For those of you that are wondering about this new category – yes! We just launched a new category on our blog where we will feature different incredible designers and DIYers that are doing amazing things.

For this spotlight post, please meet Mike Montgomery from Modern Builds!

Mike Montgomery Modern Builds

Mike is an incredible woodworker with a big mission – to make building and making less exclusive and more user-friendly. In every video that he makes he explains in detail every step he took, every tool he used, and all the various techniques and lessons he learned as a result. This kid’s got a really unique talent for creating content that is so entertaining and easy to follow AND his designs are absolutely breathtaking.

I’m not kidding you, every time I click play on one of his videos I sit there with my mouth open and have to see it the entire way through. I’m considering blocking YouTube on my work computer just because of this guy’s channel.

Ok, so let me show you some of the amazing projects that he did.

One of my favorites is this DIY attic remodel where he transforms an old attic at his parents’ house. No one has used the space for years and he surprised his dad for father’s day with an incredible remodel. He installs carpeting, paints the walls, puts in this incredible hexagonal-shaped wood floor and the most impressive thing is the doors he makes. Oh man, I wish I lived in this place.

Another really great video is this one where he makes his own lighting! Yeah, we’re a lighting company so this is kind of our thing 😅. He took a boring led light from Amazon and made it into a gorgeous industrial-looking light fixture. Man, we would love to send him one of our floor lamps and have him make something incredible with it.

One of the coolest things about Mike is that he likes to make mid-century modern furniture which he uses to stage his videos. He also has a really great knack for design. Like the bathroom remodel that he did, he picked the tiles to match the modern fixtures perfectly. It was really a great job.

And here is my personal favorite, briefly mentioned at the beginning of this post – these incredible blue Chevron doors! Check out the video below:

Mike has some super-secret projects coming up that we can’t wait to check out. And he has some really great merch and a detailed list of all the equipment that he uses for his projects. So if you ever feel like you need some inspiration, check out his videos, and get some of his equipment and make something beautiful for your home!

We hope you enjoyed our first design spotlight. Please let us know below in the comments if you like the new format, what you think about Mike, and (for bonus points) which one of his video projects is your favorite!

Until next time!