Rebecca Bryant from Tea Cups & Fairytales is a successful mom blogger that is juggling family and the blogging lifestyle. We did an interview with her back in August and asked her how she is able to balance those two things. Here are her answers:

1. How many years have you been blogging?

I started blogging as a hobby in 2008 but didn’t turn it into a business till 2016. This past year I really took my blog to the next level by learning to mark and to pitch through a Mastery class.

2. What is your favorite mom-blog project that you’ve ever done?

My favorite mom blog project was getting to Attend Disney Social Media Moms Celebration and learn from some amazing people in the business.

3. Which project are you most proud of?

The project I am most proud of isn’t truly a project but a blessing. It is my son. He was and is my greatest joy and miracle. Being his mom has taught me so much about life, love, and heartache.


4. What are some of your favorite activities during the day?

My favorite activities during the day when not working are to read, bake, and enjoy time with my kid.


5. What is the greatest tip that you could give to other moms?

Be present in the moment. don’t worry if the house isn’t clean or dinner isn’t cooked on time just be present in the moment because time flies and you can’t get back time lost with your kids.

6. What is the hardest thing about blogging and being a mom?

The hardest part is finding a balance between work time and mommy time. Sometimes either a deadline passes or I miss a moment with my kid because the scales get tipped.


7. What advice can you give our mommy readers?

My advice is: always will be in the moment. Soak up as much time with your kids as possible because they grow up way too quickly and are our of the house before you know it.


8. You are a mom and an established blogger. If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?  

I don’t know I would do anything differently. Every choice I have made has led me to where I am today, and I like where that is.