The 10 Best Sublime Style Master Bedroom Ideas

Is the idea of a Sublime Style absolutely new to you? If yes, then let’s explore it together. If it’s familiar, then let’s enjoy these grand master bedrooms for some more inspiration:

The sublime or eclectic style of decor is one that leaves you speechless and in awe. There is a lot happening in an eclectic style of decor. You’ll find a buoyant fusion of styles, colors, textures, materials and even design eras. With an “out of the box” design theory, the result is typically grand and an inspiring larger than life image. While the approach to the eclectic style may come with a few reservations, the heart of it lies in your instincts and taste for aesthetics. So, if you’ve ever felt the need to go over and beyond the norms, then Sublime might be your go-to style.

Not quite sure? Let’s hop on a quick tour of some of the best sublime style master bedroom ideas we could find:

1. Lofty Style Bedroom

sublime bedroom master style brightech blog
Source: Decor Aid

What an unconventional take on a headboard!

This master bedroom has all the elements to make it look royal and illustrious at the same time. With high ceilings and a massive door of a kingly fort, this sublime style bedroom rules out the traditional concept of a bed. Also, take a moment to notice the all natural and rustic wooden stump end tables on either side. Its worn-out look and glass top further add character and function to this space.
Adding more to this eclectic bedroom is its ordinary color scheme accentuated by yellow accent pillows and modern brass lamps.

2. Splashy Wallpapers

sublime bedroom master style brightech blog
Source: Heather Vaughan Design

Colors and textures are the next popular feature of this inspiring decor style. The Woodland Road Brookline project by Heather Vaughan Design exemplifies the nature of this decor with a vibrant mix of patterns and colors.

Bright floral chair pads and the multicolored distressed wallpaper brings this otherwise simple bedroom to life. Also, in order to make this room look spacious, check out the smart use of the mirrored nightstand, ultra-chic teardrop pendant, and the mid-century transparent balloon swing.


3. A Fusion of Styles

Beautiful yellow eclectic bedroom with bird images on the wall
Source: Seldin Design Studios

Who would have thought of a bright yellow master bedroom? Well, our sublime design lovers definitely did.

Since this style of decor is far from the norm, it gives you total liberty to express yourself in terms of design. Combining the two eras of 1920’s industrial influences and Carribean glimpses of the 1950’s, the Living Vignette by Seldin Design Studios is inspirational.

Take a moment and scan through this beautiful art wall. The mineral green accent wall is unconventionally brought to life with a kaleidoscope of birds. Moreover, the Edison style suspended lights, modern industrial bedside scones, and the unique sculptural nightstand makes this one of the most refreshing sublime bedrooms ever.

4. Nomadic Inspirations

Eclectic bedroom with bohemian inspirations
Source: Design Works Home

The sublime design trend allows for muted natural tones as much as it professes for a vibrant appeal. Take a look at this serene, awe-inspiring master bedroom from Design Works Home. With plenty of coastal influences and nomadic elements, this master bedroom easily stands out of the ordinary.

What we love most about this bedroom is the mix of materials. The mercury glass silver table lamps add a subtle sheen to this predominantly white bedroom. Moreover, the accent navy tones, contemporary natural fiber lighting, and the bold horn wall decor make this room unique in many ways.

5. Royal Tones

violet and green eclectic bedroom
Source: Lotus and Lilac Design Studio

This list wouldn’t be complete without showcasing a few royal tones.

Take a look at this glamorous bedroom. It has a marbled wallpaper ceiling, rich velvet upholsteries in lavender and fresh green and striking industrial elements. Also notice the metallic pendant lights, bold casket storage bench, and the unique end table, that make this industrially inspired bedroom captivating.

So if you have been brainstorming for some eclectic ideas, browse through this residential project on Lotus and Lilac Design.

6. A Complementary Color Scheme

royal blue sublime style modern bedroom
Source: Rehkamp Larson Architects

Complementary colors are one of the boldest combinations on the color wheel. While most designers and homeowners stay away from them, the sublime decor style clearly doesn’t.

This beautiful modern bedroom in striking colors of orange, blue, green and accent pinks is one of the ultimate eclectic styles to inspire you for your bedroom makeover.

7. Compact and Elegant

sublime master bedroom on a budget

Wondering if you can achieve this style on a budget and limited space? Of course, you can!

The sublime style of decor is mostly about the selection of elements that you put into it. Comfortable fabrics like velvets and jewel tones complimented with metallic lamps and light fixtures in gold are the perfect recipe to get this style in action.

With modern art deco elements and a lush royal feel, this master bedroom is truly stunning!

8. The Bold and The Beautiful

Red Sublime Decor Grand BedroomSource: Kia Designs

Another highlight of the sublime decor style is its bold compositions.
With a fusion of many styles and eras, the sublime decor allows many art forms to blend together. For instance, take a look at this grand master bedroom above. Other than its massive space, its interior design depicts a larger than life image.
Also, the right balance of patterns, details, and colors enhances the overall charm of this room.

9. When Victorian Meets Industrial

royal purple victorian poster bed in sublime style decor
Source: D’Amore Interiors

This award-winning design by D’Amore Interiors had to be on our list of favorites.

Watch out for the massive gold Venetian poster bed, textured walls in bronze, lots of royal tones in purple and mushroom brown, plus the modern industrial lighting. There is absolutely no corner in this master bedroom that is missing out on the “highness”.

With such a top-notch design and grandiose in personality, this eclectic bedroom is purely exceptional.

10. Mixing and Matching

geometric headboard teal sublime bedroom

We’ve browsed through neutrals, dazzling hues, and royal tones. But now its time to turn to some pastels.

Jimmy Martin’s Belgrave Place project showcases this expressive bedroom that we had to feature here. Not to mention the creative pillared headboard, the teal color palette of this room outstandlingly gels with the bold ochre and black geometrics. But it doesn’t stop there. Take a closer look to find the trending sculptural lamps and acrylic nightstands in this room.

With an unconventional dusty plum chosen for the drapes, this eclectic ultra-chic master bedroom is surprisingly harmonious. Don’t you think so?