Do you like to watch DIY videos for inspiration and good ole’ fun? In this post, we bring to you the best DIY IKEA hacks of 2019. An IKEA hack is when you take something you bought from IKEA and re-purpose it to make it something completely new. The art of DIY hacking is reserved for the most skilled home decor blogger and if done right it can create these incredibly simple and easy to replicate projects. So put down the laundry detergent, grab your popcorn and your dog sally and enjoy:

Table of Contents:

Bedroom DIY Hacks

1. Make your own pillow cover with a paintbrush

Lone Fox is one of our favorite DIY YouTube channels. He was actually one of the Shorty Awards back in January 2019. In this video, he created a beautiful pillow for $3.99, a night table for $9.99, and these beautiful grey coasters for just $4.99, and a beautiful hanging mirror. 

lone fox diy draw pillow top diy ikea hack hacker

2. How to make a Bekvam Lamp

This is one of our favorite videos. It’s a really clever idea where they take a Bekvam rack and tie a lightbulb to it and make it into a really stunning bedside lamp / shelf. 

bekvam lamp floating shelf ikea hack top diy hacker

3. The IKEA hack that tripled my closet space

Here’s amazing post by Julia Naftulin on Apartment Therapy where she takes a $6 clothes bar and creates a beautiful closet space.

$6 clothes bar close space ikea hack top diy hacker4. How to transform an IKEA bed frame

This is a super simple video, really easy to follow, that shows how to transform a boring wooden bed frame into an artistic paradise. This video shows you the basics, you can use these to make different patterns or different styles if this particular style doesn’t float your boat. 

ikea wooden bed hanging light string light top diy hacker

5. How to make Hanging Shelves + A Yarn Sculpture

Another incredible video by Lone Fox where he makes incredible hanging shelves using some ropes and some IKEA boards, and believe it or not it’s much more stable than it sounds! My favorite piece that he makes is a sort of sculptural circle item with hanging yarn pieces, it’s pretty cool, check it out. 

yarn hanging piece shelf lone fox top diy hacker ikea hack

6. A DIY Nightstand Hack

Here’s another drawer hack and what’s different with this one is the beautiful pattern and the precise instructions that Anika gives. It’s a really easy makeover that looks absolutely gorgeous. 

ikea tarva nightstand hack ikea top diy hacker anika

7. The BEST Decals for your IKEA Dressers

There’s an entire market on Etsy for transforming your IKEA furniture and its incredible. If you have a MALM dresser then this is for you. 

ikea malm sticker decal top diy hacker hack

8. The Rast Dresser Hack

The IKEA Rast dresser is a great affordable blank canvas for a bit of creativity. There are endless ways to customize them, and they come with so much storage space.

Armelle vamps up this simple dresser into a chic, modern nightstand by using some primer, a coat of white paint, and switching the dresser knobs with gold hardware (so glam!). 

We love the way it came out, beautifully unrecognizable, and love how simple this hack is!

rast dresser hack ikea top diy hacker armelle

9. Turn a Kallax into a (no-sew) bench Hack

Window benches are amazing additions to rooms that have space for them. They create comfortable seating, and also offer useful storage.

Mommy Vignettes added two of these units to her home, in her living room and nursery and the completed results are perfect!

kallax bench hack cushion top diy hacker mommy vignettes

10.Wall Utensil Holder Hack

 You can create a wall utensil holder using the Luröy slatted bed base ($10).

Ichdesigner transformed this bed base into a stylish wall hanger with the help of two wall hooks.

After securing to the wall, they used S-hooks to hang items on the wooden planks. This piece is great in a variety of different places, like kitchens, craft rooms, offices and even bathrooms.

wall utensil holder hack diy top hacker blogger ichdesigner

11. Ikea Nightstand Hack

This IKEA nightstand hack is a super easy project. All it takes is some spray paint and contact paper, and you will have it done in no time. The best news is, the entire project will only cost about $40. That’s a pretty nice price for a nightstand!

ikea nightstand hack kisti murphy top diy hacker

12. Floating Shelf Closet Hack 

This is an easy hack that will upgrade your closet organization game! Charlene used a few floating shelves from IKEA that happened to be the perfect size for shoes. Add these to the bottom of your closet to keep your shoes nicely organized.

top diy hacker ikea hack floating shelf closet hack

13. Sleepy Moon Lamp Hack 

Rosandra used a bit of paint to create Mr. Moon, a cute little face on the Fado Lamp from IKEA. Add this to your kid’s room, they’ll love it!

top diy hacker ikea hack decorative moon lamp

14. Ikea Rast Desk Hack

This hack is perfect for big studios or office spaces and will give you a beautiful roomy desk to work at. We definitely recommend checking out this affordable hack if you are in the market for a new desk.

desk hack ikea top hacker diy red throw


15. Rustic Lamp Hack 

Emily recreates an amazing bell jar lamp that was out of her budget with this affordable hack. Read her post to see how you can make your own Old Faithful inspired lamp using the IKEA HÄRLIGA glass dome with wood base and a few other supplies you can pick up at your local hardware store.

rustic light bulb hack diy ikea hacker top

16. Modern Dresser with Gold Handles Hack

Transform your Tarva dresser from IKEA with a coat of paint and shiny new metallic hardware to completely bring it to life! Go from basic to designer in a few simple steps.

modern dresser with gold handles hack ikea top diy hacker

17. Fancy Sideboard Hack

Follow Kristi’s steps to make your own Mid-Century Modern sideboard!

The West Elm version costs around $1300. That’s about 3x what you will pay for this easy DIY.

fancy sideboard hack top hacker idea hack diy

18. Shelving Structure for Closet Hack

Add the popular Kallax shelving unit from IKEA to your closet to give you useful shelves that will help with closet organization! 

shelving structure for closet hack diy top hacker ikea

19. Easy Nightstand Makeover Hack 

Give your old Hemnes nightstands from IKEA a quick makeover with this simple DIY hack.

easy nightstand makeover hack top diy hacker ikea

20. DIY Rustic Headboard Hack

Upgrade the Malm bed frame from IKEA into a rustic masterpiece! Sugar and Cloth created a beautiful headboard using self-adhesive reclaimed wood in this easy DIY hack.

diy ikea top hacker hack rustic headboard sugar and cloth

21. IKEA Headboard Hack 

Here’s another cool hack for rooms that need extra storage. When Timothy Barrett and his wife needed more room for their baby’s stuff in their bedroom, they transformed six IKEA TRONES cabinets into a storage headboard. Check out their tutorial to see exactly how they tricked out their IKEA BRIMNES bed frame.

ikea headboard hack top diy hacker extra bedroom storage green bins

Livingroom DIY Hacks

22. How to make cabinet furniture for your living room

Sarah Sherman Samuel walks you through a step by step tutorial where she creates this beautiful cabinet piece. It’s made of several IKEA boards and looks absolutely stunning.

cabinet furniture living room diy hack top ikea hacker mood board

23. How to make an IKEA Floating Sideboard

An excellent video that shows how to make a beautiful floating sideboard with 3 IKEA cupboards put together and one large board on top. The video is from a few years ago, but still super relevant.

wooden sideboard ikea hack wood top diy hacker

24. How to make a 3-seater + loveseat from IKEA parts

Here’s an incredible video by Rachel Spencer showing a step-by-step tutorial of how to make a 3-seat couch. It’s amazing to watch how they put all the pieces together. It’s made out of two different beds stuck together so it’s completely versatile. You can rearrange the different pieces however you like!

3-seater loveseat corner sectional ikea diy hack top hacker video

25. How to Make the Coolest IKEA Bar Cart

A really visual step-by-step guide by Maddie Bachelder where she utterly transforms this Raskog utility cart into a beautiful bar cart. She even put these adorable yarn tassels. Check it out!

bar cart yarn tassels top ikea hack diy hacker

26. Kallax Room Divider Hack

This easy hack is useful for creating a functional separation in college dorms, living rooms, bedrooms, office spaces and basically anywhere!

Add in a few cute personal items like picture frames, or add some color with bold decorative statement pieces. You can also add drawers into your unit, perfect for keeping your things organized.

kallax room divider hack top diy hacker ikea

27. Easy Grundtal Wine Rack Hack 

This hack is great for any wine lover who is looking for a place to display their collection!

You can make this stainless steel wine rack by using a few of the Grundtal towel racks, and a metal frame made from a 1″ x 1/8″ steel strip.

easy grundtal wine rack hack top diy hacker ikea

28. Ikea Charging Station Hack

Hate having your charging cables all over the place? It sounds like you need a charging station.

All you’ll need for this is an Ikea Fintorp Flatware Caddy, an Ikea Fintorp Hook, an Ikea Fintorp Wire Basket with a handle. And these are optional, but really cute additions – An Ikea Fejka Artificial potted plant, and a spunky vinyl decal.

This hack is very customizable and great to have in any space near a plug.

diy charging station hack top hacker

29. Simple DIY Pouf Hack 

We all love poufs, but one thing we don’t love is how pricey they are!
The good news is, you can use this hack to make your own stylish comfy pouf in a few simple steps. This hack requires some sewing but is quite easy to do. All you need is some fabric you absolutely love, some scissors and an IKEA cube/footstool. Check out Kristi’s pouf for the exact instructions on how to make a DIY pouf.

simple diy pouf hack top hacker ikea kristi murphy

30. Ikea Billy Bookcase Hack

This amazing Ikea Billy bookcase hack gives you tons of storage and a high-end look on a very small budget. This hack is perfect in bedrooms for kids and easily customizable. We love the bold pink paint Tasha chose for this project!

ikea billy bookcase hack diy top hacker pink

31. Hideaway Dining Room Table hack

You won’t believe how you can use a mirror both as a mirror and as a dining room table! This easy hack is mindblowing and pretty affordable as well.

mirror dining room table hack top diy hacker

32. DIY Dining Room Table Hack

This simple hack adds a huge upgrade to the Ikea Jokkmokk table. Gina removed the table’s original legs, replaced them with hairpin legs, then sanded and re-stained the top.

diy dining room table hack top ikea hacker


Turn the Variera bamboo box from IKEA into a classic magazine rack with Leghead’s furniture legs. The final result looks so stylish and classy and should take about 15 minutes to do. This hack is so easy anyone who can use a drill can make it!

ikea variera box hackclassic magazine rack with pink feet

34. DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table Hack 

Natalie’s coffee table hack is a perfect DIY for a home with Farmhouse decor. The rustic final result was achieved in a few minutes for only $10!

diy farmhouse coffee table ikea hack top hacker thecreativemom

Kitchen DIY Hacks

35. Kitchen Island Hack

This kitchen island hack is perfect for anyone looking to add counter space and storage to their kitchen area! Courtney used three of the famous Billy Bookcases from IKEA, along with a butcher block and some tools to complete this project.

kitchen island hack top diy hacker

36. Bright and Fun Ikea Kitchen Cart Hack

Add some extra storage to your cabinet-less kitchen with this affordable hack, by adding a refreshing coat of paint to the IKEA Forjoha kitchen cart.

fun ikea kitchen cart hack diy top hacker

37. DIY Speckled Jewelry Dish Hack

Ditch the expensive ceramic trinkets and make your own unique jewelry dish out of cheap coasters with this incredible DIY hack

Repurpose the 365+ coasters from IKEA into a ceramic look-alike speckled dish that will keep your jewelry safe and organized. The only supplies you’ll need for this DIY are spray paint, acrylics, and some paintbrushes. 

diy speckled jewlery dish hack diy top hacker

38. IKEA Kitchen Towel Curtain Hack

Need some privacy in your kitchen (but also some sunlight)? Try this super simple trick: buy two packs of Elly tea towels and put them up with some Riktig hooks. This gives your kitchen such a nice farmhouse look!

ikea tea towel kitchen curtain hack top diy hack hacker

DIY Hacks for Kids Bedrooms

39. Spice Racks into Kids Bookshelves Hack

The IKEA Bekvam spice racks in this nifty hack are made from solid wood and are so easy to transform into bookshelves that will bring a pop of color into the room. All you need to do is sand the racks, and paint them to bring them to life. Once the racks are dry and ready to go, hang them on the wall and add your kid’s favorite books.

yellow spice racks turned into kids bookshelves ikea hack top diy hacker

40. Ikea Picture Ledge Hack

These $13 Mosslanda picture ledges are another amazing way to display books. Hang them in a children’s room like Daffodil Design did, and you’ll have a wall of never-ending stories perfect for bedtime.

ikea picture ledge hack top diy hacker

41. DIY Car Organizer Hack

This remote control holder can double as a car organizer caddy for your kids. Stuff the IKEA Flort with art supplies, tissues, toys, books, paper, etc. And the best part – it also works as a seat protector!

DIY Car Organizer Hack top diy hacker

42. DIY Diaper Organization Hack

This hack is super useful for the mommies that are still changing diapers. Jill created a clever hack for organizing diapers and diapering essentials by using a kitchen storage piece from IKEA.

DIY Diaper Organization Hack - changing table diy hack top hacker ikea

43. DIY Co-Sleeping Crib Hack

This is a useful hack for co-sleeping familiesAmanda used an IKEA Sniglar Crib and painted it gray using an Interior Satin paint. After assembling the crib and keeping one side off, they followed a few other steps to secure the crib safely onto the bed.

DIY Co-Sleeping Crib Hack top ikea hacker

44. DIY Light Up Table Hack

Cassie saved close to $300 by making her own Light Up Table IKEA hack! This DIY project is great for children’s rooms or daycares, anywhere where you’d like to keep the kids entertained. They’ll love how this little table lights up, and you’ll love how affordable and easy it is to make!

DIY Light Up Table Hack top ikea hacker

45. Knife Racks Hack 

This easy little hack is a clever way to keep your kid’s toy cars and trains from getting lost. Abby used a couple of Grundtal knife racks to hold some of her son’s trucks and trains for easy access.

Knife Racks Hack to hold toy trains for kid bedroom diy hack top ikea hacker

46. Children’s Toadstool Hack 

Who would have thought that plain ordinary white stools could be turned into cute toadstools? Add colorful DIY covers to add personality to these little plastic stools that can be wiped down easily after playtime or mealtime!

Children's Toadstool Hack top diy ikea hacker

47. Fun Dotty Knobs Hack

This hack is super easy and simple! These colorful, fun dotty knobs will bring some life to that empty wall in your home and will also provide useful wall storage space. Add these to a playroom or kid’s room to help keep things organized.

fun dotty knobs hack pinterest hellobee top ikea diy hacker

48. Kids Workbench Hack

Use a PS 2012 coffee table and pegboard from IKEA to make a kid’s workbench! This hack is easy to do, and easy to transform into another play area once your kids get tired of this one. You can even easily switch it back and use it just as a coffee table.

kids workbench hack top diy hacker

49. Floating IKEA Cloud Shelves Hack

Turn simple floating shelves from IKEA into cute floating clouds just by adding wall decals above them. This will bring a dreamy feel into any bedroom.

Floating IKEA Cloud Shelves Hack top diy hacker

50. Chalkboard Top Side Table Hack

Add some character to a boring children’s table by adding a coat of fun paint, and a chalkboard top! Read more about this DIY on Jenna’s blog.

Chalkboard Top Side Table Hack top diy hacker ikea

51. Baby Crib with Open Shelving Hack

Create a baby crib with open shelving by using the Gulliver crib from IKEA, two oven panels from IKEA’s kitchen line, and a short Billy bookcase.

Baby Crib with Open Shelving Hack top diy hacker ikea

52. Sleek Train Table Hack

This family transformed a Lack shelving unit from IKEA into a sleek and organized Train Table for their kids! They added a caster to the unit for the ability to roll it to the away to the side once playtime is over.

Sleek Train Table Hack top diy hacker ikea

53. Kallax DIY Dollhouse Hack

Turn a small Kallax or Expedit shelving unit into a bright and quirky dollhouse by using some wallpaper. You can even add a fresh coat of bright paint to give this dollhouse more personality.

Kallax DIY Dollhouse Hack top ikea hacker

54. Efficient Lego Play Table Hack

Create a forever home for your children’s Legos, and never worry about Lego organization again! Kate used a Lack coffee table from IKEA and some storage bins for this affordable hack.

Efficient Lego Play Table Hack kids bedroom top diy hacker

55. Climbing Wall and Bunk-Bed Ensemble Hack

Transform the Kura bed from IKEA into a dream play area for your child! This hack will make any kid’s day with the easy to DIY climbing feature.

Climbing Wall and Bunk-Bed Ensemble Hack top diy hacker

56. Ikea Play Kitchen Hack

Turn an Aneboda nightstand into a play kitchen for your little one! You don’t need much for this hack, but you do need quite a bit of creativity to design this kitchen and help bring it to life.

Ikea Play Kitchen Hack top diy hacker

57. DIY Lego Table Hack 

Another hack for a cool functional DIY Lego table. Your kids will spend hours creating Lego masterpieces and once they’re done, clean up will be easy! It’s a win-win situation for everybody.

DIY Lego Table Hack top diy hacker

Bathroom DIY Hacks

58. How to make your own bathroom shelves

In this video, Hermione shows how to create a gorgeous bathroom shelf (for just $9.56). She also makes a beautiful retro-style table lamp for under $5, a gorgeous hanging plant for $12. And to top, it all off she sews a gorgeous pillow for just $4. 

How to make your own bathroom shelves ikea hack top diy hacker

59. How to make a stenciled dresser

Here’s an incredible video that shows how to make a beautiful blue stenciled dresser. It’s really easy to make and wow do we love those succulents! 

How to make a stenciled dresser succulent top ikea diy hacker hack

60. Nailpolish Rack Hack

This hack is for the girl who has too many nail polish bottles. Create your own nail polish display rack for cheap (about $5!) using IKEA Bekvam spice racks! The final result will be even better than the more expensive nail polish displays they use in the salons, and you’ll feel so satisfied once they’re up on your wall!

Nailpolish Rack Hack top diy hacker ikea

61. Chic Makeup Vanity Hack

We are obsessed with this sleek, modern vanity hack! Erin ditched her old vanity that didn’t quite fit the space and DIYed a beautiful new piece using an Alex EKBY shelf and some brackets from IKEA. The shelf has also drawers, giving you space to keep your products organized.

Chic Makeup Vanity Hack top ikea diy hacker

62. IKEA Bathroom Shelves Hack

Karianne transforms a towel holder into a useful bathroom shelves rack in this hack. Use this to display soaps, bath bombs, and any other bathroom goodies. You can even use this as a plant stand!

IKEA Bathroom Shelves Hack top diy hacker

63. DIY Geometric Mirror Hack

Upstyle a mirror from IKEA into a bold geometric statement piece with just some Lead Trim tape and a craft knife!

DIY Geometric Mirror Hack top diy hacker

Entryway DIY Hacks

64. IKEA hacks for small entryways

This incredible video shows 12 different hacks for small spaces. If you have a small entryway in your house and have been trying to find a good organizational system for it then this video is for you.

ikea hack for a small entryway space top diy hacker

65. How to make a book pouch out of an IKEA rug

This is a really great video that shows how to make a cute book pouch out of a rug. So if you have a rug that you don’t like or it’s the summer and you don’t want to have a rug lying around, then just re-purpose it for your books!

book pouch out of an ikea rug pink top diy hacker

66. DIY Mail Center Hack

Katzmataz made a handy storage station with just a shelf and a few IKEA magazine holders! It’s easy to make a handy storage station for mail and all sorts of important things with this DIY hack.  Hang this by your door for a safe and convenient place to keep your keys.

DIY Mail Center Hack top diy hacker

67. DIY Dipped Painted Ikea Svalbo Table Hack

Make your own affordable statement piece for your entryway with this clever hack! 

DIY Dipped Painted Ikea Svalbo Table Hack top hacker

68. DIY Ikea Akurum Credenza Hack

Need something to fill your empty entryway? Try this easy DIY credenza hack – it will boost the appearance of your entrance and give you some extra storage!

DIY Ikea Akurum Credenza Hack

Bar DIY Hacks

69. Retro DIY Sideboard Hack

Build your own retro-chic sideboard in a few fun steps with this hack! Sugar and Cloth uses the Besta shelf with coordinating white doors from IKEA and a few other materials to create a true statement piece.

Retro DIY Sideboard Hack

70. Retro Stools Hack

Turn the basic Dalfred stools from IKEA into retro bar stools that will impress your guests. All you need for this hack is your favorite shade of metallic spray paint and a few minutes to spare.

Retro Stools Hack top diy hacker ikea

71. On-Trend DIY Dipped Stools Hack

Create your own trendy dipped stools for half the price with this hack! By painting the legs in pastel hues perfect for the season, these DIY Dipped Stools will add a splash of Spring to your home.

On-Trend DIY Dipped Stools Hack

72.Colorful Bar Station Hack

Need a new home bar set up? Transform the Valje shelf into a mid-century piece that will instantly give your home a vintage vibe, and give you a stylish place to store your liquor!

Colorful Bar Station Hack top diy hacker ikea

Multi-Room DIY Hacks

73. How to make a beautiful wall piece

Nastazsa makes some incredible items in this video. She makes a really cool lamp with ropes hanging from it, a planter, and a beautiful wall piece. She also makes a gorgeous mirror and shows how to dye your pillowcase blue. 

hanging wall piece top diy hack hacker

74. How to make a side table for bedroom or kitchen

Check out this beautiful side table that is made from two Eket cabinet boxes. This side table literally first perfectly in any room, your bedroom, your bar, or as a kitchen island. 

ikea hack eket stackable side table top diy hacker

75. How to Transform an IKEA Table

Here’s another really great video that shows 4 different ways to transform an IKEA table. Who knew how many different things you can do with a simple white table? 

Transform a white ikea table top diy hacker hack

76. Gold and Marble Ikea Hyllis Hack

Like most Ikea products – the Hyllis is totally customizable if you have a bit of creativity and time to dress it up with this DIY hack. Check out this glamorous Ikea shelving unit made by BBB. Using spray paint, adhesive contact paper, wood shelves and some tools she gave her unit a total makeover. You can use any color spray paint or paper design to make a unit that will fit your style!

Gold and Marble Ikea Hyllis Hack top diy hacker

77. Kallax Changing Table Hack

No matter what you feel about changing tables, as soon as you take a look at this fabulous DIY hack you’ll consider having one in your home! What’s amazing about the IKEA Kallax unit is that it’s so affordable and functional, sturdy but easily movable –  you’ll be able to find a use for it in practically any room. Sherry had one of these units in her home and transformed it into a changing table by wrapping it in stained wood. 

Kallax Changing Table Hack top diy hacker

78. Bookcase Makeover Hack 

Here’s another hack using bookcases from IKEA. We totally recommend adding these to an office if you’re looking for a way to upgrade your space! This whole project cost just $55, and is easy to DIY! 

bookcase makeover diy hack top hacker

79. Turn the Expedit Into a Long Storage Unit

Heidi took one tall bookcase and an IKEA Expedit and turned it into an incredible storage unit for her living room. She majorly upgraded her space with this project, and it came out amazing. We love how much storage this unit has!

ikea hack expedit into long storage unit top diy hacker

80. DIY Coffee Table Bench Hack

This glamorous bench was made from a $60 coffee table! Jess just used some gold paint, fabric, foam and a staple gun for this luxurious looking transformation. 

DIY Coffee Table Bench Hack

81. Colorful IKEA Pendant Light Hack

Turn spare parts from the IKEA Maskros lamp into a huge flower lamp for a bold colorful addition to your room.

They split all the original white flowers of their polls and then we cut 3×160 circles in three different sizes of all kinds of different colored tissue paper. Each flower was made up of three different pieces of tissue paper and clipped back on to the polls. Easy and so beautiful!

Colorful IKEA Pendant Light Hack top diy hacker

82. Upholstered Bench Hack

You can easily make this Ikea Hack Mudcloth Upholstered Bench in just a few simple steps. Sara took a basic wood bench and added some of her favorite mud cloth fabric. All you need is foam, padding and a staple gun to make the upholstered top.

Upholstered Bench Hack top diy hacker

83. Easy Craft Table Hack

This hack is great for craft rooms or studios, and will give you a comfortable place to work on your projects and keep your supplies organized! All you need to build your own craft table is – One Linnmon Table Top, one Kallax shelf unit and two Olov adjustable table legs from IKEA.

Easy Craft Table Hack top diy hacker

84. DIY Furry Stools Hack

These DIY furry stools are so chic, and extremely easy to make. This project should take you 30 minutes to complete and costs only $30! 

DIY Furry Stools Hack top diy hacker


Give your Tullsta chair from IKEA (or any old fabric chair) a complete makeover with fabric paint and spray paint for the legs in this wonderful DIY hack

IKEA TULLSTA Hack comfy chair top diy hacker

86. Creative Colorful Shelving Unit Hack

Turn a Billy Bookcase from IKEA into a quirky set of drawers that will bring a huge dose of personality to your decor. Follow Infarrantly Creative’s steps to make your own!

Creative Colorful Shelving Unit Hack top diy hacker

87. DIY Ikea Strandmon Rocking Chair Hack

This is a great DIY project to work on for your baby’s nursery! Make your own very affordable Wingback rocking chair for less than half of the price – All you need is the Strandmon rocking chair from IKEA and rocking chair runners.

DIY Ikea Strandmon Rocking Chair Hack top diy hacker

88. DIY Tufted Ikea Karlstad Hack

Turn your Karlstand sofa from IKEA into a tufted piece that will look way more expensive than it actually was! Read the steps to see exactly how to do this DIY.

DIY Tufted Ikea Karlstad Hack top diy hacker

89. IKEA BEKVAM Washi Tape Hack 

Give your Ikea Bekvam step stool an easy makeover. A fresh coat of white paint and cute washi tape can give it a nice colorful touch! Check out the tutorial to read more about the simple steps.

IKEA BEKVAM Washi Tape Hack top diy hacker

90. IKEA Rug Hack

Use an IKEA rug as a wall tapestry by sandwiching it between two pieces of prefinished maple and hanging it on your wall! 

hang an ikea rug on the wall hack top diy hacker

Pets DIY Hacks

91. DIY Canine Condo Hack

You can make a “Canine Condo” from IKEA Meltorp kitchen tables and a rug! Measure the dog crates and slide them right in for a safe and clever place to house your furry friends. This is an especially useful hack for dog sitters!

DIY Canine Condo Hack for your pets top diy hacker

92. DIY Dog Crate System Hack 

Another simple hack for homes with multiple dogs – This is a cozy place to keep your dog’s crate. Construct this Crate System with two IKEA Malm desks and a drill.

DIY Dog Crate System Hack top diy hacker

93. DIY Dog Steps Hack 

Do you own a small dog? Here’s a cute little hack for making DIY dog steps out of IKEA crates. Your pup will thank you!

diy dog steps hack top diy hacker

94. Cat Climber Hack

Make a cheap and easy cat climber for your lazy cat with this DIY hack! This is a simple design, no drilling or messiness, no special tools required. The rugs are easy to remove for washing.

cat climber hack top diy hacker

Plants DIY Hacks

95. How to make pretty planters out of pretty baskets

This video is one of our favorites. Hermione makes these two gorgeous planters out of baskets and some rope. They look slick and could fit any plant!

how to make pretty diy planter out of a basket top diy hack hacker

96. How to Make DIY Wood Plant Stands

A great post from Ashley Rose where she makes these three really beautiful wooden planter stands made out of wooden plates. The tutorial is really easy to follow and these planters are surprisingly pretty simple to make!

diy acacia wood plant stands

97. DIY Succulent Plant Box Hack

This hack is under $10, and incredibly easy! Once you have your Dragan bamboo boxes from IKEA, fill them halfway with soil and plant your succulents.

DIY Succulent Plant Box Hack top diy hacker

98. DIY Plant Shelves Hack

Medina made this Plant Shelves Hack by using the Frosta stool from IKEA along with some tools. Very easy, and we guarantee your plants will be happy living on these cute shelves!

DIY Plant Shelves Hack top diy hacker

99. IKEA Stool and Tree-Stump Succulent Stand Hack

The name of this DIY project may be long, but we assure you, it is incredibly simple! Transform a plain and ordinary Marius stool from IKEA into a beautiful stand for your plants in just a couple of steps.

IKEA Stool and Tree-Stump Succulent Stand Hack top diy hacker

100. Succulent Table Hack

In this video, they show how to make an IKEA table into a luscious space for your succulents.

nifty diy succulent table ikea hack top hacker

BONUS: Spray Painted Pen Cups

Check out this incredible DIY tutorial by Angela where she makes these amazing decorative pen holders for her office.

DIY Ikea hack: spray painted pen cups

BONUS: Make your own extra wide curtains

Check out this amazing tutorial by Fifi where she makes her own curtains that absolutely transform her livingroom!


BONUS: Turn spice racks into bookshelves

Check out this amazing tutorial on how Michelle took $3.99 spice racks and turned them in beautiful bookshelves for her kids.

ikea spice racks turned into book shelves


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