7 of our favorite gifts to give this holiday season

Fall’s holiday gift-giving season is officially here, with tons of joy to be spread. Plus, across so many cultures, it’s officially the season of Lights.

7 Best Gifts of Light for the Season

Even before Thanksgiving, we all know the tradition that comes next: Black Friday. From massive lines to the overall wildness of the day, here are our 7 favorite gift-giving selections that’ll make it easy to spread the joy.

1. Candles

So many beautiful traditions are honored in the coming days. Whether you need a gift for your Thanksgiving host, or for your loved ones, candles are always a hit.

Soy Gel Candles Holidays
Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

Plus, as so many traditions honor this time with lights in particular, from Diwali to Hanukkah, Christmas to Kwanzaa, candles are always a hit. Soy candles are a great choice.

2. Light for Your Crafty Friends

Yes, thankfully, some of our friends still love to do crafts! And for those dear types of friends, a magnifying lamp is a perfect gift. What’s great about these gifts is they’re super easy to assemble. They can also be multi-functional while providing magnifying light.

LightView Floor Magnifier Lamp
Source: Brightech

Magnifying lamps are also great gift ideas for your book loving, avid-reader friends. They’ll be able to curl up with a great read, as they love to do.

3. Light Bulbs for the Eco-Friendly

LED light bulbs are not only cool, literally, but they’re great selections for your eco-friendly buddies. They are durable, provide gorgeous light, while being environmentally conscious at the same time.

LED Vanity Bulbs
Source: Brightech

Also, you’ll save your eco-friendly folks money on their electricity bill, plus time in having to switch out shorter lasting, regular bulbs.

4. String Lights for Everyone

These lights are a gift choice where you’re guaranteed to get it right. String lights are so intensely popular, and in so many variations, that they’ll bring the joy of light to anyone who receives them.

Globe Outdoor String Lights
Source: Brightech 

While there are dozens of styles to choose from, we recommend weatherproof, sturdy string lights. Although they were originally designed to withstand the elements of the outdoors during a wet, snowy season, there are tons of beautiful ways to use them indoors as well. Plus, they bring the ambient light everyone wants to capture this season.

5. Multi-Purpose Table Lamps

Most everyone is looking for the most out of each light they have this season. Everyone appreciates “techy” gifts this season, and when that’s partnered with light, you’ve got an instant hit.

Maxwell Table Lamp USB
Source: Brightech

From futuristic to modern, minimalist to coastal, the Maxwell table lamp with a USB port will charge devices while your gift recipient enjoys the light they provide.

6. Floor Lamps with Style

Everyone loves a stylish floor lamp. Imagine the sheer excitement your loved ones will experience when you give them a gift of light with impeccable style.

Twist Floor Lamp
Source: Brightech

What’s so great about choices like a show-stopping stylish lamp is direct shipping, which allows you to show up without having to lug anything. Also, who wouldn’t want to receive a gift of light, glamour, and style?

7. Your Brightest Smile

As we shop, and choose the things material things that are indications of adoration for those in our circles, no matter what holiday or tradition, this season is about light and love.

Smiles, Family, Joy
Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

Spending time with loved ones over meals, parties, and all that encompasses the holiday gatherings, it’s the love we have for each other that makes the season bright.

Make your 2018 fall holiday season of lights the most special by sharing the brightest light.