Modern floor lamps are today’s hot favorite and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be a part of your decor.

Besides the fact that they have some of the most interesting designs, these lamps are much more than just functional lighting accessories.

From creating a blissful ambiance to helping you level up your interior decor, modern lamps have got it all.

And it doesn’t end just there!

With features like voice over commands, compatibility with smart home devices, built-in dimmers, and advanced LED lighting, these lamps are futuristic and aim to add luxury to our lives.

On that note, check out some of these incredibly chic and modern lamps by Brightech, that must be a part of your decor for 2019:

1. Bend it like Brightech

modern led curve lamp 2019
Source: Brightech

If you love curves, then the Sparq LED Arc Lamp is perfect for you! 😉

This floor lamp is futuristic and excellent for some mood lighting.

The crescent moon-like shape and ultra-thin LED strip can be easily adjusted, bent and extended to about 67 inches.

So whether you’re reading a book, highlighting a space or planning to accentuate your decor, the Sparc LED is your friend.

Moreover, this neoteric floor lamp also has a built-in three-stage dimmer. With three levels ranging from super bright to peaceful ambient, this lamp ensures complete control over your lighting needs.

Pop it behind your sofa for some non-invasive, stylish lighting!


2. Branching Spotlights

Modern Tree Spotlight LED LAMP 2019
Source: Brightech

Modern pole lamps are popular for their sleek design and space-saving solutions.

The Tree Spotlight LED Pole lamp thus deserves a mention on our list of favorite modern lamps.

Equipped to be perfect for both task and accent lighting, the Tree Spotlight is ideal for both home and offices needs. It has 3 pivoting light fixtures and a three-stage convenient dimmer that lets you control the lighting in your environment, making it perfect for all tasks and spaces.

And as a standard for Brightech, this bold lamp also uses advanced LED technology.

So whether you use it for reading, hobbies or as an accent, you’ll never have to complain about it overheating or the bulb burning out, even after hours of usage.


3. We Can See Your Pair of Halo, Halo, Halos

Eclipse Modern LED floor lamp 2019
Source: Brightech

The Eclipse LED Floor Lamp is a beautiful modern lamp that can brighten up your darkest corners.

With a stunning state of the art design, this bright and dimmable lamp will fill your office, living, and bedrooms with soft bright white light.

With an outer ring that is 18 inches and the inner one that is 14 inches in size, both the LED rims are easily adjustable.

The design is super impressive and its built-in dimmer makes this lamp a “must-have” to illuminate your room in style.


4. The Lamp with a Twist

Twist LED modern floor lamp 2019
Source: Brightech

Struggling to highlight your corners?

Take a look at this futuristic lamp that’s perfect to spruce up the appearance of any room.

Its delicate and highly functional design sets this lamp apart from any other lamp that just claims to be modern.

The Twist LED floor lamp looks great in pairs and solo, depending on your lighting needs. And while it can spiral up to 43 inches in height, it has a built-in dimmer that lets you customize your ambiance.

So whether your requirement is work, leisure or hobby, this contemporary lamp is absolutely worth your pocket.


5. Helix is the Future

Helix Modern LED corner lamp 2019
Source: Brightech

Speaking of twists and curves, the Helix LED corner lamp is Brightech’s best selling masterpiece of 2019!

This innovative lamp is designed to highlight your dull corners that are missing out on some action.

Made with the most advanced LED technology and integrated power saving light, this lamp not only saves your bill but also endures for a lifetime.

Its built-in dimmer setting also makes it perfect for both office and residential use.


6. The Orion 5

Modern LED Orion floor Lamp
Source: Brightech

As grand as it sounds, the Orion LED floor lamp is meant to adorn large rooms with high ceilings.

With 5 powerful LED lights and impressive modern design, the Orion is an absolute conversational piece of a lamp.

It has a heavy weighted base and is available in two classic metal finishes of shiny nickel and brushed bronze. Its advanced LED technology also saves on electricity without comprising on its performance.

So if going bold is your style, there is no way, you can miss out on the grand Orion 5!


7. Color, Music and More!

Kuler Sky LED modern lamp
Source: Brightech

Ever heard of a lamp that plays music?

We hadn’t either.

The Kuler Sky LED floor lamp is more than a combination of task and ambient lamp.

This torchiere lamp is not only the future of modern lamps but also made with cut-edge technology.

The excitement to buy the Kuler Sky LED is emphasized by its downloadable mobile app.

Once you have your lamp and its app installed in your IOS or Android devices, you can simply use your mobile as a remote for your lamp.

The Kuler SKY LED lets you sit back and relax!

With this exceptional lighting technology, you can play music, control your dimmer settings and enjoy a wide array of changing colors, all at once.

Its rotating flat light surface never overheats and lets you focus light in any direction you want. Moreover, its slender design ensures it can easily fit into your narrowest corners.

Now that’s what we call a modern lamp! 😍

8. The Halo Split

Brightech modern floor lamps 2019
Source: Brightech

This chic LED floor lamp is yet another addition to Brightech’s list of modern lamps.

This gorgeous lamp in classic shades of black and silver is excellent for both mood and task lighting. It has a slender design and rotatable light head that makes it a complete game changer for your space.

The Halo Split LED is ideal for both your home and office.

Built with the latest LED technology, this multitasking lamp uses way less energy than an incandescent and lasts for at least 20 years.


Whether it’s functional design or the latest in technology that you’re looking for, modern lamps have a lot more to offer than we can imagine.

These lamps accentuate your decor, add the element of style, and make energy conservation their top priority.

So take the plunge and make sure to check out the entire collection at