Halloween is almost here, and it’s time for tricks or treats!

Fall has arrived and that means Halloween is just around the corner. Stores have all the best outdoor decor for Halloween on display.  Billboards are screaming out to you with the latest scary costumes, and in a span of a few months, spring and summer palettes have transitioned into hues of orange, black, silver, and purple.  

From jack-o-lanterns to life-size vampires, eerie skulls to little monsters running across the streets in adorable horrifying costumes, Halloween gives us yet another chance to break from busy, stressful lives and enjoy our time with our families. Halloween, in particular, is the time to create some ghostly magic. There is something that most of us, if not everyone, loves about Halloween and that is the craziness it sets off for the upcoming holiday season.

While time is of the essence and store-bought decor is convenient, we looked up some crazy, fresh ideas that will make Halloween decorating a breeze for you. Let’s take a look at these 10 eerie outdoor decor ideas for an unforgettable experience.

1. Jack-o-Lantern String lights

Source: Pottery Barn

String lights are a ‘must-have’ decor item when it’s time for celebrations, and we couldn’t be happier to see these cute, scary pumpkins dangling on a string light. These smiling jack-o-lantern lights wrapped in orange burlaps will brighten you up when you hang them outdoors.

Just wait for the darkness to set in, and these goofy creatures are sure to make an everlasting impression on your fellow witches and wizards.

2. DIY Pumpkin Path Lights

Source: Women’s Day

Pumpkin path lights? Seriously? Well, here’s a collection of fun DIY’s to try! They’re simple, time and cost-effective, and children will love to help create them as well. 

If you are not in the mood to go shopping for spooky string lights or carve out a pumpkin, you can still manage to get something exciting on your porch. Use your existing white string lights, twist them around the midsections of the pumpkins, and you’re all set. Not only will you manage to outsmart your neighbors, but you’ll also save yourself some store trips, while creating great outdoor decor for Halloween, in no time.

3. Tomato Cage Ghosts

Source: It’s Written On The Walls

If you grow tomatoes, you’ve most likely already harvested all the tomatoes in your garden by the time Halloween arrives. Like any other year, they will have to hibernate in your garage until spring arrives. But before you pack them all away, your tomato cages will come in handy for one job left this season.

Here’s what you do: Wrap your tomato cage with orange string lights, and throw a white sheet on top. Get creative and paste some black paper cutouts for a face, and your scary Casper ghosts are all dressed up for your Halloween party this year.

4. Matte Black Display

Source: BHG.com

Halloween as a theme is supposed to be dark and spooky, but it still follows 2018’s fashion trends. We know for sure that matte shades have captivated our attention this year, and Halloween decor should be no exception. When traditionally carved pumpkins arrive in bright orange hues, think out of the box, and try painting them with a coat of matte black acrylic, or a spray paint. Illuminate the insides with a bunch of bright orange string lights, and presto! You’ve created a fashion-forward Halloween display. 

You can also consider swapping your regular fall wreaths for matte black wreaths at your front door, to stylishly stand out in your neighborhood.

5. Burlap Halloween Ghost Lights

Source: Little Luck Tree

These lights provide a fun activity to engage in with your friends, or your kids. Even with novice wizardry, you can create these stunning, tiny burlap ghost lights. We bet you won’t feel like parting with them for the next couple of years.

While Pottery Barn prices for these lights might be a bit high, this DIY project can be completed with ease, for under $5!

You can also use our Ambience Globe Lights for this project!

6. Mason Jar Lights

Source: Etsy

We love everything about mason jars, don’t we? And there is no reason why they shouldn’t be a part of our crazy Halloween celebrations. After all, ghosts come in all shapes and sizes. Right?

Check out this adorable and eco-friendly solar ghost from Kelly’s Creative Outlet on Etsy. They’re spooky enough to make your heart skip a beat.

You can also make your own with a couple of multi-colored solar string lights in a mason jar hung. Just hang them on a regular shepherd’s hook.

7. Flicker Flame String lights

Source: grandinroad.com

Your witchcraft for 2018 is incomplete without the comeback of flicker flame string lights. These string lights are not only different but are definitely meant for nights as special and ghostly as Halloween is meant to be. These flicker flame lights create an instant eerie atmosphere.  And as Martha Stewart suggests, these can be also creatively entwined around dried twigs or other fall decors to bring out their attention-grabbing potential.

8. Pumpkin Totem Pole

Source: Instructables.com

This project looks so exciting! A Pumpkin Totem Pole is such a unique piece of outdoor decor for a special day like Halloween. I mean, we just can’t get over the pumpkin theme right? This totem pole is a collection of crazy and scary looking pumpkin stacked on top of one another that you could make with friends and family.

Check out this fantastic tutorial to find out how a simple garden stake, some Christmas string lights, and crafty pumpkins can work magic for your outdoor decor this year.

9. Woogie Boogie String Lights

Halloween would be incomplete without these freaky ghost lights dangling in front of your porch, especially on a spookily eventful night such as this one. Pair your decor with a few strings of skeleton hands or skulls to add drama to your darkest instincts. Wow, that’s so realistic! What would make it even cooler is putting a wine bottle in that skeleton’s hand. But I digress, wait till you see the next decorating idea we got for you.

10. Multi-colored Lighting

Source: From House to Home

As we always save our best and favorite tip for last, multi-colored lighting is our favorite pick on this exciting list. Keep in mind that the right choice of color for your lights is what is going to set your theme apart from the rest. String lights and floodlights in colors of orange, violet, blues, and greens are your friends in this mysterious adventure of Halloween decor.  

Get creative with all of these tips and ideas for your own spooky Halloween lighting that’ll be the hit of your neighborhood this season.