Our environment plays a huge part in the running of our homes and often serves as a reflection of who we are as individuals and families. Sometimes all it takes is the addition of a throw pillow or a change of color to completely transform a space and make the entire mood feel rejuvenated! If you think your home looks drained, and you need some fresh ideas to spruce it up for you and those who live in it, then check out this article on the Top 20 Interior Designers in San Diego!

Whether you’re looking for sleek and modern, classy and traditional or something in between, these top designers have loads of helpful tips to help you transform your space into a home!

Bungalow 56 Interior Design

bungalow 56

About: Bungalow 56 is all about 4 successful women designers who make space look modern and add a bit of rusticism in their design to make it more like home. Since they also produce furniture, there are plenty of interesting pieces you should own at home and you can check their favorites for making a room more noticeable and eye-catchy from the first moment.

Website: https://www.bungalow56design.com/

Hope Pinc Design

Hope Pinc

About: Hope Pinc is a designer that has lots of experience when it comes to creating a perfect home. Over the past 11 years, she has worked on multi-million homes, beach houses and other properties and her motto is to make the place look like their client’s individual taste and desires. There is lots of positive feedback from satisfied customers, and you can check her gorgeous retro-modern style with clean lines and lots of interesting details that make every space unique bellow in the link.

Website: http://www.hopepincdesign.com/

Esteban Interiors

esteban interiors

About: Esteban Interiors is a residential and commercial interior designing firm that makes every space look like the dreamy penthouses we see in movies. They have worked on tons of projects and have made sure the theme suits visitors and those who reside in the space, including law firm offices, farms, lobbies, ranches and have always made sure that space is inviting, modern and with lots of interesting patterns and accessories. Their works have been featured in many magazines and they have also won plenty of awards for best design and best designing firms.

Website: http://estebaninteriors.com/

Maegan Swabb Interior Design

maegan swabb

About: Maegan Swab is an interior designing firm consisting of 5 designers with cutting edge creativity that add a boho and modern touch to spaces, making them inviting and easy to live in! Their vision is to make sure you will love to spend time in the newly designed space and they for sure spend time carefully picking up arts and crafts that reflect your style, in order to create your perfect place for living. Their works have been featured in many magazines, and they are a perfect choice to go for, especially if you don’t know what you would like your home to be like, as they provide consulting and will help you find the right style for you.

Website: https://www.maeganswabb.com/

Blythe Interiors

blythe interior design

About: If you have ever wanted a different style in every room of your home Blythe Interiors got you! From eclectic and boho, rustic and modern to industrial with coastal, they will combine the perfect elements and patterns that will reflect that style, and will make your space more open and brighter, making it a pleasurable and inviting space to live in. Blythe Interiors are proud of their before-afters, and on their website, you can check that wild portfolio (by project or style), that will make you fall in love with the makeovers they have made so far.

Website: https://blytheinteriors.com

Alpha Design Group

alpha design group san diego

About: After over 30 years, interior design has become second nature to Regina Kurtz. Her experience has given her the confidence and amazing ability to assess a client’s needs and deliver an environment that is both extraordinary and comfortable.

Regina was always the creative type. Before discovering her passion in interior design, she studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology and worked in New York City’s fashion industry prior to moving to San Diego. Regina returned to school and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design from San Diego State University in 1977. Shortly thereafter Regina taught interior design at her alma mater SDSU as well as The Design Institute of San Diego. In 1982, Regina established Alpha Design Group and became one of the most sought after designers in San Diego County.

Website: https://alphadesigngroup.com

Savvy Interiors

savvy interiors

About: Savvy Interiors are all about giving you a new life and buzz, changing the old outdated space with a new one that will reflect your life and look nicer than it does now. They create modern homes with a bit of a rustic in them and make sure you have a comfortable couch your dog can sit on when you are not home… Speaking realistically, they love to do complete do-overs on places, that will eventually look inviting and cozy and that will be enjoyable for the whole family.

Website: https://www.savvyinteriors.com/

Nativa Interiors

nativa interiors

About: With over 20 years of experience, Nativa Interiors is a pioneer in designing spaces, including hotels, all types of restaurants (Mc Donald’s included), beach hoses, ranches, and homes and thanks to the many designers they will make sure you find the perfect style for your home. From Mediterranian elements to rustic and contemporary, they will pair you with the best designer for your needs, in order to make your place brighter, fun and good for your eyes and soul.

Website: https://nativainteriors.com/

Brian Brown Studio

brian brown studio

About: Brian Brown has a keen eye for luxury and with his 10 years of experience, he creates modern homes that are inviting and that have bold colors that work on your mood. With Aryn as an interior designer, they create homes that reflect the client’s personality and they not only combine colors, patterns, and accessories together, but they are creating a livable space that has a soul and is effectively used, in order to provide the most for families who are struggling with tons of things around the house.

Website: https://www.brianbrownstudio.com/

Studio Surface

studio surface

About: Studio Surface is known for flawless aesthetics with an unexpected edge. The tireless team with Michelle Salz- Smith leading the way, creates homes and spaces that are modern and stylish with a laid-back effect, so it can suit up the client’s individual style perfectly. Thanks to the places she has visited, Michelle is able to put lots of details that are characteristic to some parts of the world to her designs, and from the tiles to the woodwork, you will be able to enjoy your space like never before.

Website: https://www.studio-surface.com/

CM Natural Designs

cm natural designs

About: CM Natural Designs is all about giving a soul to the rooms with interesting patterns and artwork, and carefully selected colors that will transform the home into a luxury and modern oasis. If you thought your home can never look that good, check again the before and after shots of the projects that she has done, and you will see it for your self that your space deserves a fresh change.

Website: http://www.cmnaturaldesigns.com/

Payte Miller Interiors 

Payte Miller Interiors

About: If you’ve been looking for that perfect balance between cozy and class than Payte Miller Interiors is your destination! With the client’s vision as top priority, the firm is known for its stunning renovations and flawless landscape design. Founder Shannon Miller-Rice, is NCIDQ Certified and a Professional Member of ASID priding herself on her attention to detail and incorporation of diversity. Check out their before and after shots and prepare to be amazed.

Website: https://paytemillerinteriors.com/

Jules Wilson Design Studio

Jules Wilson Design

Jules Wilson design studio is a collaborative firm with a diverse team of architects and designers, led by the talented and experienced Jules Wilson. From Schematic Design to Construction Administration, the studio’s work is characterized by high-end chic style and astute attention to detail. If you’re aiming for that luxurious look with top of the line finishes then check out their website and be sure to take a glance at their commercial work as well – it’s truly exquisite!

Website: http://juleswilsondesign.com/

Robeson Design

Robeson Design

About: Robeson Design is your go-to destination for closet design and organization ideas! The residentially focused interior design company has a diverse approach to creating beautifully designed homes and living spaces. From kitchens and baths to bedrooms and home offices’s the company’s motto of “live your style” is reflected in their work, with its unique harmony of traditional modern flair. Founder Rebecca Robeson has become famous for her outstanding organizational skills and offers organizing tips and design secrets at her “Design Sessions” available through her website.

Website: https://www.robesondesign.com/

Simply Stunning Spaces

Simply Stunning Space

About: This firm’s name says it all! Simply Stunning Spaces, founded in 2010 by Designer Darcy Kempton, is dedicated to creative expertise and the idea that everyone deserves a beautiful home and comfortable space. Their team is based in a gorgeously designed showroom and works diligently with the client from beginning all the way to the very end, ensuring they get their ultimate dream home! They work closely with their sister company, Simply Stunning Shades, so if you’re looking for those perfect window treatments than these are your guys!

Website: https://www.simplystunningspaces.com/

Tracy Lynn Studio

tracy lynn Studio

About: With a holistic theory as the basis for their company, Tracy Lynn Studio, leaves no detail unattended to. Not only does their use of cool tones and soft textures create fresh contemporary living spaces but the ability to carry their designs throughout an entire home is truly spectacular. They also do some really cool work with kids’ bedrooms and playrooms! Be sure to Check out their blog for new and interesting design ideas.

Website: https://tracylynnstudio.com/

Anna Rodé Designs

Anna Rodé Designs

About: Interior designer Coleen Ann Choisser is the owner of Anna Rodé Designs and one of the most renowned color experts in San Diego. She has written two published books and won multiple awards. Coleen’s over thirty years of experience shines through in her designs from elegant to modern contemporary and everything in between. If there’s anyone who can brighten up your space with vibrancy and pzaz it’s certainly Coleen.

Website: https://annarodedesigns.com/

Bella Designs

Bella Designs

About: With her collaborative style and client-first mentality, Diana Swenson aims to please! Her use of deep woods and bold colors create a warm, traditional atmosphere, where everyone feels welcome. Diana’s award-winning kitchens and bathrooms highlight her passion for style and commitment to client satisfaction!

Website: http://www.belladesigns.com/

Everything Creative Designs 

Everything Creative designs

About: If you haven’t yet seen the research on the drastic increase in sales when a home is staged you should check it out and prepare to be amazed. Everything Creative Designs is your one-stop-shop for professional home staging. Whether your home is vacant or occupied, this design group will transform your home into a market-ready, buyers dream!

Website: https://www.everythingcreativedesigns.com/

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