Our guide to Minimalism Design was recently featured in Social Lifestyle Magazinecomplete with DIY tips on how to achieve the clean, sleek look of a minimalist design in your home. Since the article, we decided to scour the net for the latest trends in floor lamps that offer a minimalist design look.

First, let’s take a quick look at the necessities.

Minimalism Design Basics

Neutral tones in minimalist design
Source: Home Designing.com

You can easily execute a DIY minimalism design by using quality items that have clean, straight lines. There are a few basics to minimalist design, which should be followed to achieve the look.

Here’s a breakdown of minimalist basics:

— Make more out of less. In minimalist design, it’s important to have a few great pieces, versus filling a space with a lot of stuff. One floor lamp with clean lines is perfect to light this room.

— Use simple lines. Keep the angles clean and straight, as this gives the streamlined look.

— Maintain a color scheme. Think coordination and sophisticated elegance.

Let’s look at a colorful example of minimalism, as seen in this beautiful living room by Brit from britdotdesign. Clean lines are accentuated with geometric elements, which execute the polished look we expect from a minimalist design.

Keep It Simple

Besides that, the use of a neutral color palette keeps the room flowing seamlessly, creating a sleek environment. The Sphero Floor Lamp completes the minimalist design with its muted globes and luxe, metallic tone.

Sphero Floor Lamp adds a luxe touch to this minimalist design
Source: Brightech

Focus on Lamps

There are lots of styles of floor lamps and table lamps that fit perfectly in minimalist designs. Luxe is definitely allowed and even encouraged, but the style must be in a muted manner. The Sphere floor lamp above is a perfect example. The bronze metallic material, with the muted globes, lend a feeling of elegance and sleekness to this subtly colorful room.

Also, you can go minimal with the clean look of black and white. This lovely sitting corner captures the deep, rich darkness of black while brightening the space with white. Plus, the right floor lamp, our Montage floor lamp in black, completes the look with minimalism and glamour all in one.


Montage Modern Minimalist Floor Lamp
Source: Brightech

You can easily kick up the luxury with these floor lamps like the Bijou, Trilage, Orion and Sphere 3.

Bijou Minimalist Floor Lamp
Source: Brightech


Brightech Minimalist Design 3 Tier Floor Lamp Trilage
Source: Brightech


5 Tier Orion Floor Lamp
Source: Brightech


Sphere 3 globe metallic floor lamp
Source: Brightech

In this minimalism and coastal-inspired design, we love how the sleek lines of these fantastic floor lamps will bring the class to your minimalist design.  Elegance, glamour and sleek lines are the best features of each lamp. Plus, the best part, in our book, is there are so many styles to choose from that all perfectly fit into minimalism design. All you have to do is choose the best one for your personal taste and needs for your environment.

Maximum Zen, Minimal Stuff

No matter what your personal taste, there’s definitely a minimalist design style floor lamp that’ll work for your space. Just stick to the basics, maintain a continuous color palette, add some clean yet luxurious touches, and you’re there. Going for a minimalist design might be the best choice you make! Not only is it beautiful, elegant and tasteful, but it also renders a simplistic feeling to your environment what fuels good peace of mind.

Stay tuned for our next article in this DIY Design Series for our take on Rustic Farmhouse design!