What is creativity without inspiration? Not quite the perfect match, right?

From influential designers, creative start-ups and a whopping number of bloggers, there are many people who we need to follow to satiate our craving for good design. And what better way to do it other than follow some of the most creative designers celebrated on Instagram?

Following the tremendous response on our article featuring the Top 50 Interior Design Influencers on Twitter, we at Brightech decided to bring more to the table.  And so, with Instagram being a promising platform for quick inspirations, we’ve created a list of the 20 Most Influential Interior Designers trending on Instagram city.

So, check out these fantastic designers who are a must-follow to your Instagram feed:

1.  Salvage Dior

Salvage dior bohemian decor
Follow: Salvage Dior

Kate Keesee is the owner and the brand builder of the Salvage Dior. Her design is spot on and she just knows how to turn your house around on a budget.

She loves DIY and her page is full of stunning bohemian décor ideas and tips. Kate started her blog in 2009 and ever since then she has amazed her 124k followers with her thrift storedécor finds.  Today, Salvage Dior is an established décor business, including partnerships with Home Depot and the Goodwill store.


2.  Julie and Jodie – The Design Twins

As clearly as the name suggests, Julie and Jodie are a creative pair by birth. Yes, this talented duo are identical twins and share a common passion for design.

If you happen to visit their individual Insta pages or their joint website, you will be sparkled with some beautiful décor ideas. These sisters also spread their wings as writers, DIY inspirers, and established interior decorators. Give ’em a follow!


3. Sweet Domicile

minimalist living room with paintings and plants
 Follow:  Sweet Domicile

Sweet Domicile reflects the passion of Nicole, a versatile and multitasking wife, mom and product stylist. On her page, you will find loads of inspiration on how to enliven your own space.

She keeps her followers engaged with the latest trends, décor elements that spruce up the corners of her house and plenty of smart tips under her sleeve. Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it? Follow follow follow!

4. Restoring Home

chic and vintage bedroom
Follow: Restoring Home

Flipping through the posts of  Angela Mueller’s Instagram page is nothing less than breathtaking.

Based out of Minneapolis, Angela inspires her 50k followers with incredible DIY ideas and transformed vintage and chic elements. With a bohemian and rustic touch, she loves to keep her approach minimalist and classy.

So if you’re looking for a makeover that somewhat looks like her’s, make sure you follow her feed!


5. Blissfully Eclectic

Bright colors, interesting textures, and vibrant decor inspirations are what you can expect from Jen, an Indiana design addict.

Her style is colorful and reflects a blend of modern and rustic aesthetics. Besides for her dynamic collection of ideas, Jen has plenty of giveaways for her followers. Definitely worth a follow!


6. Studio McGee

Follow: Studio McGee

Studio McGee is an interior design firm run by the creative couple Syd and Shea McGee.

This design firm, based in Salt Lake City, caters to several projects across the state. And because of their contemporary approach, inspired by clean lines and unbelievable sophistication, the firm has been applauded by House Beautiful, Domaine Home, Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy, One King’s Lane and many more. Follow these awesome inpirational peeps!


7. Judith Balis

Follow: Judith Balis

Formerly known as NEST Interiors, Judith Balis Interiors is renowned for residential interior projects, remodels and art curation.

With freshly brewed ideas and soulful creations, Judith impresses her clients and her fan followers with great tips. So, if you’re looking for a design feed that is ethnic yet stylish, you cannot miss her Instagram profile. Follow her today!


8. Design Addict Mom

This army wife and mom of three adorable kids is all about smiles and an exuberating life with vibrant colors. I mean, what better way to match that lumber than with an accent chair in shocking pink? We’re obsessed!

Stacy Blake is an established design blogger and a stylist for the Fayetteville Observer. She generously treats her two-story house as her canvas for pop-up colors to bring out the lively spirit of her Jamaican background.

If you’re anything like me, challenger of the design norms and happy to experiment with electrifying colors, this is definitely the person you should be following for inspiration!


9. Brit Dot Design

Follow: Brit Dot Design

Brit Arnesen⁣⁣ is the curator of Brit Dot Design. She is a self taught interior designer, a DIY addict and one cannot help but fall in love with her ideas.

Besides being celebrated on platforms like Apartment Therapy and more, Brit also has her own online store. She loves to inspire her readers with doable designs, inspirations and product giveaways from some of the most renowned brands in the business.

Follow this motivational gal!


10. Habitation Boheme

Follow: Habitation Boheme

If you’re passionate about homespun and natural designs, Habitation Boheme is your dream destination.

You may ask, “What’s so different about Habitation Boheme?” Well, I’d like to describe it by saying it’s totally unique and handcrafted. Lesley discovered her passion for vintage and chic decor and started her inspirational journey around rich fabrics, textures and mostly handmade products.

Her Instagram account is, therefore, your guide to finding inspiration for vintage and modern farmhouse decor with exclusive artisan pieces.


11. House of Six Interiors

Follow: House of Six Interiors

Tanya multitasks with managing both her 4 kids and her demanding career as an influential designer and a décor stylist. Her style emulates the marriage of Boho and Nordic styles with a contemporary touch.

Her Instagram feed is full of happy vibes, unbeatable charm and lots of plants. With 136k followers, her charismatic designs are surely making a massive difference to many homeowners.

Follow her to see for yourself!


12. She Gave it a Go!

Follow: She Gave it a Go

Brendt (with a silent “d”) is the woman behind She Gave it a Go.

While you may have come across our articles featuring the beauty of Farmhouse Decor, this page is a living, breathing example of the love for this classic rustic style of old times. With a minimal blend of modern elements, you will find plenty of decorating tips, farmhouse inspirations, and exciting DIY ideas.

Give her a follow!


13. Michelle Janeen

Follow: Michelle Janeen

This versatile lifestyle designer based out of San Diego has some stunning designs packed up in her portfolio.

With unique aesthetics, simplistic designs with a dash of subtle glamour, Michelle Janeen has made her prominence as an influential designer, a fashion stylist with the advice to her followers to “remember that life can be messy, just make sure the pillows aren’t.”

We love her! Instant follow!


14. Alyse Studios

vibrant pink boho decor
Follow: Alyse Studios

Alyse Rodriguez loves art and sourcing textiles from around the world. She is an artist at heart and celebrates her designs with bright and vibrant colors.

Her projects and DIYs are fresh with lots of indoor plants, minimalist designs and plenty of traditional textiles.  Make sure to follow her for some exciting giveaways and excellent decor tips.


15. Gilded Hearth

indoor plants, natural rustic interior design
Follow: Gilded Hearth

The Gilded Hearth is the brainchild of Emily Brownell, an LA-based stylist, and designer.

She connects with her readers with impeccable inspiration for a beautiful home on a budget. She loves to fuse her vintage styles with modern comfort and her followers simply love her for that. So you’re sure to find a mix and match of many elements, thrift store finds and a little something to connect just beyond design when you follow her!


16. Chelsea Mohrman

green modern entryway table
Follow: Chelsea Mohrman

Chelsea grew up being fascinated by interior design. And today, this Ohio based designer-wife-mum treats her home as a foundation canvas for all her design projects.

She lives by the belief that a pretty looking home doesn’t need to break your bank. Thus on that note, she curates interesting finds from thrift stores, inspires with makeovers and fun DIY projects that often involve her better (and very creative) half.


17. House on a Sugar Hill

Rich textures rusctic interiors bedroom
Follow: House on a Sugar Hill

Just as sweet as it sounds, House on a Sugar Hill is a collection of DIY projects, budget makeovers, and of course home decor inspiration.

Jodi Geralyn Bond, the gifted woman behind the scenes is passionate about earthy textures, rich handwoven fabrics, and vibrant colors. Her followers love her blend of modern elements with rustic bohemian and Scandinavian designs. 


18. Cynthia Harper

Bold white and black bedroom
Follow: Cynthia Harper

Cynthia Harper is a young, passionate woman gifted with an incredible eye for design. Starting her career as a middle school math teacher, she realized her calling as an interior designer on a random day at a thrift store.

Ever since then, she has been inspiring her enormous number of followers on Instagram with her love for vintage elements in a modern home. Over these years, her authentic designs have also been praised by the Country Living magazine, BHG, Apartment Therapy, Martha Stewart Living, The Every Girl and many more.


19. Jn at home

Julie Nay is an interior designer and a stylist and you have to watch her design journey as she remodels and revamps her 80’s home.

You will find plenty of indoor plants across her interior, which I LOVE, contemporary decor accents, beautiful lamps, smart storage and bold colors of grey and navy.

A must-follow!


20. The Rambling Redhead

Last but not least, we’ve reached the finish line of this list and we’ll make sure you stay charged up with this incredible witty designer.

This is because not only will she surprise you with her lavish designs but also crack you up with her sarcastic humor. And, if you still don’t believe me, take a look at her Instagram feed. There is no way you can excuse reading her design updates and discovering her version of parenting humor

Jennifer Todryk is based out of Dallas and is the artist behind The Rambling Redhead. Her happy nest is inspired by farmhouse decor, a crazy passion for indoor plants and lots of natural textures.

In a Nutshell

These designers are amazing women to have influenced the lives of thousands of fans with some unbelievable crafty ideas. And if you want to be one of them, you must follow their Instagram profiles right away.

Oh and be sure to follow us here at Brightech, too 😉