Meet the New Generation of Table Lamps_2

Ever thought about how table lamps are an indispensable part of our homes?

As far as you and I can remember, we’ve had at least one lamp on our bedside table or in our living rooms growing up. They are portable and serve as a great decor accent to uplift the ambiance of your room. But ever-evolving designs and changing lifestyles demand that a new perspective is given to these modest table lamps. Today, there is a wide array of lamps in terms of color, material, texture, price, and functionality.

So, on that note, Brightech has launched its series of table lamps that are one of a kind. From top-notch designs to a modern approach, let’s take a look at the new generation of table lamps by Brightech:

1. The Gorgeous Grace

Grace USB Modern Table Lamp Brightech
Source: Brightech

In classic colors of black and Havana brown, this modern LED lamp adds style both as a table and a bedside lamp. Befitting any urban style decor, the Grace LED lamp also comes with an easy access USB port at its base. Whether you’re reading a book, your Kindle device or working on your laptop, looking for an additional charging station will no longer be a concern! Winning!

Don’t need the lamp, but the USB port is a must? The Grace USB Lamp has been designed keeping that in mind too.

The next bonus of this contemporary lamp is its compact size, neutral linen lampshade and warm white LED light. Perfect for any kind of room, this lamp instantly brightens up, creating comfort and warmth for your space.

2. The Modern Madison

Madison floor and table lamp black white lampshade
Source: Brightech

Tired of knocking your lamp down or tripping over it in the middle of the night? Or is your nightstand fighting for space between your essentials and a bulky table lamp? Whichever scenario calls your name, the built-in Madison table lamp is your answer.

Attached directly to a nightstand, the ultra-convenient Madison rules out the need for a table at all. Its sensible design gives you enough room to store your books, bedside necessities, and your favorite decorative pieces.

Looking for more? This floor and table lamp comes with not one, but three charging ports. Two of these are USB ports, and the other is a standard power outlet. The Madison Lamp comes with a flexible head and in three different shades of a classic white, patterned black and white and an elegant Havana brown.

With a guaranteed lifespan of at least 20 years, this warm white LED lamp is just perfect for any room setting.

 3. In The Mood For The Mode

Modern led table and desk lamp
Source: Brightech

The Mode LED Table and Desk Lamp is yet another addition to Brightech’s collection of modern table lamps. With a bold and sturdy base and a linen lampshade, this lamp can rejuvenate any space with its soft and warm glow.

Besides for being a perfect choice for your bedroom, nursery or living room, the Mode is a great choice for office purposes too. With an easy access switch and an independent charging port, one can conveniently use it for devices even when the lamp is not in use.

4. You Spin My Head Right Round 😍

LED orb circle lamp with usb charger
Source:: Brightech

With a sci-fi name and a futuristic design, the Circle USB Table Lamp is an example of next-gen lamps. And if you don’t believe me, take a closer look.

Standing at 15 inches tall, this compact and super slim lamp can jazz up the darkest corners of your room. Its round orb of light is guaranteed to look great in any urban, industrial or minimalist decor. Use it in your bedroom, study, living room or even treat it as a piece of decor and you won’t be disappointed.

With a USB charging concept like the others mentioned above, this chic lamp also comes with a dimmer feature. Its 3-level dimmer setting gives you the liberty to set the tone and the brightness just as you need it.

And it doesn’t end just there! Even with a power efficient LED of 1330 lumens, this lamp remains cool to touch regardless of it working for hours.

Now, isn’t that something?

5. The Mighty Maxwell

USB modern port table and desk lamp with linen lampshade
Source: Brightech

This impressive table lamp is an extension of the Maxwell Floor Lamp series. Its geometric shape, linen lampshade and classic colors of black and brown make it an impeccable fit for any kind of decor.

This gorgeous lamp is also compatible with a smart outlet. So that means you can pair it with Alexa, Echo, Dot or Google Home. With hardly any setup, Brightech’s engineering lets you turn on/off your favorite lamp simply with your voice.  How awesome!

The Maxwell table lamp illuminates a bright, yet a very soothing light. It also comes with an independent USB charging port for all your devices. With such great convenience, night-time reading couldn’t get any better with this lamp by your (bed)side 😉

With immaculate designs and the latest in the technology, these new generation lamps from Brightech are a pride to own. Buy yours now!