When you remodel your home, the hardest and most expensive place to redesign is the kitchen. This is because there is so much happening in your kitchen every day. It’s the most expensive room in your house. You often have to redo counters and countertops and the labor costs can add up. We need our kitchen to be smartly designed and nice to work in. We spend quite a lot of time there, especially for those of us who have a family and kids and enjoy cooking and baking.

So what if I told you that it’s possible to get the look you want and more and have it look fabulous and luxurious just like in your dreams, without becoming bankrupt after all the redesigning and remodeling. How does that make you feel? Because I feel extremely excited to share this with you.

Here are some hacks and tricks from the best bloggers around, who have done it right. And the results speak for themselves.

The Created Home, DIY Kitchen Renovation reveal

Make your life easier.

Renovating your kitchen DIY style is a very big decision to make. It doesn’t have to be that hard on you if you choose to do it right. Therefore Sarah, from The Created Home, is sharing with us her tips on how to renovate your kitchen, without breaking your back. One of the best tricks is to try as hard as you can to make the workload easy on yourself.

Sarah used a paint sprayer to paint her kitchen cabinets. This alone changed the whole feel of her kitchen. After adding new hardware and putting up some fabulous light fixtures, the kitchen was complete. Anyone can do it with enough determination and support.

Check out the incredible transformation.

Driven By Decor, My Kitchen remodel

Replace your Cabinets.

One of the kris’s most important changes in her kitchen was the cabinets. You may ask me why is that? The answer is, when you change the cupboards around the kitchen to match your taste and style, that alone can change the whole look of the room.

Kris wanted more. She replaced the island with a beautiful dark gray wood and changed the countertops. She finished off the project by adding unique, golden light fixtures, some fabulous chairs and clever hacks around the kitchen, after 5 months of hell, she could finally enjoy her finished, fantastic kitchen.

From old to new, with fantastic results.

Amanda Katherine, Small Kitchen Remodel

Size doesn’t matter.

When Amanda finished her kitchen remodel, it was a dream come true. After wanting it for so long, and finally getting the results she wanted, gave her the most amazing feeling in the world. Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. This is what we learn from the amazing Amanda. She had managed to transform her small and dark, old-looking kitchen to something magnificent. How did she do it you ask? She made it look so easy.

After changing the flooring to a wooden style and putting in new light gray cabinets, continuing with a fabulous wooden countertop and a large white sink. When putting it all together adding a light fixture and decor, the room finally had that cool, breezy, cozy feel she always dreamed of.

Now you see that size really doesn’t matter, check out this incredible transformation.

Duluth Mom’s blog, DIY Kitchen remodel

Take your time.

When you have a big project on your hands, you got to do it right. In order to get that perfect finished result, you must TAKE YOUR TIME. Although this can be hard and you want it to be done as fast as you can. Taking your time is essential for perfection. Gina has done it right. Even though it was hard, choosing every detail according to her taste and style, this brought her to the finish line. Happy and satisfied with no regrets.

She transformed her 90’s cherry wooden kitchen into a modern-day luxurious one. From cluttered and messy into a kitchen that everything has its place, how incredible is this? With some time and attention, you can do it too.

Mom envy,  Modern Farmhouse kitchen remodel

Paint can do it all.

If your kitchen is old and in need of a change, with some paint and TLC you Can do it all. When Laura, from Mom envy, remodeled her old-looking kitchen, this was her motto. When you paint your kitchen cabinets, the most important thing is to do it right. To make sure they last for many years. This is how Laura started her modern farmhouse kitchen remodel.

After painting the cabinets white and the walls light blue, the farmhouse look was Almost done. For the finished look she added dark wooden floors and fabulous decor.

Check it out.

The Inspired workshop, DIY kitchen renovation

Lighting is key.

In this incredible kitchen renovation, Cara, from The inspired workshop wants to remodel her dark and old kitchen to something brighter and more inviting. This project has been taking much longer than expected, when it was done, it was definitely worth the wait. To make sure a kitchen is a restful and comfortable place to hang out in, lighting is very important. It sets the vibe in the room and can change the whole feel.

After much renovation, painting cabinets, changing countertops and adding fabulous light fixtures, a fantastic job was done. Cara has surprised us once again.

“And there was light”, check out this fabulous transformation.

Studio DIY, Our kitchen reveal

Change the color theme.

To make life simpler, one of the best hacks when remodeling your kitchen is choosing a COLOR theme. Doing this helps you decide what you are looking for, and how to get it done according to your kitchen space. That’s exactly what Kelly from studio DIY did. She chose a baby pink theme for the base of the kitchen. Added pops of color here and there for that bright vibe.

After choosing appliances, she kitted her kitchen with wonderful and colorful dishes. Adding an extraordinary purple-colored runner for the kitchen floor. To get that finished look, she added a simple but beautiful plant, to give the room some life.

Out with the old, in with the fabulous new.

Savvy Apron, DIY Kitchen remodel

The small details count

Some may think, what kind of difference do nobs and handles make, you can barely even see them? When you are renovating any part of your home, especially your kitchen, you want to make sure that the small details are being taken care of.  They are just as important as big changes.  Just imagine turning on your faucet but the handle is too hard to push, imagine walking past your kitchen cabinets but you get scraped by the door handle.  This could all be prevented.

When Sherry, from Savvy Apron, was remodeling her kitchen, she thought us an extremely valuable lesson. Pay attention to the small stuff, it can change your life. After improving the cabinets and countertops, she added some small decor pieces for the finishing touches. I just love the faucet she used. Take a look.

Check out the fabulous outcome.

AT HOME with the Barkers, DIY kitchen reveal

How to have a clutter-free kitchen

This is a perfect project for people that love to have their friends and family over often. Renovating your kitchen is crucial for having a calm and relaxing experience. More importantly, everything in your kitchen (and in your whole house) should have it’s designated spot. Even a towel or just a jar of cookies. It could be a hook or a shelf, but it should always have a place. We learn this incredible hack from Sonya, From AT HOME with the Barkers.

When redoing her kitchen, Sonya added extra shelves and cabinets. Giving all of her dishes, pots, and pans a place to call home. An added benefit of having no clutter around is that everything is more accessible. Giving you less time to run around like a headless chicken looking for what you need (lol, it’s ok, it happens to everyone). Check out this incredibly organized kitchen makeover below.

Check out this clutter-free remodel.

Classy clutter, kitchen redesign

Utilizing every inch

After Mallory, from Classy clutter, started to renovate her kitchen, she noticed that there is too much lingering space that isn’t being used. It was time for a change.

After many hours of hard work, finally, Mallory renewed her kitchen completely. Incidentally, she was knocking down cabinets, and building back up. Lastly, the kitchen was given a brand new life. Adding more storage space and a place to sit for her family. What a fabulous upgrade. If this isn’t phenomenal, I’m not sure what is.

Here is the finished product. How incredible!

The Gold Hive, 600$ Kitchen Makeover.

Money can’t buy you happiness, but hard work can.

If you think you need to spend all the money in the world in order to remodel your kitchen, you are mistaken. Sometimes you can dramatically cut costs by just applying a little more elbow grease and doing things yourself. Often, you can get the result that you want by doing it yourself.

Ashley, from The Gold Hive decided that she was going to gut out her entire kitchen. She started with retiling the floor to these awesome-looking black and white tiles. Then she changed the colors in the room and brightened it up and voila! The kitchen looked completely new as if the old version never even existed. Check out her incredible job below.

Here is the finished product.

A Small Kitchen Remodel from the Inspired Room

Choose the right colors for your kitchen.

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. The best hack for small kitchens is to make sure that the colors that you’re choosing will make the room feel bigger than it actually is. This is what Melissa from The Inspired Room did.

First, she chose a black, white and brown color theme which gave the kitchen a perfect size. Changing the whole vibe of the room, she replaced the brown cabinets with white ones, followed by retiling the floors, adding bronze faucets and light fixtures. When the kitchen was complete it was almost unrecognizable.

Truly, a phenomenal job. Check it out below.

These are some of the top kitchen remodelling projects of 2020. Do you have one in mind that didn’t make it on the list? Please leave it in the comments below. And as always, subscribe to our blog to get all the latest remodeling tips and tricks.