There is much more to vintage decor than just a rustic appearance. While you may imagine it as worn out and rugged, others may prefer to cherish the memory lane to which it belongs.

And, with a thin line to differentiate between antique, vintage, and retro, vintage design precisely belongs to an era that is at least more than 20 years old. Such a style is identified as all natural, comforting and sophisticatedly classic. Even as modern sci-fi designs have taken over our lifestyles, today, the vintage decor is picking up the pace to provide the organic comfort of older times. However, experimenting with this design can be tricky. You need to strike the right balance between modern functionality and rustic elements to explore the excitement of this decor.

So let’s check out these 20 amazing female interior designers who are recreating vintage home decor on Instagram:

1. Purple Rose Home

vintage interior design on Instagram purple rose home
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Purple Rose Home is a vintage-love venture of a mother and her daughter. It all began in the year 1997 when they decided to celebrate their passion for modern farmhouse decor. This Instagram influencer account has grown by leaps and bounds ever since then.

With the use of traditional materials like wood, linen, and jute, Vic and Kim’s designs are perfectly balanced to meet the needs of contemporary decor. With lots of pastel tones, earthy elements and the washed-out look, Purple Rose Home is a perfect look-book for vintage decor lovers. And besides for home decor tips and store finds, they also have an amazing collection of vintage furniture, home accessories and gift ideas on their online store.

2. Building the Farm

Building the farm vintage Instagram account
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Sonya is the creative behind Building the Farm. As a passionate DIY’er, her Instagram account is filled with exclusive design tips. Follow her account to check out how she transforms her newly built farmhouse with her latest creative hacks. Her style is modern-vintage with an abundance of vibrant elements and bold colors to keep your eyes bulging.

With 15k followers, this creative interior designer’s Instagram account is truly inspirational.

3.  Grit Antiques

Grit Antiques Vintage Interior design white kitchen
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Jane from North Carolina started Grit Antiques out of her love for antiques and home decor. Besides for having an eye for this rustic style of design, she is also a home blogger and a passionate photographer. Blending all together, Jane’s style is uniquely classic, washed-out and rooted to Mother Nature.

From fascinating styling tips and great collectives of vintage decor, Grit Antiques is a must follow.

4. Halfway to Heaven Homestead

Farmhouse style vintage kitchen on Instagram half hay to heaven homestead
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If you’re passionate about classic vintage home decor, you have to take a look at this creative restoration project of a 1919 farmhouse. The cozy pieces of furniture are nostalgic of the country style homes, while the washed-out look, rustic brick fireplace and industrial lighting props all synthesize beautifully to give a glimpse of the older times.

With more than 25k followers, Halfway to Heaven Homestead is like an art gallery of vintage decor.

5. That Home Birdlife

Home birdlife vintage bedroom on Instagram
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Take a look at this stunning bedroom makeover! Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Jude Green from Florida started That Home Birdlife, exploring her passion for modern vintage decor. With a perfect combination of contemporary and rustic, her style is refreshing and comforting. If you visit her account, make sure to notice the use of bold accent colors, modern lighting, industrially-inspired furniture, and comfortable upholstery.

From declutter challenges, Friday design tips, and holiday decor ideas, Jude Green’s vintage decor style is exceptional!

6. DIY Playbook

DIY Playbook rustic shelf in living room on Instagram
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Yes, you got that right! This Instagram account is a complete DIY look-book for modern vintage decor lovers.

Casey and Bridget are a best friend duo from Chicago and the creative spirits behind the DIY Playbook. Their decor projects are unique and inspired by everyday life hacks. And other than Instagramming DIY cues, makeovers, store finds and plenty of organizing tricks, their blog also covers in-depth stories of their design journey.

Rooted by rustic aesthetics, their decor compositions are neat, spacious and utterly modern.

7. Ivory Home Design

Ivory home design rustic kitchen on Instagram
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Cindi is an established interior stylist, BHG Stylemaker of 2018 and a homemaker from South Mississippi. Ivory Home Design captures her nature-inspired style with neutral backgrounds, washed accents and lots of greenery.

She says, “Antiques add so much to a room, but I love new finds also. I’m all about mixing things up and making it your own.”

With 123k followers on Instagram, her makeover projects, styling tips, and her latest decor additions are a must follow.

8. Amber Interiors

Amber interiors on Instagram vintage home decor
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Amber Interiors is Amber Lewis’s design child. On top of being a full-time mom and a wife, her passion for design has grown with 667k followers on Instagram. WOW!

Her style is modern and comes with a warm vintage appeal. There is never a dull moment when you browse through her projects on Instagram. From design makeovers to styling tips, this LA-based designer has many stunning ideas up her sleeve. And did you know that Amber Interiors also runs as a full-service residential design firm?

So, if you’ve been searching for some serious inspiration, make sure to follow her right away!

9. Modern Glam Home

modern glam home white vintage kitchen on Instagram
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The next on our list is Modern Glam Home from the scenic Bay Area of SF.

Ashley is about everything “pretty”. Not only does she style homes for her clients, but also owns an apparel boutique, spreading her glam everywhere. Her sources of inspiration are various and she loves putting them into action. Modern Glam Home is thus a glimpse of her novel taste rightfully blended with a vintage charm.

Her charismatic choice of neutrals, worn-out effects, and modern accents are breathtaking! From design tips, DIY’s, holiday decor, store finds, recipes, and travel insights, Ashley’s got it all.

10. Foster Mom Farmhouse

vintage kitchen of foster mom farmhouse on Instagram
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Wondering what this name is all about? Well, Foster Mom Farmhouse is Patty Wright’s journey as a foster mom and her love for farmhouse decor. This Texas-based versatile lady has an impeccable taste for vintage home decor. With a subtle color palette, traditional farmhouse decor elements and worn out features, this vintage design account has over 21k followers.

Follow her now for incredible inspiration!

11. B Vintage Style

B Vintage style Instagram
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Deborah is a lifestyle blogger, an interior designer and co-owns the Vintage Society Co. She started her design journey 5 years ago when she began to renovate her 1903 Queen Anne style family home. Being a passionate DIY’er, her Instagram account holds some amazing decor inspirations.

B Vintage Style also gives a glimpse into her collection of French antiques, market baskets, layered fabrics, and the classic washed look. Deborah’s approach to vintage decor is thus exceptionally warm and inviting. Besides DIYs, Deborah also makes sure to catch up with store finds, giveaways, and even her recipes.

So, go and give her a follow now!

12. The Cobbler Shop on Concord

Vintage bath decor cobbler shopconcord
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Jess is a vintage art lover and a DIY enthusiast. She documents her design story as she restores her 1800’s farmhouse in New England.

The Cobbler Shop on Concord is inspirational with rustic elements, industrial lightings, pastel shades, and a worn-out style focus. She has more than 45k followers who love her thrift store finds, shopping guides, style hacks, and DIY ideas.

13. The Life Abundant Homestead

Rustic kitchen design on Instagram
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Jo has over 11k followers on her Instagram account. This Texan interior designer loves her antique collection and takes pride in restoring her farmhouse with simple decor elements and family heirlooms.

The Life Abundant Homestead reflects her love for pastels, classic vintage decor, and warm open spaces.

With traditional layered upholstery, comfy wooden furniture, and classic rustic accents, this one is worth following.

14. Christina’s Adventures

Vintage Design inspiration on Instagram
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Christina loves to decorate and design on a budget. With her evident passion for vintage decor, this account has plenty of concepts for design lovers. Using traditional washed whites, industrial light fixtures, classic woodwork, and organic brick walls, Christina has transformed her 1920’s house. If you visit her Instagram account, you’ll be drawn in by her warm and comforting spaces. Most of these incredible makeovers are a part of her DIYs and are focussed on being budget friendly.

Besides for this, she also offers interesting tutorials, shopping guides and even recipes on her blog.

15. At home on Sweet Creek

Classic vintage bedroom decor on Instagram
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If classic vintage is your taste, then you’re in the right place.

Linette’s cottage farmhouse was her inspiration to create “At Home on Sweet Creek“.  At a glance, this house will attract you with is woods, whites, and layers. Carefully curated, Linette’s house is purely vintage and invites comfort. She also keeps coming up with interesting styling tips and DIY projects for her 33.2k followers on Instagram.

So if you’re up for some classic vintage decor or DIY paint projects, this one is for you!

16. Becky Cunningham

Modern rustic decor on Instagram
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Becky from Louisiana is the next featured vintage designer on our list. She absolutely adores antiques, DIYs and everything design. Other than being a passionate interior stylist, she is also a lifestyle blogger, inspiring lives in many ways. Becky’s genre reminds you of the farmhouse whites, layered upholstery, chipped wood, and rustic accents.

But this doesn’t get in her way in creating modernistic comfort. From DIY tutorials, styling tips, and shopping guides, Becky continues to inspire her 89.6k Instagram followers with fresh ideas. WOW!

17. Blessed Mil House

Vintage pastel decor living room on Instagram
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Blessed Mil House is another classic cottage-style decor home that features all vintage and rustic things that we love. Over and above the norm, you’ll also come across fluff whites, highlighted wallpapers, and accents in Jute.

The interiors are cozy, warm and peaceful. Chastity Hope has over 40k followers today. So, there’s no way you can miss her DIY tutorials, styling hacks, and crazy holiday decor ideas.

18. Baker Nest

Vintage decor with pastel green chairs on Instagram
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Katie Baker is the designer soul behind the Baker Nest. What we love most about her approach with antiques is her play with pastel colors. While too much of color may seem to ruin the essence of farmhouse vintage style, Katie knows exactly how much of it won’t. This vintage style decor house is vibrant and yet extremely welcoming. She also loves to DIY and all her projects are budget friendly and gorgeous.

Without the slightest exaggeration, Katie’s vintage paradise is unconventionally vibrant and ever-evolving. And this is exactly why you must check her out! Follow her for loads of inspiration, DIY’s, and shopping guides.

19. Jo Galbraith at Home

Rustic Vintage Decor on Instgaram by Jo Galbraith
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The next rustic – vintage designer to feature on our list is Jo Galbraith. She shares her design story through her home in Eastern Canada and her style is beyond splendid. Her designs are budget-friendly and inspire the creative spirit of 14.4k followers every single day.

Offering an insider’s insight into her DIY projects, makeovers and vintage decor, this house echoes with vibrancy. With different shades of blues, pinks and plenty of greenery, this vintage-inspired house stands out from the rest. From thrift store finds, styling hacks, DIYs and decor inspirations, Jo Galbraith at Home is definitely worth following.

20. The Morris Manor

Morris Manor Grand Vintage farmhouse decor on Instagram
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Last but not least, we come to the end of our list with Katrina’s Morris Manor.

The story of Morris Manor started in 2015, after Katrina and her husband bought a 100-year-old farmhouse built on a 7-acre land. Yes, 100-years-old! Isn’t that unbelievable?

Thanks to this designer duo couple, this gorgeous house has already had multiple features in HGTV magazines. Besides for being just a grand vintage house, this home is brimming with patterns, textures and even a few bold colors!

The Morris Manor is more than just any farmhouse design. This upper-fixer remodelling story has been the subject of home tours, DIYs, stylings, budget makeover and loads of creative inspiration. Also, watch out for impressive lamps and light fixtures, reds and fuschia pinks, unique barstools and breathtaking modern vintage decor.

Make sure you visit her blog and follow her Insta journey right now! 😍