You have an open battle with organizing space in your modern-day lifestyle. You try everything from the declutter mantra to expensive storage solutions.

But in spite of all these efforts, you still end up struggling with those little gaps that could make life much simpler.

The impact of efficient storage is more than meets the eye. It also dictates a lot about your taste and the ambiance you create for any given regular day. With all the buzz about the perks of downsized living, organizing small spaces is indeed the biggest challenge.

While there are plenty of hacks around to inspire us, did you know that a few small tools could do wonders to assist you with smart storage too?

Here is our list of 6 incredibly resourceful tools that will help you to manage your small spaces better than you can imagine.

1. Wire Grids & Racks

For entryways

These metal mesh grids have become extremely popular to organize small spaces. You can easily mount them in any corner that lacks utility. Wire grids come in multiple finishes and are an affordable choice to the much needed quick fixes. Keep your floor space free by using your walls in the most unconventional ways.


gold wire mesh organizer
Source: CB2


This chic golden wire mesh holder can be your perfect solution to store away letters, magazines, and coupons that secretly fill up your living space. Mount it in your entryway or your office space and never worry about the ugly pile of papers. This one simple tool can effectively change the way you think about wire magazine rack.


Source: Houzz


This wire grid here, in the entryway, is an exceptional use of space and utility. Large hooks and clean lines seem to perfectly do away with the need for a large console table or shelves. Moreover, it’s a great way to organize this spot for hanging coats, hats and keys for you and your guests.

As a Desk Organizer


rose gold wire grid desk organizer
Source: Urban Outfitters


Troubled by the stuff on your desk? Take a breath and look at this innovative wire display board. The stylish diamond shape and the rose gold finish makes this wire wall grid irresistible. You can also use wire wall grids for your mood boards and planner displays. Due to its versatility in design and use, this could be the best way to make more room for a desk that has been screaming for space.

As a Kitchen Space Hack


kitchen wall gird organizer
Source: Decoist


Oftenly, apartment kitchens suffer the most regarding space management. Even with all the pantry and the cabinet space, you are always looking for a little more room to store that non-stick pan you recently bought. Wire wall grids can prove to be a big savior for such modest apartment kitchens. Take a look at this farmhouse style wire wall grid for instance. It perfectly stores your pans and all that needs to be handy.

2. Clear Drawer Organizers

Clearing off the shelves and hiding your stuff in the drawers can only be an emergency or a temporary solution. If you are on the decluttering mode then simple yet mighty tools can be your weapon for space management. Drawers are conflicting storage option. When on one hand they are meant to make life easy, they can also probe trouble in finding things stored in them. I’d say they can’t function without clear direction.

drawer organizer clear plastic
Credit: BHG


That is why you need drawer organizers to make your daily chores stress-free and manageable. The best ones are those that are made of clear plastic. And they are available in almost any size that your drawers are in need of. From kitchen silverware to office and beauty supplies, this tool is a must.


3. Statement Floor Lamps

Sphero glass globe modern lamps
Source: Brightech


Lighting is one of the most crucial elements to make even a small space feel and look spacious. While nothing can compare to a natural source of light, there is no harm in being prepared for smart alternatives. Floor lamps, and by that we mean the more slender versions, are a perfect way to brighten up a small room.

We emphasize on slender designs since they do take up much of your space and can effectively contribute to your decluttering mantra. This Sphere Globe Brass lamp in the picture matches all the requirements of a perfect floor lamp for a limited area. The large glass globe is the key style statement holder here. Not only is it equipped to provide enough bright light but its larger than life image is what makes it the focal point of your room.


4. Multifunctional Task Lighting

multifunction task lamp
Source: Brightech


Speaking of lights, you also want to make sure that you are not devoting most of your precious space to a variety of floor lamps. While they are indispensable elements of utility and decor, too many of them could end up making your apartment look clumsy and crowded. Multifunctional lamps are immensely useful for they not only brighten up your space but they can also be used for task lighting. That can be anything from reading, finer arts, and crafts or even serving your work desk.

The modern LED LiteSpan is a unique lamp for both illuminating your space and as a multiutility task lamp. This dimmable lamp makes it convenient for you to adjust your lighting needs without any hassle.  A lamp like this one goes a long way in brilliantly organizing your small space.


5. Vanity Work Desk

vanity work desk organizer
Source: All Modern


Surprised? Well, that is what modern types of furniture are meant to do. Organizing small spaces is a challenge by itself and an extra piece of equipment can further burden you down. For those of you who contest between having a dresser, a nightstand or a working desk in your bedroom, this one is for you. You no longer have to sacrifice any of them to accommodate your home office needs.

This remarkably cool vanity desk comes with a mirror and a chest of drawers to keep your office and beauty supplies. Built on steel legs and designed to fulfill all possible decor and function elements, one couldn’t have asked for more. You can even place this next to your bed to further compliment it as your nightstand.


6. Large Mirror with Edison Bulbs

large mirror edison string lights organizing
Source: Pinterest


We know that mirrors are one of the classic tools to visually maximize the space of any, especially small rooms. Apartments with less square foot do have to sacrifice a lot and juggle between their needs and wants. In most cases, a dresser or a vanity mirror is the easiest to let go off. However, you might want to hold on to the aspect of having a large mirror in your modest room. Not only will it serve your vanity needs but it will also make your room appear larger than otherwise.

Throw a string of large Edison lights around it and you no longer have to worry about your lighting requirements.  No matter what the size of your room maybe, this will effortlessly make your space appear visually open and undeniably chic.