Let us show you how to achieve the mood lighting you want, to set the tone for a professional-looking, beautifully designed living space, without breaking your budget.

3 Necessities of Lighting

Modern Living Room by HeyPik
Source: HeyPik (© 2018 heypik)

Did you know every room needs 3 basic types of lighting? It’s definitely TRUE. The 3 basic types of lighting include general, task and accent lighting. The first two are true basics, which need to be more functional. Consider these as your overhead lighting, and floor lamps. As every home (no matter the space available) requires the first two types, it’s with accent lighting that you have a design opportunity to create the mood you want.

Mood Lighting Sets the Tone

Mood lighting, or accent lighting, is the concept which interior designers, hotels and other professionally designed spaces rely upon to create an environment. The aim is to enable you to experience, even improve, a variety of moods. It all depends upon what you need or want for that moment, and mood lighting gives you choices. Whether you need a spot to get warm, cozy, and comfortable, or a nook to read and complete your favorite tasks, mood lights are vital.

Here are some great examples of table lamps that can be used to achieve the mood lighting you need.

1. Warming Table Lamps

Brightechshop table lamps mood lighting Noah
Source: Brightech

The mood lighting in this comfy bedroom provides an opportunity to create a warm, cozy glow. The Noah Table Lamp serves as the centerpiece. With its bronze finish and adjustable lighting, you can illuminate the space to read comfortably with ease to your eyes, or you can create a sense of warmth by dimming down the tone.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly version, the Noah Table Lamp comes in LED as well. This amazing lamp is on sale for only $35.99, providing a stylishly perfect solution for your mood lighting needs while preserving your budget.


Source: Brightech

2. Futuristic Table Lamps

2018 has seen profoundly futurist mood lighting take center stage in design. As smart homes become more common, from metropolitan areas to the suburbs, the clean, sleek lines of modern mood lighting remains a hot trend this fall.

Take a look at the gorgeous showstopper from West Elm. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I think everyone can see this lamp is an absolutely exquisite design. But even at a price reduction, it retails at $249. While stunning, it’s just not necessary to spend this much when you can get beautiful, modern mood lighting at a fraction of the price.

West Elm LED Revolve Table Lamp
Source: West Elm

Without sacrificing beauty nor conversation-worthy eccentric design, here’s a futuristic table lamp with a clean, artistic touch. The Circle USB table lamp sets a cool, futuristic tone while providing a piece of artwork in your surroundings. The cords are actually more ergonomically friendly to suit your surroundings than it’s higher-priced fellow table lamp.

Brightech table lamps mood lighting circle usb
Source: Brightech

Now here’s the same lamp, on another setting. Just imagine the moods and tones you can create! This lamp will transform your space into two completely separate tones, setting the mood for two completely separate kinds of feelings or environments.

Brightech table lamps circle usb black
Source: Brightech

For those interested in multi-functional pieces as well, the Circle USB clearly demonstrates its value. Light your surroundings from the most modern, clean, and clearly lit environment, to a warm, ecologically friendly LED glow. Who would’ve imagined the future could feel so cozy?

3. Ethnic-Inspired Table Lamps

From Japan to Marrakesh to Mumbai, ethnic-inspired table lamps will always be classic, bohemian design favorites. End of the year 2018 trends agree. One of the great things about ethnic style lamps are their durability, functionality, and of course, individual look they inspire.

Japanese Paper Walls

Brightech Table Lamp Mood Lighting Maxwell
Source: Brightech

Inspired by Japanese Shoji paper sliding walls, the Maxwell table lamp provides for excellent mood lighting. Its clean lines are a minimalist favorite for those wanting the beauty and timeless style of the Far East.

Moroccan Table Lanterns

Moroccan Tall Table Lantern
Source: Pinterest

Talk about setting a mood! I personally love these, as they remind me of warm desert evenings spent in Marrakesh. Often, when I look at table lamps and paper lights I’ve picked up during my travels, it warms my total mood at the memory of the trip. As ethnic styles are now widely available online, you can create the idea of any geographical place on your “bucket list” to travel.

Diwali Lanterns

Diwali Table Lanterns Candles

This trio of beautiful, colored-glass Diwali lanterns are the perfect solution to bring a colorful ethnic touch with mood lighting. In addition to the exotic mood these lamps provide, the bursts of color are great compliments to any room. What’s even better is they’re used with candles, and you can take it even to the sensory level, with the mood you create using fragranced candles.

Your Lighting, Your Mood

Now that you know mood lighting is in the accentual details, you can use these design tips to create the mood lighting environments you desire. With these many stylish, on-trend options for mood lighting choices, the opportunities at every price point, for every sense of style, is out there and easy to attain.