Are you a DIY Diva?

Is making something beautiful out of something simple your absolute passion?

Well, you came to the right place!

Ikea is known for their simplistic style when it comes to furniture, and offer so many possibilities in decorating a bedside table, bathroom shelves or a kitchen table.

Check out our top 20 Ikea home decor hacks:

1. How to make pretty planters out of pretty baskets

ikea hacks and ideas
Source: YouTube

This video is one of our favorites! Hermione struck again with an incredible array of DIY goodies.

First, she makes a beautiful wooden table with a glass top. The glass top can be taken out to make the perfect place to hold your records – for all you millennials, that’s those big round things we’d use to play music back in the day – for just $15.

She also makes a beautiful bedside lamp for $13.38, a candle holder, a table piece, and two beautiful basket planters.

2. Make your own pillow cover with a paintbrush

ikea hacks make your own pillow case
Source: YouTube

Lone Fox is one of the best channels for DIY and home decor.

He was actually one of the finalists of the social media Shorty Awards back in January 2019!

In this video, he created a beautiful hanging mirror which hangs on a stylish leather strap, a stunning pillow for $3.99, a night table for $9.99, and some awesome grey coasters for just $4.99.

3. How to make your own bathroom shelves

Ikea Hacks and DIYs 2019 Easy Budget Room Decor Hacks
Source: YouTube

In this video, Hermione shows us how to create a gorgeous shelf for your bathroom (for just $9.56), a beautiful retro-style table lamp for under $5, and a super nifty hanging plant for $12.

And to top it all off, she sews a gorgeous pillow for just $4!

4. How to make a beautiful wall piece

Source: YouTube

Nastazsa makes some incredible items in this video!

She likes hangy things (who doesn’t?!) so she makes a really cool lamp with ropes hanging from it, and a planter, and a beautiful wall piece. She also makes a gorgeous mirror and shows how to dye your pillowcase blue.

Oh, my DIY happiness!

5. How to make a stencilled dresser

IKEA Hacks: Stenciled Rast Dresser
Source: Apartment Therapy

Here’s an incredible video from the Apartment Therapy team, showing us how to make a beautiful blue stencilled dresser.

It’s really easy and straightforward and comes out really pretty! We love it!

6. How to make a side table for your bedroom or kitchen

IKEA Hacks: Eket Stackable Side Table
Source: Apartment Therapy

Check out this beautiful side table that is made from two Eket cabinet boxes.

This side table literally fits perfectly into any room – your bedroom, your bar, or as a kitchen island.


7. How to make a Bekvam Lamp

IKEA Hacks: Bekvam Lamp
Source: Apartment Therapy

What is a Bekvan Lamp, you ask?

Watch the video to find out!

This is one of our favorite videos. It’s a really clever idea.

They take a Bekvam rack and tie a lightbulb to it, making it into a really stylish lamp. Check it out here!

8. How to make cabinet furniture for your living room

A Lifestyle Blog Sharing Stories of Design by Sarah Sherman Samuel
Source: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Sarah Sherman Samuel has an incredible home decor blog where she walks you through, step by step, the creation of this beautiful living room furniture piece.

It’s made of several IKEA boards and looks absolutely stunning.

9. The IKEA hack that tripled my closet space

The IKEA Hack That Tripled My Closet Space
Source: Apartment Therapy

An amazing post by Julia Naftulin on Apartment Therapy where she takes a $6 clothes bar and creates more closet space in the most beautifully creative way.

Definitely a must-read!

10. How to make an IKEA Floating Sideboard

DIY Floating Sideboard IKEA Hack
Source: YouTube

An excellent video that shows how to make a beautiful floating sideboard with 3 IKEA cupboards put together and one large board on top.

The video is a few years old, but still super relevant and helpful!

11. IKEA hacks for small entryways

12 IKEA hacks for small entryways
Source: YouTube

This is an incredible video that shows 12 different hacks for small spaces.

If you have a small entryway or a small space somewhere in your home and have been trying to figure out what to do with it, this video is for you.

12. How to transform an IKEA bed frame

How To Transform An Ikea Bed Frame
Source: YouTube

This is a super simple video, really easy to follow, that shows how to transform a boring wooden bed frame into an artistic paradise.

This video shows you the basics, you can use these to make different patterns or styles if this particular vibe doesn’t float your boat.

13. How to Transform an IKEA Table

4 Easy Ways To Transform A Basic Table
Source: YouTube

Here’s another really great video for DIY beginners and enthusiasts showing 4 different ways to transform an IKEA table.

Who knew how many different things you could do with a simple white table?

14. How to make a 3-seater + loveseat from IKEA parts

WE MADE OUR SOFA...was it worth it? apartment diy + ikea hack
Source: YouTube

Here’s an incredible video by Rachel Spencer showing a step-by-step guide on how to make a 3-seater couch.

It’s pretty incredible how they put all the pieces together.

It’s made out of two beds stuck together, so you can move it out and separate it into two couches! Brilliant hack!

15. How to make a book pouch out of an IKEA rug

Ikea Hacks and DIYs for 2018 Home Decor DIY Ideas on a Budget
Source: YouTube

Hermione does it again with these new Ikea hacks she created last year!

Filled with super fun DIY room decor projects for your home, that you can make on a budget, this video is amazing!

16. How to make Hanging Shelves + A Yarn Sculpture

DIY IKEA HACKS Super Affordable Aesthetic + EASY 2019 Lone Fox
Source: YouTube

Another incredible video by Lone Fox where he makes incredible hanging shelves using some ropes and IKEA boards, and believe it or not, it’s much more stable than it sounds!

My favorite piece that he makes is a sculptural circle decorative item with hanging yarn pieces. It’s stunning, check it out!

17. A DIY Nightstand Hack

Ikea Tarva Nightstand Hack Anika's DIY Life
Source: Anika’s DIY Life

Here’s another drawer hack, but what’s different about this one is the beautiful pattern and the precise instructions that Anika gives.

It’s a really easy makeover that looks absolutely gorgeous.

18. The BEST Decals for your IKEA Dressers

Decals for MALM Dresser, ikea, Spring Floral Stickers, PACK OF 3, Ikea furniture
Source: Etsy

There’s an entire market on Etsy for transforming your IKEA furniture and it’s incredible.

If you have a MALM dresser, then this is for you.

19. How to Make the Coolest IKEA Bar Cart

Tassel Lovers, This Bar Cart IKEA Hack Is Your Next DIY
Source: Brit+Co

A really visual step-by-step guide on how to transform the Raskog utility cart into a gorgeous bar cart with sweet yarn tassels, written by Maddie Bachelder.

I happen to own this cart, and I’m so excited to try this out myself!

20. How to Make DIY Acacia Wood Plant Stands

Modern Acacia Wood Plant Stand DIY
Source: Sugar and Cloth

A great post from Ashley Rose, where she shows us how to make three really cute planter stands out of wooden plates.

This is a really easy-to-follow project, and it’s super simple to fit these stands in any corner of your home.

Ready to Get DIY-ing?
And there you have it, our top 20 fave Ikea home decor hacks from the coolest DIY-ers out there!

Let us know which hack you plan on trying out yourself, and send us photos, too!

Happy DIY-ing ✂️