5 Beautiful Ways to Light Your Home for Thanksgiving_3

Fall is officially upon us, with Halloween and Thanksgiving as the first holidays we associate with the season. And there’s something, that makes it different from the rest of the seasons. The balmy autumn breeze and clear blue skies adorned with floating clusters of white cotton clouds are inexplicably alluring. The rustic sound of dried leaves with the crackling of acorns under your feet sets the mood for the best season of the year. Fall is nature’s retreat from the severity of the summers and that gives us more than just one reason to be thankful.

As pumpkin spice aromas infuse the air and shades of autumn warm our hearts, its time to deck up this much awaited holiday season. While you must be busy browsing and planning for a grand Thanksgiving dinner, don’t forget to glam up your decor with some charming festive lights

Here is our list of 5 brilliant ways to brighten up your home for a memorable Thanksgiving.

Glowing Nuts

pinecone string lights thanksgiving decor
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Celebrating harvest without acorns and pinecones is as incomplete, as festive decor is without string lights. And what better way to bring life to your colorful fall decor than adding a glow to them? This battery operated nutty string light can be installed both indoors as well as outdoors to transform any area instantly. Twining these lights around your mantlepiece, stairway railings or your center table are one of the finest ways to lift up your mood for Thanksgiving.


Acorn string lights
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Acorn LED string lights are versatile and pocket-friendly. Needless to say, they are so cute, make sure you consider them for your fall decor’s shopping list.

Turkey Tea Lights


Turkey Tea Light Holders
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Turkeys are the traditional showstoppers for Thanksgiving. Keeping that in mind, take a look at these cute little turkey tea light holders from Amazon. Cast in metal, these unique tea light holders will surprise your guests and kickstart your gala soiree.

Though fragranced tea light candles would be a celebrated option, it might not be practical around kids and linens. In that case, don’t be dishearted. Use LED tea light candles. They are equally bright and are also safe amidst the festive excitement.

Upgrade your Outdoor Lanterns


Front Porch Fall lights
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Your porch needs to be as appealing as your beautiful spread on the table. And since Thanksgiving is all about gratitude make sure you look around and upcycle your existing decor in the most creative ways. Remember the outdoor lanterns you paid for a couple of months back for your summer evening retreats? Well, it’s still not time to put those gorgeous lighting decors away.


fall lights outdoor lantern
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Mix and match your decor with these rustic lanterns to set the theme for a perfect rustic farmhouse decor. Twisting a few strings of these artificial fall leaves is a smart way to bring out the best of the autumnal flavors.


fall outdoor lanterns lights
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You can also create an interesting composition with lanterns of different sizes and set them apart with pinecones and battery operated candles.

 Twig Lights

pumpkin twig lights fall lights
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In addition to the rustic theme of farms and fall, Twigs are another interesting anchor to light up your Thanksgiving decor. They look naturally rustic and effortlessly blend in with your decor needs. Twig lights are hugely popular this season and we recommend that you choose at least one of them.


fall lights twigs thanksgiving
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While there are many variations, there are two of these that have caught our attention. First, are the naturally appealing bunch of glowing twig lights in a vase and the other is the delightful lighted twig pumpkins. Both of these are incredibly adorable and will instantly warm up your festive spirit.

Weatherproof Edison Lights


solar string lights fall table decor
Source: Mason De Pax


There is nothing like enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends at your personal nature’s retreat – your backyard. Besides the warm aromatic food, you need to blend your ambiance with some inviting Edison string lights stretched across your dinner table. These lights are a wonderful prop with their warm lights and perfect intensity of jubilant glow.

Check out the ambiance pro-solar string lights by Brightech that is specially designed for memorable occasions such as these. They are waterproof which makes them highly attractive for a season that is often prone to shower spells and cold soggy days.

What is your favorite takeaway from our list? Do you have any special tip to share with your fellow readers? Do share your ideas to help us all enjoy a bright Thanksgiving!