The most exciting thing about a fresh start to the year is watching out for the latest in design and decor trends. From fabrics to colors, styles to finishings, 2019 brings a plethora of new home decor trends to fall in love with. And since “change is the only constant”, so is the world of interior design. It listens to the needs of the people and evolves with a bit of the past and a glimpse of the future adding freshness and zeal to decor enthusiasts.

So as you rediscover your creative spirit, let’s take a tour of the Top 10 Decor Trends you can expect in 2019:

1. Keep it Curvy

Curved sofa in green decor trend 2019
Source: Graham and Green

2019 is all about showing off your curves. While 2018 was focussed on straight lines, trends for this year kickstart with soft, rounded edges. So, be prepared to notice them in comfy couches, tables, and dressers, decorative mirrors, and even lighting accents.

Inspired by mid-century and art deco themes, this design trend cherishes history with modern comfort.

2. Natural Elements

natural style decor trend 2019
Source: Brightech

Taking a break from modern sci-fi design accents, this year focuses on staying rooted to Mother Earth. Natural and sustainable materials like wood, jute, terracotta, marble, and granite intend to create a “down-to-earth” feel. 2018 witnessed a huge passion for indoor plants, greenery, and freshness, which has also made its way to 2019. These natural and earthy elements create a tranquil and soothing ambiance, breaking the hustle and bustle of modern day lives.

So if you’ve been thinking along the same lines, don’t forget to introduce a few nature-inspired pieces to your space.

3. Go Geometric

geometric pattern lamp and decor trend 2019
Source: Studio Mc Gee

Patterns and prints, especially geometric shapes will rule most of 2019’s decor trends.

Geometric lines and shapes have always been a huge favorite. They’ve been with us for years and though this may not sound new, you’ll see a bit of this theme scattered across all products.

From decorative structures, tiles, wallpapers, and mirrors to beautiful statement sconces, home accents with geometric patterns bring about a sense of minimalist decor. Geometric lines also add structure, elegance, and personality to a room. Chic geometric patterns are your go-to this year!

4. Bohemian is Back!

modern and vibrant bohemian living room decor trend 2019
Source: The Style Safari

With an influence from natural elements and geometric patterns, the Bohemian style isn’t that far off, and this time its revival comes with a modern twist.

Boho is all about creating warm and inviting spaces. However, 2019 will witness a touch of fusion to the traditional Bohemian decor. With curved furniture already to its advantage, there will be lots of textures and prints, glimpses of traditional textiles, the washed out look, and other natural materials. All this and more are to be paired with cleaner lines, open spaces and a splash of brighter accents.

5. Statement Ceilings

geometric statement ceilings home decor trend 2019
Source: Murals Your Way

One of the most exciting things to look out for this year is gorgeous statement ceilings. We’ve seen accent walls and interesting floors, but who thought of ceilings? Woohoo, party on the ceilinggg!

Its fresh, and an absolute game changer for any room. Interior designers are exploring ceilings with wallpapers, lacquered paintings, and even art. Moreover, decorative ceilings take your attention off the floor, making the room appear larger and a lot prettier.

This exquisite trend reminds me of the obsession with ceiling art during the Renaissance era 😍

6. Bold, Rich and Jewel Tones

Jewel Tones Decor trend 2019
Source: Home Trends

Rose gold, copper pink, and pastel shades reigned 2018, but not anymore!

As Pantone predicts, this year will be influenced by bold and royal tones. Deep jewel shades of red, emerald green, purple, deep teal, cherry pink, and brown are expected to be everywhere. Spread across a multitude of design accents, wallpapers, fabrics and paints, these colors play a big role in creating dramatical design makeovers this year.

While it can be overwhelming to experiment with such powerful tones, using them sensibly with the right matches will bring out the best in this glamorous color palette.

7. Terrific Terrazzo

Terrazzo Wallpaper with chairs home decor trend 2019
Source: Eve Morgan Interiors

For those of you say “huh?” right now, terrazzo is a composite material, poured in place or precast, which is used for floor and wall treatments. It consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other suitable material.

Terrazzo has been around for a while, but 2019 will remember it for its new avatars. With the mid-century decor influences flowing into this year, terrazzo has moved up from being used for just floorings alone. Terrazzo tiles are being warmly embraced on walls and also on a much larger product scope. From prints on fabrics, ceramics, lampshades, and even wallpapers, terrazzo will set the trend for one of the most popular decor accents for the year.

This awesome material is vibrant and inspires a playful spirit. So, if you’re looking to add something completely new to your decor, consider adding some novelty with terrazzo.

8. Floral Fabrics and Wallpapers

Floral wallpaper home decor trend 2019
Source: Painted Furniture Ideas

Florals are spreading their cheerful fragrances as prints and wallpapers this year, and we are OBSESSED! As mentioned, we love the focus on mother nature in interior design, so the trend for florals will definitely be used in our 2019 home decor projects.

Just remember, florals are a busy pattern and you can run into the risk of overusing them. So the secret to using it to its best potential lies in the balance. Assess your space carefully and indulge in dynamic patterns through upholstery, bedding, accent pieces of furniture, wallpapers and much more.

9.  Multifunctional Furnishings

Multifunctional table with storage home decor trend 2019
Source: Little Piece of Me

Over the past few years, most of us have moved towards downsized living. As urban city lifestyles have led to demanding choices and limited spaces, smart pieces of furniture have become the key to blissful living. Having said that, bulky items are a big no no for this year’s home decor.

So in order to create spacious and decluttered rooms, celebrate them with pieces of furniture that are multifunctional, smart and compact, yet appealing in style.

10.  Acrylic Furniture

acrylic dining set home decor trend 2019
Source: Better Homes & Garden

Coming to the end of this exciting list, acrylic furniture and decor accents are a huge trend this year. Acrylic accents are also being hugely recognized for adding architectural structure to a room without compromising its visual space. They’re light, easy to maintain and excellent for small spaces.

Look out for tables, mirrors, TV stands and chairs, either by themselves, or accentuated with other materials like wood or metallic gold. Items of furniture in acrylic are a great addition for both function and style, something that 2019 is totally betting on.