5 Solar Lights You Need to Create an Eco-Friendly Space_6

Solar lighting has been around for quite some time now. It’s because of solar lighting that all those relaxing outdoor evenings have become possible without worrying about skyrocketing electricity bills. Backyards and the outdoor areas of modern homes, in general, have also witnessed quite a transition due to solar lighting. Quitting traditional wires, these lights have made their way into our lives with solar panels as small as the size of a chip. Besides, don’t you agree that they are an excellent way to utilize our natural resources? After all, solar power is the kind of asset that has tremendous potential to be harnessed for your daily lives.

There are many advantages to having solar lights in your homes. We’ve discussed cutting down on your bills. But aside from the obvious, these lights are easy to install, low on maintenance, and absolutely eco-friendly. Modern era solar lighting also comes in a wide assortment of designs, shapes, colors and even weather resistant features.

Check out our list of 5 solar lights that will let you create your very own eco-friendly space:

1. Ambiance Solar String Lights

Solar Edison String lights Brightech
Source: Brightech

The most popular category of fairy lights looked up on the internet is solar string lights. If you’ve become tired of finding electric sockets for your outdoor string lights, or used endless extension cords to make your magical outdoor dream come true, it’s time you switch to its solar version. The LED bulbs used for these string lights are typically long lasting and the most cost-effective way to add some glamour to your backyard.

Outdoor solar string lights, as promised, come in a multitude of designs. From paper lanterns, themed designs, tiny fairy lights to delicate strips of light, you can get it all. Also, reviving the old Brooklyn Cafe style, vintage Edison bulbs have made a huge comeback. Brightech recently launched its Ambience Pro Solar LED lights, that are not only vintage inspired but also weather resistant. That means you can transform your outdoors all year round, irrespective of unreliable weather conditions. How incredible is that!

Make sure you decorate your porch, pergolas or patio umbrellas with these incredible solar bulbs.


2.  Solar Garden Stake Lights

solar garden stake lights
Source: Amazon

Solar powered garden lights are the next significant breakthrough for easy-going outdoor lighting. This means you no longer have to worry about tripping in the dark. Solar garden lights are one of the most convenient ways to brighten up your garden or your front porch once the sun goes down.

Solar brick path lights
Source: Power Bee

These can even be used as excellent path lights to illuminate your pathway or driveway at no installation cost at all. Simply place these light fixtures in the ground and let them warm up to the sun. Once the sun goes down, these beautiful lights will automatically light up. The long-lasting LED bulbs and rechargeable batteries also leave you at ease for a considerable amount of time.

3. Solar Glowing Orbs

outdoor solar globe lights
Source: House Logic

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? 😍

Competing with regular solar lamps, we introduce to you these beautiful LED globes that can enhance any landscape. These bright and colorful solar globes can brighten your garden, pathways and especially your pool area. Most of them being water resistant, they look incredible floating in your swimming pool. Dreamy!

While these solar orbs make summer outdoors more exciting, their weather-resistant features also allow you to brighten up your winter decor. These lights can run up to 8 hours creating an ambient mood in different colors just with a simple remote control that comes along with it.

Solar Garden Planters
Source: Pinterest

Another variety to this fun, eco-friendly lighting idea is solar garden planters. Pretty similar to the concept above, these garden pots are totally functional planters, and then at night, they begin glowing into pretty colors!

4. Solar Indoor Lights

indoor solar lights
Source: Pinterest

We know that there’s a wide array of choices for outdoor solar lighting, but who wouldn’t want the same for their indoors?! Although a pretty new concept, indoor solar lights are gradually becoming popular and are definitely a match to their outdoor counterparts. Other than saving on electricity bills, indoor solar light fixtures will also work when the power is out. Because of these unpredictable moments,  indoor solar lamps are being confidently picked up by consumers all around the world.

With the basic setup needs of a small solar panel, a battery, a safety switch and fuse box, a light and a switch, you’ll be set and ready to install solar lights inside your house. You can also opt for portable solar lamps or study lamps to assist you with your minimum carbon footprint lifestyle.

5.  DIY Solar Powered Lamp

outdoor solar table lamp
Source: Pinterest

Eco-friendly doesn’t have to be boring. With this DIY idea, you’ll never want to throw away an old lamp. After all, repurposing is also an integral part of our eco-friendly lifestyle, isn’t it?

Check out this interesting blog that guides you through building your own outdoor lamp that does away with annoying cords and cables. Once completed, these lamps can be an attractive lighting prop in your patio, both during the day and at night. Allow enough time to charge the solar cells during the day and you can even treat it as a unique indoor lamp.

This DIY solar lamp is extremely cost-effective, fun to make and turns out be a creative piece of art.

So, if you’ve been putting off the idea of using solar lights in your house, remember that they are the easiest and most affordable way for an eco-friendly lifestyle.