The right kind of lighting is quintessential to enhance the ambiance and the decor of any home. Besides for setting the right amount of brightness, light fixtures and lamps also add glamour to your space. Floor lamps are an integral part of any home. It’s their unmatched charm and unique functionalities that make them an indispensable part of our lifestyle.

From a wide selection of materials and finishes, state-of-the-art design, and the latest in lighting technology, modern lamps are everywhere. They are beautiful, energy efficient, sturdy, built on clean lines and compliment almost every kind of decor.

So as you make the effort to choose every detail that enhances your personal space, let’s take a quick look at our 5 favorite modern lamps that will enhance your space and add value to your interior design:

1. The Twist Modern LED Floor Lamp

Twist Modern LED Floor Lamp
Source: Brightech

Brightech’s Twist LED Floor lamp is as unique as it looks. With a modern design and appeal, this lamp is suitable for any contemporary or mid-century style home. With a spiraled design and a height of 43 inches, this lamp can add charm and definition to any space.

The Twist LED lamp also has a dimmable foot pedal that lets you personalize your ambiance just as you need it, making it perfect for both homes and offices. Fulfilling the major criteria for a modern lamp, the Twist scores a complete 10/10 when it comes to futuristic design, purpose and advanced technology. Its 3,000K warm white LED technology not only provides the brightest illumination for dark spaces like a basement but also ensures longevity of up to 20 years.

This LED floor lamp also refuses to overheat. That means, no matter the hour, your lamp remains cool to the touch, making it safe around your kids and pets. Enhancing the mood of any and every kind of room, the Twist is definitely a must-have.

2. The Jacob LED Floor Lamp

LED Modern Brass Lamp
Source: Brightech

Did you know that brass continues to be one of the most popular metals for decor in 2019?

Well, needless to say, that with a beautiful golden sheen, brass stands out in all kinds of contemporary and mid-century decor. The Jacob LED Adjustable Light Tree is thus our second favorite recommendation to your modern must-have lamps.

Besides for looking stunning in brass, the Jacob functions both as a task and ambient lamp. While the 3 omnidirectional light heads can together brighten up a room without any help, they can also be individually rotated to work as a task lamp. In addition to that, the individual light heads also help you adjust and illuminate your room as per your needs.

All in all, this versatile lamp hardly takes up space and makes itself comfortable in any modern, urban or classic decor.

3. The Jaxon Modern Tripod Floor Lamp

Jaxon floor lamp Brightech
Source: Brightech

If you’re looking for some warm and comforting light with a touch of innovation, consider taking a look at Jaxon!

Although it looks like any other tripod floor lamp, this one from Brightech is bound to enhance the overall ambiance of your home. In shades of classic black and antique brass, this beautiful tripod lamp comes with an all-natural linen drum shade. Perfect for mid-century, modern decor or Boho style, Jaxon has the most cost-effective warm light LED technology that can run all day without burning your pocket.

Its soft lighting is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, office spaces and also a great choice for your nursery.

4. The Sphero 3- LED Globe Lamp

Sphero glass globe LED floor lamp in brass
Source: Brightech

Glass globe lamps are charting the list of modern-day lamps, and the Sphero 3 by Brightech is one of the most praised lamps in recent days. Let’s find out why:

This gorgeous frosted glass globe lamp in brass is slender, tall and fits into any corner of a contemporary decor scheme. Thanks to the frosted globes, the diffused warm light creates a very soothing ambiance for any kind of room setting. With an integrated 10 watt LED light and an advanced 3,000K warm white technology, this lamp outshines other regular lamps.

And it doesn’t end there. The Sphero 3 LED Floor lamp not only comes with looks but with added convenience, too. Other than a regular wall switch, this lamp is also compatible with a smart outlet. That means you can now use your lamp with a simple voice command when paired with your smart home devices like Alexa, Echo and Google Home. DREAM! 😍

5. The Tilt Modern LED Floor Lamp

modern led Tilt floor lamp Brightech
Source: Brightech

Ever thought a pole for modern indoor lamps could be a thing?

The Tilt is a unique and futuristic lamp designed for everyday modern homes. This lamp has a perfect height of 55 inches and is a great choice for both big and small spaces.

It has a built-in foot pedal that lets you adjust the highest setting for offices while preparing for the most relaxing evenings. The Tilt, as the name tells for itself, is light and flexible. You can easily maneuver it to a position that you prefer for your tasks. And don’t worry about touching an overheated lamp. As Brightech loves to use the latest in technology, this lamp remains cool to the touch even after hours of use.

With an LED light to endure more than 20 years of use, this dimmable modern lamp is an impeccable choice for your modern decor must-haves.


Did you enjoy our list? Do let us know your favorite takeaway from our list of modern lamps. Also, for more stunning lamps, don’t forget to check out the entire collection at Brightech’s online shop.