From string lamps to lamps that charge your devices, there’s a stylish and affordable solution.

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to update the way you feel about your surroundings. We’ve rounded up the top ten most creative ways to illuminate every space you need, with a stylish solution. What’s great about our search is we uncovered many gorgeous solutions that are so individual and unique. So let’s get to it! Here’s our top ten list:

1. Lighten and Brighten

Floor lamps can easily brighten any space, and they really don’t require much room. They’re even better when they can serve dual functions, and in with the Maxwell Floor Lamp, it actually solves three! It has shelving space and even drawers that’ll store your valuables. What more could you ask for?

Shelf & LED Floor Lamp Combination


2. Add Metallics

Whether you want to add a metallic lamp, mirror, or paint a wall with a metallic hued print, they can be the right hue to capture light while reflecting as much of it as possible. Our Helix Lamp is the perfect futuristic solution, to illuminate any space while cooly emitting the most light possible.

Source: Brightech

3. Opt for Matte Over Glossy Tones

Lighting that is reflected off matte surface walls can make a room feel a bit deeper. It’s a subtle effect, but no matter what kind of light you choose, making a subtle change with a couple of coats of paint can make the right impact.

4. Supplement Your Daylight

That’s right…next to a window is the perfect place to add a light. You can maximize the natural light and illuminate it as needed with the right floor lamp. One beautiful solution is the Trilage Floor Lamp. It’s three shades at varying heights are guaranteed to emit the best light.

Source: Brightech

5. Use Shiny Surfaces

Advance your light by bouncing it off the right shiny surfaces. Placing a light next to a wall mirror, or window can create an intensified sense of warmth and clarity to a room.

Source: Brightech

6. Carve Out Your Relaxation Nook

No matter how much space you have or don’t have, the simple addition of a basic seat and lamp can add a wonderful spot to decompress and unwind. It can also be your personal place to recharge by escaping with a good book. You can use a poof, chair, or loveseat, anything you can easily fit, and a simple yet elegant lamp. Just like that, you’ve created a space to treat yourself.

Source: Brightech

7. Choose a Large Fixture

Embrace a large size fixture. Adding a statement piece can feel like a daunting task, but luckily, Brightech’s made it easy with our show-stopping collection of floor lamps including the Sparq. It’s guaranteed to drive the right attention.

Source: Brightech

8. Have a Roof or High Placed Natural Light?

Source: Brightech

Capture the light of it reflected in the right table lamps just below. If you don’t have skylights, you can create a similar warm glow effect with Ambience Vintage Cafe String Lights.

9. Use Multiple Light Sources

You can take the right floor lamp, mixed or matched with the right table lamp, to suit your needs. The key is defining your style and remaining true to that sensibility. The rest should flow. There aren’t any hard fast rules anymore per se, however, it’s a good idea to stick within the same tones. So, if you’re going to go natural wood in one room, you could continue that theme or use light metal. It’s best to avoid mixing types of wood as that can appear scattered.

10. Change it Seasonally

Source: Brightech

Rearrange your lighting solutions as you need to gain more light as fall and winter approach. You may find that you crave warmer lighting solutions, as provided in the soft glow cast by the Charlotte Floor Lamp.