Have you ever thought about how different light levels make you feel? For instance, you walk into a room bathed in a cozy and inviting light and you instantly feel at ease. Now you walk into that same room with harsh lighting and you begin to feel the anxiety pouring out of you.

We may not be aware of it at all times but lighting exerts a subtle yet powerful influence on the way we feel at that moment. This is because our moods are highly sensitive to any changes in light intensity. A room that is brightly lit exudes energy, activity and a state of alertness but as the light intensity is lowered, the environment becomes increasingly softer, more relaxed and more comfortable, forming the perfect backdrop for romance and intimacy.

How we feel and respond to light extends beyond natural sunlight. The light bulbs that you use in your home affect your mood, creativity, and productivity. What type of lighting is best for you?


How do you feel about your light?

Mood Lighting

Throughout your day you are going to need different amounts of light in the same space. This is especially important in larger communal spaces. To create this effect you might want to check out a single fixture that contains a low-watt light bulb. As it can have a softer effect and your entire room will be lit up more comfortably.

What about for the in-between hours of the day? Think about that half an hour of darkness at dusk when you’re just waiting to turn on your light fixture.  How do you find the balance in your daily transitions? That’s the magical moment when dimmers can simply illuminate your room. Dimmers and soft lighting can make that transition really smooth. Lighting itself is best when you don’t even notice it.


Light Transitions

How To Set Your Perfect Mood

One of the most popular forms of mood lighting is a dimmer switch, which allows you to decide upon the brightness and glow of your lights. You can alter the mood by increasing or decreasing the brightness of the lights to cater to your different moods and emotions. This also gives you the ability to change the ambiance of your rooms at different times of the day.

For example, you may want to dim the lights and relax in the evening while you watch the TV, yet for the morning time, you may want your bathroom lights to beam brightly when you go for a shower and get set for the working day ahead. So essentially you can create any mood you want – be it theatrical, peaceful, relaxing or fun.

These little devices are one of the most inexpensive ways of transforming your space and setting the mood. They come in a wide array of styles and options to match any interior decor so you never have to compromise. Check out the fabulous collection of LED lights here:


Lighting and your mood

Listen To Your Space

Consider how your lighting will interact with your windows and your natural light. Use the room and its function to inform your lighting design. The easiest way to start? Listen to your space. All spaces pose inherent energy and feeling and lighting is in a unique position.

Do you have any tips to share with us about mood lighting? We want to hear from you!