darkness, turning them on and off automatically at dusk!

Outdoor Floor lamp Interior Design Lighting
Source: Brightech

Tall standing floor lamps are the next best thing if you’re looking for a more opulent outdoor experience.

The Aura LED Tall Standing Floor Lamp from Brightech, emits a warm white light to charm your evenings. The lamp is beautifully designed with a hive-like plastic shade and a solid base making it perfect for both casual and special occasions.

With all of these amazing options, I bet you’re as tempted as I am to make some lighting changes to your home! 😍

Find all these products and more here and let us know what you think!