We’ve spoken so much about Fall decor ideas and Thanksgiving inspirations already. However, the last lap to complete the tradition of November holidays is yet to be covered. Yes, it’s Black Friday! I’m sure you’re looking forward to this day as much as the upcoming grand Thanksgiving dinner. And that’s why we at Brightech want it to be all the more special for you.

It’s understandable that Black Friday deals are hard to resist until after Thanksgiving. As families come over and the holiday cheer sets up its momentum, all of it seems incomplete without a little retail therapy. But don’t worry, we aren’t tempting you to break the bank. Instead, we want to make sure you have the most glowing, luminescent Thanksgiving ever.

Having said that, Brightech has just launched it’s 15% sitewide sale offer on all its exquisite lamps. Now isn’t that something for a holiday cheer?

Here’s a quick recap of 7 of our favorite lamps that you may want to consider bringing home or gifting a dear family member with:

1. Aiden LED Floor Lamp


Brightech Tall Floor Lamp Indoor Lighting Black Friday Sale
Source: Brightech

Tall floor lamps are such a space saver! You don’t have to worry about them getting knocked over with the hustle and bustle of guests and kids playing around. But what’s most appealing about this lamp (besides its gracious name) is its unique modern design; one that effortlessly blends into any style of living and decor features of a room.

Moreover, the frosted glass globe is a trendsetter of the year and Aiden is no exception. Available in metallic colors of bronze and brass, its warm light never misses a chance to impress those who set their eyes upon her.


2. Sky Glass LED Floor Lamp

Sky glass led lamp modern floor lamp
Source: Brightech

Second on our list of favorites is this multifunctional, contemporary torchiere LED floor lamp. I don’t want to be biased when saying it’s one of the best in our collection, but you’ll see why for yourself. Besides for its gorgeous design and conversational style element, this lamp is a powerhouse with 2100 lumens!

This means that it can independently light your room without any other additional or overhead lights. What a win! The Sky Glass LED Floor Lamp is not just any regular torchiere lamp.

Sky Glass - LED Torch Floor Lamp
Source: Brightech

Not only does it brighten up the room for a houseful of guests, but it also sets the mood for some relaxing family conversations. Proficient for both mood and task lighting, this lamp is a must-have for Brightech’s Black Friday specials.


3. Sky Plus LED Lamp

Silver modern floor lamp for black friday sale Brightech
Source: Brightech

The Sky Plus LED is a ‘one step ahead’ version of the Sky Glass LED Floor lamp.  The reason we don’t want you to miss out on this one has more to do than just with the design. If you’re looking for a more powerful lamp that can solve both your home and office needs, then you must definitely take a look at this one.

With 3000 lumens from the uplight head and an additional 1,000 lumens from the lower head, this lamp is the perfect buy for Black Friday this year. Available in 5 different finishes, this contemporary, dimmable lamp will easily fit into any corner of your house. From basic lighting needs and office work to leisure reading for the holidays, this stunning lamp is a steal that saves you both energy and money.

4. Madison Floor and Table Lamp

Black Friday Madison Lamp deal table lamp
Source: Brightech

Take a deep breath! We call this lamp the showstopper of our collection. At first, it may look like any other ordinary lamp on a nightstand. But look closer and you’ll get a glimpse of what we’re about to tell you.

Madison - LED Floor and Table Lamp, Shelves & USB Port Combination
Source: Brightech

The Madison LED Floor and Table lamp is the magical answer to all your lighting needs, covering both style and functionality. It’s time you stopped worrying about space issues with traditional nightstands. The Madison lamp comes with three shade options, each with its own individual style statement inspired by Art Deco, Traditional Decor and Urban Textures. Besides for its excellent lighting features, this lamp also offers the storage and display of a nightstand, along with USB ports for charging your electronics.

Doesn’t this look like the perfect holiday addition to your room?


5. Aria LED Frosted Glass Globe Lamp


modern aria floor lamp black friday special
Source: Brightech

Brightech’s Aria LED Floor Lamp is unique in many ways. For starters, I don’t think we need to speak much about its elegant design and contemporary look. This lamp most definitely fits into any corner and its personality is sure to brighten up your Thanksgiving celebrations. Besides the warm bright light that enlightens your space single-handedly, its marble base and strong structure prevent it from tipping off around playful kids and excited pets.

The Aria Frosted Globe Lamp even comes with an added advantage of luxury and ease. When paired with a smart plug, it is compatible with Alexa, Echo and Google Home, proving it to be a worthy Black Friday deal.

6. Tilt LED Floor Lamp


Tilt LED floor lamp for black friday Brightech
Source: Brightech

This 55 inches tall LED dimmable lamp is an example of how a futuristic lamp ought to be envisioned.  With a built-in foot pedestal, you can adjust the setting of your lighting preference in accordance with your office and recreational needs. This lamp is super bright and warm and yet safe to touch on the surface. Not only does this entitle it to be a conversational style statement for your home this holiday season, but it is also safe for use around kids, pets and adults alike.

Speaking of energy consumption, the integrated power-saving LED light is guaranteed to run flawlessly for 20 years! So there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t own such a piece of art with our early Black Friday specials this year.


7. The Maxwell Series

Last but not least, the Maxwell series. In a wide array of colors, the Maxwell series has been the most popular collection of Brightech. From multi-utility floor lamps to urban Asian style table lamps, this collection has won the hearts of many.

black friday maxwell lamp usb port sale
Source: Brightech

The Maxwell LED shelf floor lamp is an ambient lamp that is typically hard to resist. The warm illumination avoids the annoying glare. Besides, this freestanding lamp with shelves allows you to display some exquisite photos or showcase your books and DVD collection.

Maxwell drawer lamp black friday
Source: Brightech

A little variation to the above is the Maxwell Drawer LED Floor lamp and the Maxwell USB that comes with compact drawer storage for your tiny essentials. It also has USB charging ports to assist you with a more organized lifestyle. We love this so much!


Brown Table lamp warm light black friday special
Source: Brightech

Completing the Maxwell family is their chic ambient table lamp with a USB port that avoids the clutter on your nightstand. In shades of Classic Black and Havanah Brown, this lamp is a one-step-up in modern home lighting trends. End your day with a relaxing book to read and some warm, rejuvenating light starting this holiday season.

Compatible with smart home devices like Alexa, Echo, Dot, and Google Home, the Maxwell series is a must buy to make most of our Black Friday specials.

The list isn’t entirely over yet!  Brightech has many more offerings to light up your festive spirits.  So, don’t forget to check out the rest of our fantastic collection at extremely delightful price points!