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You’ve undoubtedly heard, seen and read about table lamps and LED lights, but have you heard of Brightech’s Circle Lamp yet? Yes, ‘Circle Lamp’ is not just merely a name.

The Circle Led Lamp is an example of Brightech’s insight on futuristic design for modern and contemporary homes. And, although this might seem like any other regular lamp, the Circle Lamp has many more astonishing features.

Here are the top 5 reasons why the Circle Lamp will change your life:

  1. An Extraordinary Office Lamp

Circle Table Lamp Modern Design
Source: Brightech

Does the traditional office desk lamp not interest you? Take a closer look.

Just when it seemed like work-desk lamps had reached a trend of monotony, the Circle Lamp was launched as an icebreaker. This sci-fi inspired lamp outshines regular lamps in multiple ways.  While you struggle with the glare from most of the desk lamps, this lamp is as cool and soothing as it looks. It has a 3 level dimmer that ranges from ultra-bright to super-ambient. That means you can adjust the lighting setting as per your needs and throughout the day, with just a tap of your finger. The inbuilt USB port also lets you charge your mobile devices, having them conveniently right next to you at all time. What a win!

2.  Your Bedside Lamp

Circle bedside lamp
Source: Brightech

Can you imagine this stunningly modern lamp on your nightstand? Well, if you learn more about its features, I’m sure that you’d not be able to resist getting one for yourself this Holiday Season.

The Circle Lamp is compact and sleek. At just 15 inches high, it won’t rob your nightstand of its free space. Plus, it also has that awesome anti-glare feature, remember? With the Circle Lamp as your bedside lamp, you will no doubt forget how it felt to search for things in the middle of the night, without potentially blinding yourself with your bright bedside lamp! The responsive 3 stage dimmer is a perfect solution to all your concerns of having a bedside lamp in the first place.

3.  An Illuminated Charging Dock

USB Circle Lamp charging phone
Source: Brightech

Do you charge your electronic devices in a specific corner of your office or home and are always looking around for them?

Well maybe or maybe not, but it’s definitely true that this exquisite lamp can be used for far more ways than you could imagine.  And guess what? The lamp doesn’t even need to be on for you to use the USB port!

Just to prove how versatile a lamp can be, this one decided to do away with all conventional norms, what can we say. That being said, you can conveniently use the charging port irrespective of whether you keep the lamp on or off, so you can charge your phone while you sleep!

4. A Hobbyist’s Companion

Robot behind CIRCLE led lamp Brightech table lamp sci-fi
Source: Brightech

Always wanted to set up a mini home studio for yourself? Then you’re reading the right article.

This one-touch, 3 level dimmable lamp goes from ultra bright light to just the right amount of light you need to get that perfect Instagram shot. The true white light of your Circle Lamp will capture the exact essence of your subject. You can even access this as your task lamp to help you get late-night projects done without overheating or causing even the slightest glare.

5. Impressive Decor

LED Circle lamp for decor bedside table Brightech
Source: Brightech

Use it with a purpose or let it become an ornament. The choice is entirely yours.

The beauty of the Circle LED Table Lamp is its futuristic design and efficient lighting. This sleek lamp saves you space, acts as a design element and reflects the wonders of modern lighting concepts. After all, this ain’t no regular LED table lamp. Beyond this, it also guarantees to last more than 20 years, saving you both hassle and energy.

The Circle Lamp makes an excellent piece of decor, one you’d be proud to introduce into your home.

Ready to change your life, look no further! Make the Circle Lamp a valuable addition to your home this Holiday Season.