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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s been a long wait for the holidays to begin. Your guest list is all sorted and you’ve finally made up your mind for that gala dinner spread. But have you assessed the decor plans for this special evening, yet?

Well, many elements play a vital role to set the right mood for the most perfect Thanksgiving dinner. From festive harvest displays to carefully handpicked table linens and classic dinnerware, to the luxurious vibe of scented candles, everything needs to come together to make this the most memorable get-together of the year. In addition to your gorgeous decor, one thing that you should not skip is the right kind of mood lights. Sensible lighting can incredibly impact your ambiance and it shouldn’t be any different for Thanksgiving.

Check out these 5 exciting ways to warm up for the most awaited festive dinner of the year:

1. G40 Globe String Lighting

Ambience Pro Edison - Waterproof String Lights, Filament Bulbs - 48 Ft
Source: Brightech


G40 Globe String Lights have become such an essential part of lighting and decor. They have come a long way since their revival and rejoice anyone who uses them, all the way from summer until late fall. Globe String Lights succeed in creating an inviting festive ambiance and the warmth of their incandescent bulbs is ideal to make your fall evenings cozier than you could imagine.

Simply hang a couple of the Edison string lights above your dinner table and you’re all set!


DIY string light tips for Thanksgiving Dinner
Source: The Kitchn


Love the look, but too cold to relish outdoors? Or are you worried about the lack of space in your apartment? Well, the weather is indeed unpredictable and so is the privilege of sufficient space. However, this should be the last thing that hampers your Thanksgiving dinner plans.  You can still succeed in setting up an absolutely gorgeous, inviting dinner table with these beautiful ambient lights, right in the comfort of your cozy abode.


2. DIY Your Fairy Lights


DIY string lights Thanksgiving dinner ideas decor interior design
Source: WallFlower Kitchen


Think of Thanksgiving, and an instant image of fall trees comes to mind. Well, to mine at least! And there is an amazing DIY trick to turn your regular string or fairy lights into something festive and ambient. Sometimes a few fairy lights, a couple of bright autumn leaves and some dried sprigs are just more than enough to make this evening special. Wallflower Kitchen gives great instructions on how to make this yourself.

We already discussed how using string lights in your decor is a great way to add to the festive feel of your Thanksgiving dinner table, and this is just a way to spice it up and add some personal touch, too. DIY projects that are stunning and not too time-consuming are my favorite, after all.

3. A Table for the Tiny Tots


kids thanksgiving table brightech lighting
Source: Creative Home


This is so cute! Have you planned for a little something for your tiny guests?

Kids, like us, are equally excited about the Thanksgiving dinner and deserve a dedicated creative corner to let them have their own fun and space. You may also want to consider to engage their busy selves with a few special DIY Thanksgiving crafts. Don’t worry, this is not to overwhelm you. But to prepare for some more ease for the night of the event.

And since you’d be preparing for this small crafts corner, don’t miss out on the lighting. Avoid flame lit candles and substitute them with your task lamps instead.


Leaf- LED Floor Lamp: Modern Reading / Task Lamp Great for Living Room
Source: Brightech


Brightech offers a series of incredible task lights with adjustable heights and dimmable features that you might want to take a look at. This Antique Brass Leaf Lamp for instance aptly fits into the rich fall decor color scheme and would undeniably be counted as yet another attraction for the evening.


4. Funky Fairy Lights

fairy lights string lights ideas thanksgiving dinner DIY lighting
Source: Pinterest


I know we’ve spoken about string lights a fair amount already, but there are so many stunning ideas on how to use them in table decor that I just couldn’t resist, mainly because they are so Thanksgiving vibe!

Casually place a string of some trendy string lights through the center of your table, or stuff them into a mason jar or other glass container, and there you have it – instant Thanksgiving decor! This could definitely be your next idea to a sparkling Thanksgiving celebration.


5. Candles, Accessories and More

candles lighting ideas DIY thanksgiving dinner brightech
Source: Pinterest


Even we admit that natural lighting can sometimes do just the trick.

The beauty of the holiday season is embarked with aromatic candles, rustic harvest decor, and the fragrance of cinnamon and pumpkin spice. Make sure that you have a spot in your living room that reminds you of these little things that make this time of the year so special.

From ceramic vases that resemble rustic, hand-carved designs to unique pumpkin candles that literally SMELL like Thanksgiving, are all brought together with the vibrant hues of the autumnal faux flower arrangements and acorn nut fillers. To finish up, light up some cinnamon apple or pumpkin spice candles to complete this DIY decor look.


Over and out, Happy Thanksgiving!