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Do you remember your parents discouraging you from reading a book in unsuitable lighting conditions? Well, it seems that unlike before, we happen to find that advice the most relevant now.

As we have transitioned our lifestyle from print to digital and routinely spend plenty of hours in front of multiple screens, we tend to put our retinas through a lot of stress. Working through late nights under incongenial lighting conditions gradually deteriorate the health of our eyesight. While we may think that using any table lamp with enough light to pull through hours of work is sufficient, this may not always hold true. In fact, it’s the right substitute for natural light and the minimum glare that will actually protect you from short-sightedness.

The Right Lamp for You

With a market so dense in variety and price points, choosing the right kind of lamp can be super exhausting. Some may have great designs but may lack in the lighting. Because of this, it’s essential that you invest in the right kind of lamp. One that will be worth your money, has the looks and will also put your eyes at ease for your work and hobby needs.

Here are our top 5 task lamps that will ensure you a healthier vision along with a brighter and trendier workspace:

1. The Lightview Magnifying Lamp

Source: Brightech

Ever wished for a magnifier with a light? If you have, look no further!

The Lightview Clamp Lamp answers the needs of both hobbyists and those of you who struggle with low vision. Brightech specializes in lamps unmatched in beauty and convenience. This LED lamp with a magnifier is an example of such of its kind.

With a promising 5-inch diameter lens, this lamp allows you to see the minutest details without straining your eyes. It also works great on your digital devices such as your iPad and Kindle. This sturdy task lamp has a clamp that opens up to 2.5 inches allowing it to attach to desks, workbenches, or tables. Loaded with cool white light LED technology, this lamp can swivel 360 degrees making it easy for you to position it exactly how you need it. With such flexibility and mobility, this LED task lamp is ideal for both work and leisure.

2. The Lightview Flex Clamp and Desk Lamp

Lightview Flex lamp with magnifier for low vision
Source: Brightech

This version of Brightech’s LightView Flex series is a 2-in-1 lamp. One that is versatile both as a desk lamp and as a clamp lamp.

Its stable base and sleek design will let you position it on any corner of your work desk. But, if you’re looking for more mobility, this compact lamp will not fail to surprise you either. With an easily detachable end, you can simply add on the provided clamp to fasten it to the side of your table, chair or even your headboard. The LightView Flex has an adjustable 13.5-inch gooseneck that lets you bend your lamp in any direction. It’s ideal for reading, embroidering, doing arts & crafts, repair works, jewelry making, and any other professional use.

Its soothing bright daylight has been specially designed for anyone with vision problems or macular degeneration. This energy saving LED lamp is also cool to touch which further guarantees safety to maneuver the magnifier light while working. Assuring modern design and such versatility, this lamp is a complete value for your money.


3. Magnifying Glass Floor Lamp

Magnifying glass floor lamp for reading
Source: Brightech

If you thought that magnifier lamps were only restricted to desks, then take a look at this one.

An extension of the LightView series is this stunning magnifier glass floor lamp. With uncompromised modern design and a solid base, this lamp has been designed to fulfill the needs of people with degenerated vision. This floor lamp is proud to flaunt its widest and most authentic diopter glass magnifying lens available, letting you read one full page at a time.

This magnifier is entirely handsfree. And with its impressive flexibility, you can bend this lamp low, low, low, low…stretch the light over your bed for nighttime reading or swivel its head to get the perfect light for your intricate needlework.

With a promising pricepoint, this lamp is a steal for all that it brings to your floor.

4. LightView Rolling Base LED Magnifier Lamp

Magnifying lamp in Black with roller base
Source: Brightech

Adding more to variety and convenience is this multipurpose, handsfree LED Magnifier Lamp on a rolling base.

The LightView Pro is a dimmable magnifying LED floor lamp, specially designed for both work and crafts that require the most delicate precision. Besides, this lamp also promises to ease your inconvenience if you are struggling with low vision.

Unlike the others, this lamp takes pride in its authentic diopter glass that magnifies anything under it to an exceptional 175% clarity. Furthermore, its rolling base and swivel head are a bonus feature if you want more flexibility to your workstation. Its dimmable feature, guaranteed energy efficiency, and cool white LED technology are other features that make it irresistible for hobbyists and professionals with detailed work.

So, whether it’s your daily hobbies like reading or solving puzzles, crafty hours of stitching, quilting or embroidering or the precision work of a beautician or jewelry maker, this LED magnifier lamp will stick by your side.

5. LightView Led Magnifying 2in1 Lamp

Magnifier led table lamp for architects
Source: Brightech

The LightView Pro series from Brightech is incredibly designed for perfection and glare-free illumination.

Its flawless design and brilliant concept allow you to enjoy your hobby hours without the slightest inconvenience. Its 3 diopter and 4.5-inch diameter lens give you the clarity of reading a book or finishing your intricate embroidery with up to a 175% of crystal clear vision.  And even with such brightness, this cool white LED lamp remains safe to touch without the slightest overheating.

A woman painting with a floor LED magnifier lamp
Source: Brightech

Other than its long-enduring LED technology and futuristic design, this lamp from the LightView series is further unmatched with its 2-in-1 design. Not only does it come with a touch dimmer setting, but also works both as a table and a floor lamp. This means its long sturdy stem and its flexible pivotable neck can be expanded and focused right where you need it.

The LightView Pro 2-in-1 LED Magnifier Lamp is the absolute tool to help you enhance your quality of vision no matter what you’re working on.

So, what do you think of our list?