10 ways to create a warm and cozy outdoor from fall through winter

If you feel that a drop in the temperatures is stopping you from enjoying your backyard, then this one is for you.

We’ve seen several ways to maximize the potential of our backyard during the summers. However, this doesn’t last for long when the winters get ready to step in. It isn’t easy to say goodbye to those memorable summer BBQ nights, but what if you could still extend the life of your patio with a few transitional ideas? 

To name some –  fireplace, candles, outdoor heating, and cozy fabrics are just the kinds of stuff you’ll need for a pleasant makeover. With a few smart tweaks, you will be all set to cherish your patio through the end of the year.

Take a look at these incredible 10 ways to winter-proof and keep your outdoors warm this upcoming cold season.

1. Add a Roof Top

warm covered roof top patio
Source: Cosmopolitan


The best way to increase the life-span of your patios is by gifting them a rooftop. Depending on your budget, choose anything from a permanent constructed roof, pergolas, tents or even something as simple as a tarp.

Adding this feature to your patio will serve you all year round. Not only will it save you from the harsh summers but also keep you warm through the cold and gloomy days of fall.  In fact, a covered patio must be considered if you live in a place that doesn’t get much chill at all.  There will be no better way to unwind your day other than enjoying a winter slumber such as this one. All you will need is some great company and hot chocolate with roasted marshmallows to appreciate the cold season.

2. Patio Heaters 


electric patio heaters
Source: Wayfair


You have probably seen tall propane outdoor heaters at restaurants or events as we approach the cooler months.

Ever wondered if you could own a similar personal heater on your deck? Well, the good news is, you very well can.

However, propane fuelled patio heaters may not be optimum for small residential patios. In such cases, those that are powered by electricity is just what you may need. The electric patio heaters are portable and well equipped to warm up small spaces in very little time. They can be positioned as tall standing lamps, fixed from your ceiling or even used as table tops. Isn’t that convenient?

Electric patio heaters have become extremely popular and come in several modern designs with varying energy efficiencies. Do your research and pick one that suits your style and budget needs.

3. Fire Pits


modern fire pit rectangular
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Fire pits are an excellent way to warm up your backyard during cold winter days. Traditionally, fire pits are the most popular kind of outdoor heating one might probably know. They are extremely affordable making them a popular choice among budget-conscious homeowners. From old-style fire pit designs, DIY ’s, to the contemporary ones, you have endless styles to pick from.


brick traditional fire pit
Source: Home Depot

Originally fire pits were designed to be low to the ground. However modern tastes and innovations have given them alternate directions. Opt for charcoal or gas to fuel your pits as woods are no longer environment-friendly and even legally permissible for many places.

4. Portable Candle Lanterns


patio with candle lanterns for heat
Source: czmcam home remodeling


If any of these seems to be over your budget, consider these trendy lanterns for a more customized cozy experience. Beautiful candles in rustic lanterns create a glowing ambiance for a mild fall evening. These candle lanterns are space savers and lend a warm appeal when placed next to individual seating arrangements.


infrared heating outdoor lantern
Source: Amazon


One-step-ahead is these outdoor infrared lanterns. They are a bit more expensive than the traditional ones but are definitely an excellent option to consider.

5. Outdoor Blinds and Curtains


outdoor screens bamboo
Source: Scalisi Architects


Outdoor blinds and curtains a great investment to keep your patio warm in the cooler months. They are way less expensive than a roofing project and do not compromise with your privacy and intention of having them in the first place. You also have the flexibility to control the natural heat setting of your patio in response to nature.

6. Chimineas

patio with dog and chimenea
Source: Pinterest


Another portable heating option for your backyard is chimineas. These are freestanding and are designed as frontloading ovens with a vertical vent. Chimineas were initially built in Spain from fired clay for both heating and cooking purposes some 400 years ago and here we are! From being a domestic necessity, modern households have transitioned them for attractive heating purposes in backyard settings. Chimineas are readily available in affordable materials like clay, aluminum or cast iron.

7. Warm Outdoor Cushions and Throws


orange bright outdoor cushions
Source: Inspired by Charm


Never ignore the essence of warm and bright outdoor pillows if you want to create an inviting experience for your guests. Colors, textures, and patterns are integral to set the theme of the season. Starting from Fall until Christmas, comfortable outdoor pillows and cozy throws must be an imperative addition to your outdoor space.

They do not technically contribute much in terms of the heat, but they sure bring in a lot of warmth to your outdoor decor.

8. Get Cozy with an Outdoor Rug


warm outdoor rug with fireplace
Source: Darcylea Design


You’ve made all the necessary arrangement of dinner for your special guests, but there might be something you are still missing out on – outdoor rugs.

Due to their weather-resistant nature, these rugs are not as comfortable as the indoor ones, but they sure do give warmth and comfort to your feet. In addition to this, outdoor rugs also complete the look and feel of your efforts for a stunning winter backyard decor.


9. Catch up to Selective Patio Furniture 


warm outdoor furniture patio
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Who thought of winters when selecting patio furniture? The truth, however, is we all have felt the cold armrest and have at least wished for a more sensible purchase in the future.

While there are many materials and price points to consider, choose one that is lightweight but extremely weather-resistant. You definitely don’t want them to get spoiled by the post-summer rains or swell up in those damp days of fall. Wrought iron outdoor furniture is an excellent choice when it comes to resistance and longevity.

10. Warm up with String lights


patio string ambience lights
Source: Zevy Joy


We admit that string lights are everyone’s favorite. And why not? They are effortless to use, easy on the pocket and can instantly create a warm ambiance for you and your guests.

String lights or our usual Christmas lights are your to-go recipe for uplifting a dull mood on a cold dreary evening. If not anything, a few of these with a patio heater is enough to set the tone for a warm cozy winter break. Install your string lights, no matter what the size of your patio may be. These are absolutely the best way to add warmth to your festive holiday mood.