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Give your garden decor the gift of beauty with String Lights

Choosing the right elements to design your backyard can be so much fun, no matter the season.  There’s nothing as enjoyable as the ability to plant and harvest your own vegetables, smell fresh grass or look up at the starry night in a place you can call your own. It takes us all one step away from the madness of the rat race and one step towards peacefulness.

And sometimes, it’s even more than that. Memories are built in backyards. Our most intimate conversations and events, be it with our relatives or a handpicked group of friends, often take place in our outdoor spaces.

When I look back at the countless barbecues, birthday parties and in my case, weddings, that took place between the garden gnomes and my mother’s tulips, it brings out my creative instinct to cultivate my open-air nest.

Designing your backyard or garden decor into something beautiful allows you an opportunity to create an environment suited to entertain.  Creating an aesthetically pleasing yard can be time-consuming and costly but equally, you can add a touch of romance to your backyard without breaking the bank, by saying hello to string lights.

Adding String Lights to Garden Decor

String lights give a romantic, cozy and warm feeling to any environment. So, whether you have just enough room for a hammock or a long enough lawn to play touch football, adding string lights will give any yard a glow that will make it someplace special.

Different types of String Lights

String lights aren’t just for Christmas! String lights are typically rows of light bulbs that are fixed along “strings” of coated wire. They are offered in LED or incandescent varieties and even though hugely varied, can equally brighten up a backyard, no matter the time of year.

Whether you are adding them to a wall or decorating trees, your backyard will never be the same – in the best way possible.

String Light Tips

Bulbs & Colors
Smaller bulbs deliver a softer, more decorative backdrop.  Larger ones can provide a significant amount of light and you can adapt them to other types of lighting once the string lights are installed. Think over your practical needs before mounting.

Halogen and LED bulbs are livelier, while incandescent or Edison-type globes are significantly warmer.

What’s available at Brightech?

Choose from our wide variety of 12 string lights which include Ambience Pro Incandescent and Ambience Pro Solar String lights.

string lights

Ambiance Pro Incandescent
The Ambience Pro Outdoor string lights boast vintage, “Edison” string lights with exposed filaments that radiate a nostalgic penchant for a classic taste. They are weatherproof which means there’s no risk of short circuits due to moisture, rain or snow. These string lights are sturdy and bright enough to light up any outdoor dinner party.

Ambiance Pro Solar

The Ambient Pro Solar string lights are energy-efficient, weatherproof, outdoor LED hanging lights. These stunning, heavy-duty string lights will brighten any outdoor event regardless of how late the party goes on.

Join the beautiful backyard garden decor revolution and get enjoy how your garden glows.