Sometimes life gets challenging. Sometimes we just want to give up. We tend to forget what life is actually all about and just want to wait for the disaster to blow over.

In spite of the hardship of the virus invading our personal space, we must remember, to keep our heads up high and fight it with all that we’ve got.

Although we are all stuck at home and isolated from the world, luckily, in our day and age, we don’t have to be bored. For the most part, we all have some access to the outside world through the internet, and we can use it to get inspired and keep busy.

This is the perfect time for you and your family to start a new healthy lifestyle or redecorate/remodel your home without having to step outside.

For this reason, we gathered together the top YouTube videos for you to watch on beauty tips and home decor, organization skills, and easy cleaning hacks. Everything you need to keep yourself inspired in these difficult and challenging times.

With no further ado let’s dive right in.

The importance of color

First on our list is Kristen McGowan. In this video, she shows how to add color and texture to your home, without too much effort and sweat. Color can add so much to your day to day life. You can change so much in your home with just a little color. Check it out.

How amazing is she? With just a few simple tips from Kristen, you can add that pop of color your home desperately needs.

Turn anything into decor

Next, we have The Sorry Girls. This girl duo is hilarious, they are so funny and authentic. They are just a breath of fresh air. In this video, Kelsey and Becky present two new DIY tricks they have never done before. Let’s see what they are.

This tutorial is so awesome. It’s a two in one. With some creativity and patience, you can turn the smallest things into incredible decor!

Living room makeover

Next, we’ve got the talented Alexandra Gater. She’s here to show us how you can makeover your living room without leaving the house.

Furthermore, just because you are renting a place doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Let’s check out her process.

Although recreating your living room sounds complicated and hard, Alexandra makes it look super-duper easy. By changing the style and moving things around it can change the room completely. How fabulous is this makeover?

Healthy Lifestyle

When you are stuck at home with nothing really to do, one of your first instincts is to sit with junk food and watch some Netflix. Before you do that, check out this amazing video by Miss Liz Heart who shows a few healthy recipes and ways to stay healthy during this hard time. She also has some incredible organizational tips for your home.

It’s important to stay healthy so when this all blows over, we come out stronger and can start a new fresh page.

In addition to healthy recipes, Liz shows us how to stay organized and positive which also helps our mind stay healthy. I love this tutorial!

Organizing for sanity

When you are home all day, or out working all-day the hidden places in your house tend to get messy and disorganized. This is the perfect time to get it in order.

With this in mind, Karissa shows us how to organize your kitchen pantry. She shows different tricks and tips to make the process easier and more enjoyable.

How incredible is this pantry organizing tutorial? I absolutely love it.

Fresh home, fresh mind

Without a doubt, staying home all day can be challenging. The kids are running around, playing with all the toys at once and trying to stay sane. This can be very hard on the parents who need some space and quiet.

This is where Naomi comes in. Check out her amazing video on quick and easy cleaning tips to get you through this rough time. In this video, she shows us a few different ways to keep our home fresh and clean while you are sitting on the couch with your legs up.

During these difficult days, you too need a break, you deserve it! I love these easy hacks Naomi shared with us, it’s just what we all need to keep our minds fresh.

Timeless decor

In addition to keeping our homes in check, we are also trying to stay busy. Being busy is a must during difficult times especially for those of us who have children running around. Therefore, when the day is done and it’s time for you to relax, choose a DIY project that you can do to enhance the beauty in your home.

Here’s an amazing one that Elysia did. Check it out.

With this timeless piece of art, your house will look better and everyone will feel it, it’s the perfect project to relax and finish off your day.

Making things beautiful makes everyone feel better

Some of us may feel like why bother getting dressed and putting on makeup, we are not going out anywhere anyway, right? None the less, you must remember how important it is to keep feeling good, during these challenging days.

Therefore Ashley will be showing us some tips and tricks on how to keep our makeup and tools in order that we feel motivated to beautify ourselves and continue feeling confident.

How incredible is Ashley? I just love watching her tutorials.

Why hoard when you can clean?

Although self-isolation can be hard, Tiffany can help you through this. Remember, a clean and tidy home is a clean and tidy mind. With this in mind, hoarding is bad. It is just terrible, but somehow we all have that room or closet in our house.

Let’s take these days that we have so many spare hours and declutter our homes and minds. With Tiffany’s help, this could all be possible.

Changing the world through changing your habits

Throughout our life, we spend our money according to our desires and income. But the stakes have changed. You are needed, yes you! Each and every one of us needs to be contributing to the economy during these hard and challenging days.

This may sound scary, but it’s actually liberating. It’s time for you to help the world, according to how you spend your money. With the help of Sarah, she will be showing us 10 different ways you can leave your mark in the world.

Love isn’t just for Valentines

Despite having past Valentine’s day by a few months, we must always remember the love. Love can be for others like your family and friends, but the most important person to love is yourself.

When hard days comes upon us, and all we want is to forget the world, STOP, Lauren is here to save the day. She is here to help us, with some valentines decor that can cheer anyone up.

Didn’t this make you feel better? It definitely changed my mood.

How to make cleaning fun

It is time for you to embrace the cleaning queen inside you, pick you and your family up from the couch, put on your cleaning faces and let’s all do this together.

check it out. In this video, Regina shows us incredible and fast cleaning tips that will be with you for the rest of your life.

With all of these fun and fascinating activities, tricks and tips, you and your family no longer have to be sad or bored. This is a great time to gather your family and be grateful you are all together alive and breathing. Stay happy and healthy and most importantly, stay inside.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article. Let me know your thoughts. Sending love to the world.