Farmhouse decor is a warm fusion of style and vintage comfort. Paired with sleek lines, contemporary decor and worn out accents, it’s a fresh take on the old countryside living. And since back in those days decor meant adding value to things that were easily available, it resulted in creating a very natural and rustic look. It is this cozy comfort that has brought Farmhouse-inspired living back in fashion.

Photo by Martin Adams on Unsplash

With the year 2018 witnessing an incredible fascination with this decor style, 2019 won’t be any different either. And as interior designers continue to explore and share this vintage style of modern comfort, platforms like Instagram, have proved to be one of the greatest inspiration hubs of all times. From decor tips, easy finds to cheap DIY’s, all you have to do is name it to find it.

So, let’s take a quick tour of our 20 most favorite Farmhouse Interior Designer accounts that you must follow on Instagram.

1. Desert Decor

farmhouse interior designer instagram
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If you are looking for anything and everything Farmhouse, Desert Decor is your Insta mantra. With a deep affection for home decor and love for vintage elements, Liz from Arizona is the head behind this design Instagram account.

You will find lots of tips plus the trendiest ways to incorporate rustic elements into your home. Besides this and her fitness class, Liz also partners with a decor store by the name of Purple Rose Home and they absolutely adore her style. Exclusively drawn to the French Farmhouse style, Liz’s page is filled with ideas, shopping guides and of course some beautiful farmhouse style home decor to treat your eyes.

2. Big Family Little Farmhouse

farmhouse interior designer instagram
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With 71.9k Instagram followers, Jenny loves her farmhouse style home. And that’s not just the decor alone. Her 7 acres of magnificent property does have an actual farm with pigs, chickens, and goats on it. I have to admit that with her Pumpkinvine Creek Farm right outside her door, she is absolutely living the life! 😍

Jenny’s house and her Instagram design journey are a collection of the most authentic farmhouse ingredients. From rustic accents, wood-work, and metallic elements, her home is brimming with personality. So if you’re a farmhouse style lover, make sure to follow her incredible decor hacks on Instagram.

3. Our Cozy Cottage

cozycottage farmhouse interior designer on instagram
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And the name says it all!

Ashli’s Cozy Cottage is the story of Ashli renovating her ranch-style home with farmhouse decor on a budget. With a growing number of followers, she loves to keep her design simple and functional – one of the key elements of this decor.

So if you follow her Instagram account, you’ll find plenty of ideas to transform your home based on clean lines, modern rustic accents, industrial style metal, a soothing color palette and lots of natural fabrics.

4. Loved By Lace

farmhouse style interior designer on Instagram
Follow: Loved By Lace

Lacie is an incredible home stylist, DIY’er and a mom to 5 boys. Based in Arizona, Lacie expresses her love for this vintage-modern decor through her Instagram design account “Loved by Lace“. As you browse through her creative story, you’ll be enthused by the way she brings bold and delicate farmhouse elements together.

Her ever-growing list of 51.2k followers absolutely adore her style. From the sexy metal decor, bold buffalo checks, to neutral color schemes and worn-out wooden furniture, this page has tons of inspiration to offer.

So if this is what you’ve been looking for, make sure to follow her account.

5. Kala Klein Designs

Farm house style decor on instagram
Follow: Kala Klein designs

Kala Klien is the versatile and creative owner of Kalaklein Designs. Her go-to style is modern farmhouse and she is driven by her love for woods in white. Yes! You’re certain to find loads of inspiration on that. And once you head to her page, you’ll be amazed by her soothing color schemes and the use of natural country style elements.

Besides for her passion for a farmhouse-inspired home, Kala also loves to DIY, especially designing signboards. Her Etsy shop has plenty of great reviews and is yet another extension of her love for this style of decor.

Follow her today!

6. Little Farmhouse

little farmhouse interior design on instgram
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This Texas-born creative woman loves her chic vintage style of decor. And if you haven’t checked her page yet, it’s about time you do.

Jenn’s home inspires her followers with some unbelievable makeovers and farmhouse style decor tips. Her take is an exciting mix of a varied set of materials – a signature of the country style decor. From leather to linens, from wood to stones, Jenn’s home is a complete inspiration hub.

With a whopping 14.3k followers, we don’t think we need to convince you to follow her Little Farmhouse on Instagram.

7. To Mimi’s House We Go

To mimishousewego farmhouse decor on instagram
Follow: To Mimis House We Go

Tina just loves her home and she has discovered that Farmhouse decor style is indeed the best recipe for creating a warm and inviting space. Her Instagram story revolves around renovating her 10-year-old lake-house. It narrates her creative instinct as she challenges her old decor and replaces heavy oak designs with more functional alternatives.

This means that you’ll be amazed by some of her space-saving hacks, fun recipes, and lots of new modern vintage ideas. Moreover, the before and after design stories of this house will make you fall in love with this creative mom. After all, it is because of her passion for aesthetics that got, ” to_mimishousewego” over 7.5k followers in just 4 months. Isn’t that something? 😯

8. Cuter Tudor

cuter tudo farhouse decor instagram account
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Cuter Tudor is Amy’s design journey as she remodels her 1980’s Tudor style house in Waco, Texas. She quotes, “My decor style combines traditional elements with a touch of French farmhouse and white cottage charm.  Vintage, distressed woods and a little bit of glam are some of my favorite things.”

And this is exactly what you’ll find when scrolling through her amazing decor makeover images that she regularly posts on her Instagram account. Her 53.5k Insta followers adore her for her modern farmhouse decor style, inspiring tips, DIY’s, recipes and shopping guides.

9. Cupcake Country Girl

vintage farmhouse decor designers on instagram
Follow: Cupcake Country Girl

If you’re up for some vintage farmhouse decor inspiration, follow this account right away! Mayra, our cupcake girl, absolutely loves the rustic and cozy farmhouse appeal. As you browse through her account you’ll come across her articulate collection of vintage items. She also loves to DIY, adding a personal touch to every corner of her house.

In a nutshell, from the latest in DIY makeovers, vibrant design tips, to interesting shopping finds, this Instagram account has all the reasons to get you hooked on. Follow her now!

10. Rain and Pine Blog

vintage farmhouse decor designer on instagram
Follow: Rain and Pine Blog

Bree Larson is a Seattle-based decor enthusiast who loves to share and inspire design lovers like herself. Her Instagram account is the reflection of her love for vintage cozy comfort paired with a bit of a distressed look. With lots of woodwork in white and use of natural fibers like cotton and linen, her home is a warm and peaceful place to unwind.

She too offers plenty of DIY ideas, shopping guides, decor from her own online store, coupons and much more. Follow her here!

11. Farm Decor Momma

Farm decor momma designer on instagram
Follow: Farm Decor Momma

Liz Marie is the next inspiring mom on our list who loves this decor. With a style all natural and comfy, Liz has a very strong sense of aesthetics. She also loves to use a natural color palette with whites and distressed wooden furniture which is typical of the old times country style decor.

As she takes to Instagram to document and share her home re-decor project, you’ll adore her for her eye for details. With a 34k followers and more, she is a must-follow! 👏🏼

12. Our Rustic Paradise

rustic paradise farmhouse decor on instagram
Follow: Our Rustic Paradise

So basically, Rustic Paradise is Ashley’s home filled with her carefree designer spirit. Her taste is a fusion of cozy farmhouse and rustic industrial styles.

On her Instagram account one can find plenty of vintage chic elements that are paired with delicate details. From plush sofas to industrial-style pendant lamps, Ashley’s home is farmhouse decor lover’s dream come true.

Make sure to follow this girl!

13. Twisted Cotton Farmhouse

twisted cotton farmhouse decor on instagram
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Another Farmhouse Decor influencer who you must follow on Instagram is Tiffany and her Twisted Cotton Farmhouse. Make sure to check out her beautiful Alabama house that she’s infusing with the farmhouse spirit.  The use of cotton, classic style wooden furniture, neutral colors with a dash of olive shade here and there, bring out the best in her decor.

Also, if you’ve been wondering how to incorporate modern appliances with a rustic makeover, this is definitely your place to be.

Follow her for the latest in DIY, design ideas on a budget and the latest in the farmhouse decor business.

14. The Quaint Bungalow

Quaint bungalow farmhouse designer on instagram
Follow: The Quaint Bungalow

The Quaint Bungalow is dedicated to Rita’s New England 1922 house. With vintage chandeliers, warm and inviting decor, wooden ceilings, and distressed accent furniture, Rita does have some hidden genius up her sleeve. You’ll love browsing through this creative influencer’s design journey and don’t forget to look out for her adorable pooch Apollo. He is such a stunner! 🐩

Sorry, we got distracted. Coming back to Rita again, you also get to shop her home with some amazing shopping guides. What a steal! 

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15. Brie Marie 1023

modern farmhouse interior designer on Instagram
Follow: Brie Marie 1023

Brie is a mom, a teacher, a brand representative and of course a farmhouse decor influencer. This amazing woman has over 24k followers on Instagram and you must check her out to find out why!

Besides for her stunning taste, what I love most about her genre is the fusion of modern metallics with a vintage feel. While rustic woods and neutrals are the norms, I am purely fascinated by her blend of black and whites. From great decor finds, makeovers and beautiful open spaces, you will love Brie’s design story. Check it all out by following her here.

16. The Cobbler Shop Concord

cobbler shop concord farmhouse decor on Instagram
Follow: The Cobble Shop Concord

Jess, a mom of 3 and a design enthusiast, is the woman behind this amazing Instagram account. While she claims to love everything vintage and collect antique arts, she is on a mission to transform her 1800’s house in New England.

The cobbler shop concord is thus her story of transforming her house into a warm and inviting space with her favorite Farmhouse style of decor. Check it out here.

17. Heather Buglane

heather lane farmhouse designer on Instagram
Follow: Heather Buglane

Heather Lane’s house is gorgeous. I mean, look at all the personality with the whites, wonderfully blended with chic vintage decor! Oh, and I simply adore her kitchen pendant lights. Aren’t they stunning? 😍

With a selective mix of country style decor elements, comfy furniture, rustic banners, and her two adorable dogs, we don’t need to convince you guys to follow her Instagram account.

18. Jett Set Farmhouse

jettset farmhouse decor designer on instagram
Follow: Jett Set Farmhouse

The Jett Set wife and husband duo are definitely known in their business for designing breathtaking farmhouse style homes. Their approach is modern yet they manage to bring out the warmth of this style to its full potential.

From building to renovations and from designing to decorating, they seem to have everything sorted in their invisible briefcase. With the use of a good deal of modern aesthetics, this couple is sure to inspire you for a farmhouse makeover.

Take a look at this kitchen in grey. With a combination of open shelving, traditional cabinetry, and contemporary light fixtures, what more can one want for an avant-garde farmhouse decor? Follow them today!

19. Bless this Nest

Bless this nest farmhouse decor
Follow: Bless This Nest

Coming close to the end of this list, meet Carissa. She is a mom of 3 kids and one of our favorite farmhouse interior design influencers on Instagram. Her huge number of 60.9k followers adore her DIY’s, decor ideas, shopping guides and of course her exceptional style.

When it comes to farmhouse decor, you’re likely to find a mix of everything that describes the style. There are buffalo checks, distressed look, a mix of pastels with neutral tones and the use of blacks as an accent.

She is such a must follow!

20. The Rustic Pallet

rustic pallet farmhouse interior designer on instagram
Follow: The Rustic Pallet

Jessica is yet another woman who amazes us with her innovative charm, influencing 132k followers on Instagram every single day. Besides being a passionate DIY’er, she is currently transforming her 1940’s house with some very interesting cottage style decor.

With ample use of natural fabrics, heavy oaks and some distressed looks carefully scattered around, you’ll fall in love with the warmth this house offers. High ceilings with wooden beams, banners and industrial style scones are some of the other things you must watch out for. This cozy retreat is totally worth the mention.

Follow her today!


And with that, we come to an end of this list celebrating these incredible women farmhouse interior designers.  So, make sure you follow them on Instagram for your daily dose of design inspiration. Also, stay tuned to Brightech’s blog for all the other amazing stuff lined up. Cheers!