The right kind of lighting is one of the perfect tools to revive the look and feel of your space. And while it may seem challenging to get the right ambiance for your space, a combination of several lights can really do the trick. Depending on the size of your room, your lighting needs and the ambiance you want to create, you need to figure out which lighting fixtures work best for you. While for some areas a bold statement light can do wonders, you may need to pair a few task and ambient lights to achieve a well-lit space elsewhere. But modern lighting is not just about design. The vast amount of lighting options allows you to experiment and creatively merge your purpose with eye-catching concepts.

So lets a take a look at how these light fixtures can brighten up your space in the most amazing ways:

1. Introduce Statement Lights

statement light for living room
Source: Owl Design

As the name implies, statement lights are bold lighting fixtures with a WOW factor. They are striking in design, noticeably larger in size and are the center-stage lighting prop of your room. Pendant lights are often co-related to statement lights but with a very fine line that differentiates the two. While all statement lights can be pendant lights, the other way round is only true if your pendant lamp is the primary lighting fixture of your space. Because of their alluring design and near-perfect illumination, these lights get to enjoy all the attention.

Statement lights can be installed in any room, with a defined objective for your lighting. From kitchen islands, dining spaces to even bedrooms, statement lights are gorgeous and impressively impact the overall decor and ambiance of your space.

2. Setting the Right Mood

Mason Arc LED Ambient light for your living room
Source: Brightech

Lamps and lighting fixtures are incredibly useful to add some ambiance to your space. With the right kind of lamps and light bulbs, you can easily create a warm inviting space for your guests, or ensure a soothing atmosphere for your bedrooms or nursery. While choosing your lamps for creating ambient spaces, make sure you opt for the right kind of lampshades and warm white lights that come with an anti-glare feature.

Your ambient lights can be anything from a table lamp to a floor lamp while keeping its actual intent in place. Like any other modern lamp, ambient lamps come in a multitude of impressive designs. For example, take a look at the Mason Arc LED Lamp. Its urban design, sturdy structure, double drum shade, and a 3-stage dimmer feature, make it perfect for all kinds of decor.

3.  Combining Ambient and Task Lighting

different levels of lighting for living room
Source: Ikea

Sometimes the best way to achieve a balanced and well-lit room is to combine your lighting props. It may be about space, or it may be about the lighting requirements or aesthetics of your room. Installing lights at different levels also has its own perks. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, combining pendants and task lights can e absolutely gorgeous.

However, there are certain things that you must be careful of when combing different styles of lights. Make sure that you follow the design flow of your room and don’t overcrowd it with a bunch of lights. Remember, you don’t want to overdo it. Also, bear in mind that you want your lamps to compliment each other in size and shape, so as not clutter your space.

Take a look at this modern living room from Ikea beautifully landscaped with different levels of lighting. With a contemporary pendant light, a bold table lamp and a pair of chic task lamps, this room is absolute goals!

4. Adding a Couple of Creative Lights

creative lights for dining room
Source: Elle Decor

Creative people, come at me! Creative lamps are all the rage right now, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Modern lighting design has allowed us to experiment with an incredible amount of design and shapes. While traditionally, innovative designs were primarily meant to act as accents, modern technology has gifted us with a lot more than we can imagine. From sci-fi designs to unconventional awe-inspiring lights, you just have to name it to find it.

Depending on your decor style, creative designs can uplift your space in so many ways. The robust sputnik chandelier, industrial style modern lamps, sculptural statement pieces or even futuristic LED lamps can totally transform the overall appeal of your space.

Allure modern futuristic lamp
Source: Brightech

The Allure Tall Modern LED lamp, for instance, is a charming example of a futuristic lamp. With an incredible space-saving design and dimmable light controls, this lamp is perfect as a creative highlight for modern contemporary homes.

5. Lighting as a Memorable Experience

sparq arc led lamp-light for comfort and design
Source: Brightech

If you want to invest in a light, make sure it guarantees a memorable experience to your space. Besides for just creating some illumination, your investment in terms of design and its impact are other factors that should be taken into consideration. Such lights can create a momentous experience irrespective of the room where you choose to install it. So while choosing your perfect light, keep in mind how it makes you feel.

Take a look at the Sparc- Arc LED lamp here. It comes with an impressive floating design, anti-glare warm LED light, and a built-in dimmer feature to heighten your decor as well as increase your comfort and downtime. Winning!

Ready to Light up Your Life?

The right kind of lighting can do so much to reform your space, that it totally seems worth it! We hope these examples helped you out. Share photos of your lighting in your space with us!