Dads are our superheroes.

They shape us into who we are – and they definitely deserve something special in return!

Are you still racking your brains, trying to come up with the perfect gift for Dad? While it’s certainly challenging to find the perfect gift, we have five bright options that won’t break the bank and are sure to make Pops happy!

If any of the dads below sound like YOUR father, you’re sure to light up his life with a Brightech floor lamp!

The Gamer Dad

Maxwell wireless charge floor lamps with usb charge and shelves
Source: Brightech

Is Dad into gaming but desperately needs a better spot for his console – and something to keep all his games organized? No worries, we got you!

The Maxwell Wireless Charging Lamp is one of our bestselling floor lamps, and there’s a good reason why!

Aside from its incredibly useful wooden display shelves, the Maxwell enhances any room with beautiful accent lighting. This lamp’s specially-designed white shade softens the bulb’s light, giving off a relaxed, diffused glow.

Dad won’t have to worry about changing the bulb too often, either – the Maxwell’s 9.5-watt power-saving LED bulb will give him over 20,000 hours of light! Plus, the Maxwell is Alexa compatible and comes with two USB ports, so Dad can charge his phone while he’s playing.

This stylish AND functional lamp will make any gamer and techie happy this Father’s Day!

Get the Maxwell Wireless Charge Floor Lamp for just $79.99 

The Fun Dad

Kuler Sky colorful floor lamp
Source: Brightech


Is your Dad one of those super fun, lively dads who love to entertain and host?

If so, we have a lamp that will make him the life of the party for sure! With its festive colorful lighting, this a lamp that will impress any guest!

The Kuler SKY floor lamp has a sleek and slender design with a rotating top, and RGB color-changing LED lights to create mood and ambience with thousands of kaleidoscopic patterns. It powers on/off at the tap of a button, and with our LED-integrated fixture, you never have to replace a bulb.

Bluetooth enabled, your cool dad can control the Kuler SKY via iOS & Android devices. You can even play songs from your iPhone, and the colors will bounce to the beat of the music, making this lamp perfect for entertaining kids, too!

Get the Kuler SKY for $70.99

The Outdoorsy Dad

outdoor solar string lights for Father's Day
Source: Brightech

Does your dad just love the outdoors, and his camping trips? How about spending time outside by the grill?

We can’t blame him, some of the best memories are made by spending time in the Great Outdoors!

Here’s a little something that can truly upgrade his outdoor experience in a big way – just in time for Summer.

Other than the huge advantages of solar lighting, these Solar String Lights are both weatherproof and waterproof making them perfect for the outdoors.

With no need to plug them in, the Ambience Pro Solar Lights are portable and easy to bring along to any camping trip to light up the campsite.

Set them up by your RV, tent, or transform your backyard into a perfectly lit up retreat. The convenient, easy installation will make set-up a breeze, making these lights even more enjoyable for Dad!

Our solar string lights come in a variety of different styles, from hanging to non-hanging, Edison Bulbs, to Globe bulbs, warm white to soft white, we’ve got an awesome selection for you to choose from!

Get the Ambience Pro Solar Lights for $37.99, or check out our full collection of Solar String Lights

The Crafter Dad

Lightview 2-in-1 magnifier lamp for crafty dads Father's Day
Source: Brightech

Some people are really into their hobbies!

If you have a crafter Dad, we’ve got the perfect addition to his desk or studio.

The Lightview 2-1 is a magnifier lamp that will enhance any hobby and provide the perfect amount of magnification, so he can see all the small details up close. This lamp is useful for anyone but especially beneficial for older eyes.

The 3-diopter, 4.5-inch diameter lens will help enlarge even the smallest details, making his hobby even more enjoyable to work on.Let’s not forget about the 2-1 feature – this lamp converts from a floor lamp to a table lamp, giving him a useful tool suitable for any workspace or project.

Perfect for arts and crafts, woodworking, sculpting, miniature painting, and more – This is definitely a lamp that your crafter dad will appreciate!

Get the Lightview 2-in-1 for $89.99

The Bookworm Dad

Litespan reading lamp for bookworm dad Father's Day
Source: Brightech


What if we told you we had the perfect lamp to go along with any book?

Well, the more you read, the more you know!

The Litespan is a great lamp for any bookworm, providing the ideal amount of bright light so they can read comfortably, and lose themselves in their book!

The flexible gooseneck allows you to adjust the angle of the lamp, giving off the light to properly shine up the pages of his books. Dad can even set his light level in a range from high to low and the Litespan will remember his light preference.

The Litespan is easy to move around and great to set up next to Dad’s desk or cozy reading nook. It has a functional, modern design and comes in a variety of colors.

This sturdy lamp also has a secure, high stability base that will keep it from being knocked over easily by kids or pets.

Set up the Litespan next to your Dad’s favorite reading spot, and surprise him with a new lamp that will be sure to help him enjoy his books!

Get the Litespan for $42.99


With all the different types of Fathers out there, one thing is for sure, we can’t help but love all of them!

We hope you found the right gift on our list, but if you didn’t, no worries…

Check out our site where we have a huge selection of different lighting options and find the one that will brighten up your dad’s Father’s Day