The Boho design, unlike most others, is free from rules. In fact, it lets you treat your space as a blank canvas filling it up with a medley of colors, textures, and patterns. The style is purely unconventional, random and eclectic. So if you are looking for a style such as this, Boho is meant for you.

The Bohemian style originally dates back to the travelers from the central-eastern European region of the ’60s and ’70s. This tribe of wanderers were particularly artistic and lived unconventional lives that lead to the intermix of many diverse cultures. While this decor has a carefree spirit, the rich fusion of materials, textures, fabrics, colors, rugs, and tapestries are a signature of this decor.

And although the Boho style has been around for long, 2019 marks its revival in the modern era. So, let’s take a look at the these fantastic Bohemian Interior Designers on Instagram as they influence to create an effortless boho inspired space.

1. Loom and Lantern

bohomeian inspired console table and lamp on instagram
Follow: Loom + Lantern

Looking for a place to find everything Bohemian? If yes, then head right away to follow the Loom and Lantern on Instagram.

From rich vibrant kilims rugs, pillow covers, floor poufs, blankets, and other accessories, this online shop has plenty to awe your spirit. The Loom and Lantern was co-founded by Kelley and Mustapha out of their passion to bring this rich art out to the world. While authentic pieces may be tough to find, this Boho store is sure to put an end to your search. With over 17k followers on Instagram, this account delights you with vibrant colors, traditional patterns, and modern decor ideas.

2.Whitney Leigh Morris

traditonal boho living space by Boho interior designer on Instagram
Follow: The Tiny Canal Cottage

If you want to escape from the hustle bustle of a busy life and find comfort in small spaces, head here for some inspirations.  After all “you don’t need to live large to live beautifully”.

Whitney Leigh Morris is the creative director of  The Tiny Canal Cottage. And mind you, this is not just a name. With downsized living emerging as one of the biggest trends of the era, The Tiny Cottage is the absolute reflection of a 400 sq feet space transformed into a serene Boho home and a full-time office. Also make sure to find plenty of nature-inspired elements, indoor greenery, warm earthy tones and modern boho woodwork in this Instagram account.

With 136k followers on Instagram, this 1920’s artistic house in Southern California inspires its followers with space hacks, authentic boho decor, and a heartwarming blog.

3.  Hello Little Darling

colorful bohemian bedroom by timoney honeywood on Instagram - Bohemian interior designer
Follow: Hello_Little_Darling

Timoney Honeywood, a wife, and mother to 4 will steal your heart with her vibrant choice of colors.

Her passion for Boho decor is all over her Instagram page. And, being a mix media artist, her artworks are a must to watch out for. Her Boho decor includes everything from kilim rugs, macrame, woodwork, indoor plants and a cheerful blend of warm and electrifying colors.

So make sure to follow this dynamic Boho Design influencer for decor tips and her inspiring “before and after” transformation stories.

4. Sadies Lovely Life

Sadies lovely life Boho design influencer on instagram
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Take a breath and look at this stunning living room!

If you are dreaming to create a Boho-inspired space purely meant for reclusion, then you must check out Sadies_Lovely_Life on Instagram now!

Sara Pavao is the creative woman behind this beautiful eclectic space that she calls home. Her love for indoor greenery and modern Boho decor is what you can flip through her gallery. With a warm and neutral color palette, this Instagram account has all the modern Boho elements under one roof. Besides, Sara also inspires her 76k followers with makeover stories, decor ideas, and amazing shopping guides.

So if you want your space to look anything like this, make sure to follow her right away!

5. The Accidental Bohemian

bohemian wallpapers with hats in the entryway by the accidental bohemian on Instagram- Boho Interior designer on Instagram
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In love with bright colors and happy vibes? Then you must check out this NY based Bohemian Design Influencer.

Kari is the joyful spirit behind this energetic boho space. If you visit her Insta home, you can’t help but fall in love with the randomness of her decor. From a wide choice of indoor plants, unique wall arts, vibrant textiles, and cozy corners, The Accidental Bohemian is a charmer. Kari also loves to inspire her more than 28k followers with decor ideas, shopping finds and even storage hacks.

Want to be a part of the league? Head straight to follow her Instagram account right away!

6. City Sage

Boho interior designer on instagram- Boho style living room
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“A bohemian space in all whites?” A little hard to believe, isn’t it?

The next Bohemian Interior Design influencer on our list is Anne Sage. Not only is she the author of her interiors book Sage Living but also the co-founder of the lifestyle publication Rue Magazine and Light Lab. This Los Angeles Designer loves her open spaces and immaculately adorns it with elements she truly loves.

Her spaces are neat, warm and reflect her style of modern boho comfort. Her color palette is simple with three basic shades of black, white and subtle wood. And with a few modern art deco elements, Anne also manages to uplift the Boho spirit with her traditional takes.

So if you’re looking for some modern boho inspirations, makeover stories, mixed materials or even comfort recipes, make sure to follow the City Sage on Instagram.

7. Ginny Macdonald Design

Boho Interior Design influencer on Instagram - boho rug and wooden entry table
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If you love boho decor but can’t give up on your modern accents, then this Insta account is for you.

Ginny Macdonald is an LA-based interior designer and stylist and the brain behind Ginny Macdonald Design. Her signature blue tones are mesmerizing and a refreshing break from the usual busy Boho style. You will fall in love with her open spaces and her bold use of blues in walls, upholstery, cabinets and even lamps.

From design tips, project glimpses, shopping finds and ‘before-after’ stories, this designer account has an impressive fan following of 56.7k followers.

8. Magic Baby Vintage

Boho interior designer on Instagram
Follow: Magic Baby Vintage

Cassie & Dylan are the creative duos who envisioned the Magic Baby Vintage. With a passionate eye for this decor style, indoor plants, and real estate, Cassie and Dylan love to transform spaces. The Magic Baby Vintage is bold, green and generous with pinks. With plenty of makeover stories, mid-century furniture picks, a fascinating collection of vintage pieces and decor ideas, this Instagram account is a must follow.

9. Happy Mountain Designs

top boho interior designer on instgram-boho inspired bedroom
Follow: Happy Mountain Designs

Have you thought of turning your Boho dreams into a reality?

With an incredible number of Boho Interior Designers trending on the Internet, it’s hard to resist from being inspired. Vibrant textiles, ikkat patterns, macrame and kilim rugs are some of the main ingredients required to create a bohemian space. But very often, it seems like a mammoth task to hunt down the right pieces needed to complete your decor.

Therefore, to put an end to your search and take home something exclusive, turn to the Happy Mountain Designs on Instagram. With a link to its Esty shop, you will find an enormous collection of exclusive hand-woven accessories to celebrate your boho design spirit.

With some amazing traditional woven wall arts, this Boho Interior Design account is worth following.

10. Sionnach Dalur House

top boho interior designer to follow on instgram
Follow: Sionnach_Dalur_House

Ruthie journey in her Scandinavian farmhouse in Alabama inspired her to create the Sionnach Dalur House which literally means the ‘Fox Valley House’. And for more insight on the history and its pronunciation, I recommend you check her stories out. Believe me, her narration is hilarious!

Getting back to business, Ruthie’s style is a fusion of farmhouse and bohemian. With incredible DIY’s and makeovers, this Instagram account will blow you away with its warm aesthetics. Also, her incredible wall arts, thoughtful decor, and rustic decor elements are purely addictive.

11. Lilly Ortiz

Boho interior designer to follow on instagram - bold green couch in a boho inspired room
Follow: lillithortiz

Thoughts on this emerald green couch?

Lilly Ortiz describes herself as a Bohemian Decor enthusiast, a thrifter and a plant lover. Her design sense is undeniably inspirational with a wild play of colors, textures, and patterns. With an abundance of greenery in her space, lillithortiz is an Instagram account that uplift your spirits. Using a broad mix of electrifying colors, traditional bohemian accents, and organic feel, this Bohemian Designer account from Florida influences 31k followers every single day.

Wow, now isn’t that something?

12. Cynthia Harper

cynthia harper living room on Instagram - Boho designer accounts to follow on Instagram
Follow: Cynthia Harper

Passionate Boho lovers, this one’s for you!

Cythnia Harper is one the leading Boho Interior Designer, influencing a massive 121k followers on Instagram today. Her approach to design is undeniably chic, warm and inviting. Using a neutral color palette as her base, she beautifully blends her boho accents with matte black and comforting whites.  While traditional boho style demands random busy decor, Cynthia Harper chooses to create her own niche. From rugs to lighting fixtures and kitchen accents to upholstery, this design account is full of ideas and inspirations.

Therefore, if you think your neutral colors are binding your boho spirit, think again!

13. Girl and Grey

Girl and grey boho interior designer on Instagram
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Considering to create a Boho space with a twist? Then make sure you follow the Girl and Grey on Instagram.

Courtney Equal from Central Oregan is a wife, a mom, a passionate DIY’er and everything about interior design. Her design strategy is fresh and vibrant with authentic boho elements blended with modern decor. For instance, take a look at this bedroom! The contemporary style bed, mix ‘n’ match nightstands, a washed pink bohemian rug, and bamboo blinds, churns out the versatility of this decor. And allthough she uses bolder tones like navy and emerald green, she sticks to a subtle color palette as her base.

With store finds, DIY ideas, shopping guides, and design makeover stories, this boho designer account is crushing Instagram with 38k followers.

14. Ashley Marie Interiors

ashley Marie Boho Interior designer on Instagram
Follow: Ashley Marie Interiors

People love the Boho style of decor for multiple reasons. Some adore it due to its creative randomness while others love it for their natural elements.

Ashley Marie features next on our list of Boho interior designers celebrated on Instagram. If you head to her account you will get a glimpse of her passion for open spaces. Her style is simple and yet profound with the choice of her decor. From rattan baskets to earthen pots and a mix of industrial and art deco items of furniture, Ashley’s house is a perfect blend of all worlds. With a simple color story highlighted with tan, black and white, she inspires her followers with DIY’s, styling tips, shopping guides and much more.

Go give her a follow now!

15. Hutchinson House

hutchinson house boho interior designer to follow on instagram
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The Hutchinson House is Maddy Evennett’s renovation story of her dream house by the beach.

She honors her love for Boho by blending it with organized spaces and bold navy accents. If you visit her account, make sure to keep an eye on her unique collection of rugs and unconventional wall arts. Her generous wood floor space also acts as an exciting contrast to the neutral tones of her decor. Also, the Hutchinson House’s indoor greenery, wood finished countertops, nomadic wall decor, and bright kilim rugs make it the ultimate place for chic boho inspirations.

With over 74k followers, this boho design account is definitely worth the mention.

16.The Printed Home

printed home boho interior designer on Instagram
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The Printed Home is Melaine’s reflection of her zeal for interior design and boho accents. Besides being an interior stylist, Melaine is an also multitasking mom, wife and a graphic designer. Her interiors radiate comfort and simplicity. And allthough her color story is mostly white, the balanced use of natural tones and a few pastel shades accentuates the beauty of her space.

While the Printed Home showcases some contemporary articles, it also takes pride in many traditional bohemian ornamentations. From DIY’s, shopping guides, styling tips and makeovers, this bohemian interior design account enjoys 12.4k followers.

17. Creek Wood Hill

Creek Wood Hill Boho interior design account on Instagram
Follow: Creek Wood Hill

Lea is an MN based interior stylist and her inspirational Instagram account is a must follow!

The Creek Wood Hill exhibits a wonderful blend of rustic boho paired with urban chic decor. And besides bold ikkat patterns thrown across this house, you will also fall in love with her industrial style highlights. Another outstanding feature of this account is Lea’s use of muted tones paired with bold blacks, linen, and natural wood.

With a stunning deal of decor, her 28k followers are in love with her DIY’s, shopping guides and precious design tips.

18. Reserve Home

Reserve home boho interior design account on Instagram
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Mallory’s Reserve Home in Brooklyn NY rejoices a striking play of colors and patterns. So, if you want to experience the careless spirit of this decor, you have to follow her!

Her style is vibrant and inspiring as she juggles many strong colors all at once, in a single space.  She also blends her boho space with beautifully chosen art deco furniture and lighting fixtures as shown in the room above. From energetic poufs, distressed rugs, indoor greenery, bamboo accents and interesting wall arts, the Reserve Home has everything under control.

So what are you waiting for? Join her league of 93.4 Instagram followers and stay tuned for her design inspirations.

19. Frankie and Grae

Frankie and Grae boho interior design account on Instagram
Follow: Frankie + Grae

Sydney McInnes is the name and the face behind Frankie and Grae. This young woman loves to style spaces and has trendy DIY tips up her sleeve.

This boho design loving mom and wife believes in open and comforting spaces. And her style is a fusion of modern vintage blended with the boho highlights. If you browse through her album, her neat spaces, bohemian decor, and matte black accents will leave you in awe.

From shopping guides, DIY’s, styling tips ad makeover stories, Frankie and Grae is a delight to follow.

20. Habitation Boheme

Habitation Boheme boho interior design account on instagram
Follow: Habitation Boheme

Last but not least, the last favorite on our list is Habitation Boheme.

If you’re browsing for Boho Interior Designers on Instagram, you can’t afford to miss out on this one. And why do we so say? Because you have to see it to believe it. No, seriously!

As much as this name speaks for itself, Habitation Boheme is the inspiration hub for all things Boho. From Aztec wall decors, bold kilim rugs, woven pillow covers, layered fabrics, and rattan lampshades, this designer account has everything covered. With 26.5 k Instagram followers, Lesley shares her exclusive design tips, shopping leads and the latest in her boho decor collection.

So, go ahead and give this girl a follow right NOW!