String lights are an easy and affordable way to transform the ambiance of your living. They are extremely affordable and creative to use, making them a hot favorite in home decor.

With the concept of DIY’s becoming extremely popular these days, there are plenty of ways to utilize string lights. These tiny festive lights miss no opportunity to make your home look chic and charming.

So far, string lights have been mostly used to enhance the decor of your outdoors. However, because of its versatility, these lights are changing the face of indoor lighting as well. Over these years, they have evolved in all possible ways we can imagine. Ranging from different sizes, shapes and colors, there is a light that suits every mood and every occasion.

And while there are many on our bucket list, let’s take a look at these 5 amazing ways to incorporate string lights in your home.

1. Prepare for a Cozy Evening Retreat

string lights warm fall dinner
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It’s the end of the year and all you can think is of ways to keep you warm and enjoy the festive spirit. String lights can play an incredible role to help your decor plans without hurting your budget. Create a super warm and cozy patio for those relaxing Fall dinners by putting up string lights over your seating arrangements. They look chic and are one of the easiest ways to lift up your evenings with their soft yellow glow.


Edison string lights


Understanding the needs for such memorable evenings, Brightech recently launched their own version of string lights. These Edison bulbs are a bit different from the regular ones. And we say so, because not only are they solar powered, they are also designed to be weatherproof. The Ambience pro-solar string lights are a thoughtful innovation as they are capable to withstand harsh weather conditions and are extremely energy efficient.

2. Retro Style Kitchen


string light in kitchen
Source: Futurist Architecture

We’ve seen the traditional style kitchens but this Scandinavian one, in particular, is a compete ice-breaker. With a bold pendant light right in the center, the large string lights casually thrown over the door serve as an additional source of modern decor.

Needless to say, these lights can effortlessly create a warm and modern cafe-like environment for a modest kitchen like this one.

3. Light up your Living Rooms


living room string lights
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Are you bored with floor lamps or does a ceiling fixture seem out of your budget?

In either case, this living room can be your savior. LED powered globe lights are warm and bright and can creatively substitute for any other expensive fixture. Also, have you noticed that you can install these lights without the hassle of nails and extensive labor? Well, what else would you think when we emphasize clever DIY’s.


Source: Pinterest

Besides, the vintage feel associated with globe lights and large Edison bulbs, these can be your clue to add farmhouse decor elements to your everyday living. For instance, take a look at this stunning living room. Thoughtfully suspended string lights not only succeed in adding a chic classical touch but also act as a trendy way to divide a compact living room.

4. Bring Life to your Work Desk

globe string lights work desk
Source: The Glitter Guide

It always isn’t easy for those who work from home. While it may seem comforting, it is equally challenging to work and stay motivated in a typical home environment.

Taking into account the importance to balance your productivity, add some LED Edison style string lights for a quick creative makeover to your work desk that will go a long way to keep you happy.

Artist and decor enthusiast, Katie Rogers recreates a buoyant and cheerful ambiance by hanging a couple of these vibrant globe lights over her work desk. Now, isn’t that a stunning idea to be inspired from? 

5. Create a Magical Bedroom

led globe string lights bedroom
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Last but not least, this list isn’t complete without the magic of string lights in your bedroom.

Creativity gives you the freedom to play with these incredibly versatile lights in the way your heart desires. If nightstands are not your thing, don’t feel out of the game. LED string lights let you experiment and discover the most delectable spaces without having to look too far.


string lights in bedroom corner
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If you want to recreate your reading nook after a long day, it is a must that you add these Edison string lights to your list. They have the perfect soft yellow glow to make your room look bright and cozy, all at the same time.


ladder string lights
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And if you are still missing an ideal spot to use string lights in your bedroom, repurpose a ladder by entwining globe style string lights around it and bring some cheer to your otherwise regular bedroom.


vanity string lights mirror
Source: Indie Home Collective


You can also highlight your dressing mirror by adding string lights to it. This will definitely make your room look bright and glamorous without burning a hole in your wallet.


canopy with string lights
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And if any of these aren’t enough, indulge in a little luxury by creating a canopy of twinkling string lights. There could be no better way to maximize the potential of these warm, stylish lights for a perfectly enchanting bedroom.

So, don’t wait for a festive season to put up your string lights. Trust your creative instincts and experiment to get some of the most exciting lighting features for your indoors.