Table lamps have evolved and transformed their way into 2018

Table lamps have been a popular choice of lighting for as long as one can remember. Their recognizably compact features and accessibility with a switch in your hand, is why these lamps have always been a favorite source of lighting in almost every residence. People generally focused on just ‘good-looking’ lamps, regardless of their impact on the overall decor of a room.

As space constraints turned out to be a real thing in modern day living, table lamps were abandoned in exchange for more slender, brighter options like avant-garde floor lamps, sconces and chandeliers.

Like any other fashion trend, lighting trends come and go. The love for classics always makes their way back to fit the style of contemporary living. Table Lamps have witnessed a remarkable transition in terms of design, functionality and the overall look and feel, giving stiff competition to its lighting peers.

Take a look at these top 5 table lamp trends of 2018. They’re transforming the concept of lighting decor at amazing prices.

1. Clear Glass Lamps

Ania Champagne Glass Jar Table Lamp
Source: Lamps Plus

Table lamps with transparent glass bases are a beautiful addition to any room. These lamps stand out with striking features and bold structures. The clear glass lamps are a style statement for modern residences with diversity in designs and price points.

Besides adding charm, these lamps infuse subtle colors and textures to compliment your decor and create an illusion of space with their transparent features. They are an ideal source for residences struggling with space.

2. Gilded Table Lamps

Silverwood Hive Gilded Gold Table Lamp
Source: Home Depot

If you’re looking for an easy way to add a royal touch of class through your table lamps, then this one’s for you. 2018 has witnessed the surge of natural and metallic finishes like gold, bronze and copper that have distinguished themselves in lighting fixtures, including table lamps.

These table lamps are alloyed with textured gold treatments that add a splash of luxury and rich accents to homes, offices and apartments. Metallic lamp shades or gilded bases are equal partners when it comes to popularity. These lamps are an excellent pop-up to interiors that are subtle and in need of a dazzling change.

3. Modern Printed Lamp Bases

Ziggy Black & White Striped Table Lamp
Source: CB2

Traditionally prints and designs were exclusive to lampshades alone, but not anymore. This year, we see the trend span the spectrum with exciting prints and textures. Embossed ceramic bases that complement with bold and solid colored lamp shades are a strong trend. Printed ceramic lamps radiate the modern, creative and fun side of you.

These creative lamps are definite “head turners”! They create lively conversation starters with their exciting patterns and playful accents. With these, you can cheer up the ambience of any dull room.

4. Earthy Wooden Lamps

Wood Knot Table Lamp
Source: West Elm

Take a look at this all natural driftwood lamp. It brings us close to the seas and to Mother Nature in the midst of contemporary decor. These lamps can be used both as an accent or as a show stopper. 

Natural materials like wood have set the tone for farmhouse and coastal themed decor this year. Driftwood decor is definitely worthy of mention, and is a cornerstone of farmhouse or coastal themes. They’re a fresh perspective washed to shore, offering dynamic changes in lighting decor trends by bringing nature indoors.

5. Multi-utility Table Lamps

Circle USB Table Lamp
Source: Brightech

A modern-day table lamp is incomplete without multi-utility features. While artistic taste is of prime importance, the trending look is futuristic. The LED-powered, non-glare Circle Table Lamp has a built-in dimmer, USB ports, and an ambient lighting feature. It’s is exactly how a visionary lamp should look. This table lamp is chic and classy, with unique features of sci-fi inspired design.

There is absolutely nothing more that you can ask from a table lamp that checks all your requirements from design, utility and affordability price points. Multi-functionality is certainly the future of modern day table lamps.

What’s your favorite style from our featured list of stunning trendsetting table lamps?

If you’re obsessed about owning one of these lamps and wondering how to make the best choice, let this roundup be your to-go list! Choose a style of lamp that suits your lighting needs and is an extension of your personal style, to accentuate your existing decor.