So if you’re like us and are stuck at home these days you are probably “youtube-surfing” frantically to try to find something to take your mind off the situation (the virus who shall not be named). Brightech is here for the rescue!

We are bringing you a new interior designer / diy-hacker / home decor YouTuber every week, with our new miniseries called the Designer Spotlight! (get it, light? lamps? 😂)

I can’t wait to introduce this week’s incredible designer and DIY’er – Danie from DYI Danie!

Wow, this lady is so awesome. She is positive, upbeat, and what makes her videos super entertaining to watch is that she shows you the entire design creation.

For example, in this incredible video she makes an apothecary buffet cabinet out of two IKEA 6 drawer Tarva units. She shows how she did, she shows a quick clip of her shopping experience, and she makes you laugh. She also has super cool colored hair!

Ok, all hair jokes aside. Danie is a brilliant designer. We’re a bit into lighting (maybe you’ve noticed… I’m not sure) so we right away checked out her DIY lighting video. In the following video, she makes a chandelier out of a piece of reclaimed wood and it comes out absolutely spectacular! She actually goes into a long discussion of how she worked with the wood beam and broke it apart, it’s pretty cool! Anyway, check out the finished product below:

Two more videos that I think you would really love. They are both really easy to make, don’t require you to buy a bunch of new stuff, and come out absolutely gorgeous.

The first is where Danie paints a radiator into a beautiful spectrum of pink (they call this trend ombre). It’s a fantastic and easy DIY to make. So if you are bored and can’t go out (again, that evil virus that shall not be named) you can actually order paint online, and have a fun time with the fam painting the whole house!

And if you’re married, now is a great time to make your spouse do all those things that they promised to do around the house. Anyway, marriage advice aside, let’s watch another video!

Last, but not least, Danie’s epoxy resin project! Epoxy is an amazing resin that can be shaped into anything and then dries. Most commonly it’s used for really cool decorative objects. You can stuff it with flowers and leaves and make really cool little objects for your desk. There are a ton of epoxy videos on YouTube so go splurge if it’s your thing.

Danie actually made a beautiful wooden table piece with several lines filled in with colored epoxy resign and voila! It came out as an incredible and super unique table. She actually made it as a gift for her friend, but hey, I would buy one! Looks stunning, check it out!

That’s it folks.

This concludes our second round of Designer Spotlight.

What did you think of Danie? Is she as cool as Mike from Modern Builds? Would you like to see them together in the same video? (Maybe our people could talk to their people… )

Anyway, stay safe out there and happy DIY and home decor-ing!

Ben 🙂